Angkringan de BlankON - Enjoying The View of Bandung

I am a big fan of "angkringan". If you don't know what it is, "angkringan" is known as a food street, serving rice in small portion, satay (in many variance), tofu, tempeh, etc and of course the sambal. You can choose what to eat and the guy will grill the food for you.

Angkringan is easily found in Jogjakarta, but as more people love to enjoy the food at angkringan, you can find it everywehere. I once ate angkringan in Balikpapan (Kalimantan), and it taste as good as what I ate in Jogjakarta.

Now in my hometown Bandung, you can enjoy angkringan in a modern way, in a place called Angkringan de BlankOn. It is located in one of the hill of Punclut overlooking the lovely Bandung. I must say that so far Angkringan de BlankON is angkringan with the best view.  

The view from one of the corner at Angkringan de BlankON

I don't go directly to a new or happening cafes in Bandung, because I don't like the crowd. But when I found Angkringan de BlankON through instagram, I asked mr.husband to visit this place. Yes, because I love the food from angkringan.
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Warkop Modjok: Our Brunch at This Cute Coffee Shop

What to do in Bandung these days? Cafe hopping! There are so many new cafes and coffee shops in Bandung to be visited. Mostly the happening cafes and coffee shop are located on the northern part of Bandung: Dago, Punclut and Lembang. And as you may know, traffic is really bad especially on weekend. So once you are in the northern part, make some stops for a cafe hopping in Bandung.

After the whole day going to Hummingbird, Lawangwangi and Warung Salse, and The Lodge Maribaya, the next morning we went to Warung Modjok. A super cute coffeshop, heaven for you who love vintage.

We arrived early at 9 am, when Warkop Modjok has just opened. But there was a group of high school students I believe, taking picture for their year book. I wondered what time they had arrived at Warkop Modjok.

A very eye catching little coffee shop 
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Cafe Hopping at Dago Giri Bandung: Lawang Wangi and Warung Salse

It was one special weekend for me, as I could explore Bandung with my friends. That weekend I act as if I was one of the Jakarta's weekender who spend their Saturday and Sunday in Bandung. Only as if..

"Let's go to Lawang Wangi for lunch" Bobby, who was our tour leader during the weekend, mention one place I have never been before. I have heard about it many times though, so I said ok and everyone else answered the same.  

We had just finished our brunch at Hummingbird, we shared our food knowing that there will be 5 stops on that day for brunch, lunch, dinner and snacking. Bobby drove all the way to Dago, and turn left to Jalan Dago Giri. We had to pass bumpy and steep road, before finally reaching Lawang Wangi Creative Space

Why is it called "Creative Space"? Because apart from the restaurant, it also perform arts exhibition. 

The famous photo spot at Lawang Wangi, overlooking Bandung

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A Short Visit to The Lodge Maribaya

Before I start writing about my experience visiting The Lodge Maribaya, let me advise you one thing: do not visit The Lodge Maribaya on weekend! This place is currently a big hit in Bandung, so it looks like everyone is heading to The Lodge Maribaya.

I visited this place on Saturday, and even worse, we arrived at around 3 pm, after our several stops in Hummingbird, Lawang Wangi and Warung Salse. It was a long journey from Lawang Wangi to The Maribaya Lodge, with bumpy road in some area.

I must say that I loved The Lodge Maribaya for the trees, but not the crowd. Absolutely not. Everyone queued for the attraction such as the Zip Bike, Sky Tree, etc. No one really enjoying the scenery. They were busy taking pictures:D

See, what I mean?

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