Coffee Trip in Hiroshima: Obscura Coffee Roasters, The Bluebird Coffee and Itsuki Coffee in Miyajima Isand

Japan is the place to visit coffeeshops. The beans might be brought from Indonesia, Ethiopia or else where, but the interior and exterior of the coffeeshops are so lovely.

It was our first visit to Hiroshima with two big plans which of course to experience the Miyajima Island and to see the Atomic Bomb memorial places. But apart from the two big plans, I made a list of recommended coffeeshops in Hiroshima.

We ended up visiting three coffeeshops in a day; the first one was Itsuki Coffee in Miyajima island, then after a half day trip to Miyajima, we walked from the ferry terminal to The Bluebird Coffee. Later on that day, at the heart of Hiroshima, we choose to visit the Obscura Coffee Roaster.

The second one was our favorite because the coffeeshop had a bunk bed! Never seen a bunk bed before in any coffeshop I had visited:p

We can drink our coffee on the bunk bed as well :)
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Coffee Trip in Osaka: Lilo Coffee Roasters, Millpour and Lappland Coffee Stand

When I was preparing our itinerary for the Japan Kansai trip, I had been searching for coffeeshops in Osaka, especially which is located at the heart of the city. We had visited Mel Coffee Roasters before, and wanted to visit some other coffeeshops.

The search led me to a cute coffeeshops called Lilo Coffee Roasters. This place is located at the heart of Shinsaibashi, so you can enjoy a good cup of coffee in between your shopping. Not too mention, the coffee came in a very cute cup too!

Super cute cup for my collection :)

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