A Short Visit to The Lodge Maribaya

Before I start writing about my experience visiting The Lodge Maribaya, let me advise you one thing: do not visit The Lodge Maribaya on weekend! This place is currently a big hit in Bandung, so it looks like everyone is heading to The Lodge Maribaya.

I visited this place on Saturday, and even worse, we arrived at around 3 pm, after our several stops in Hummingbird, Lawang Wangi and Warung Salse. It was a long journey from Lawang Wangi to The Maribaya Lodge, with bumpy road in some area.

I must say that I loved The Lodge Maribaya for the trees, but not the crowd. Absolutely not. Everyone queued for the attraction such as the Zip Bike, Sky Tree, etc. No one really enjoying the scenery. They were busy taking pictures:D

See, what I mean?

We succeeded parking our car at the provided parking place. There are two parking area, the closest one to the entrance was already full. So we had to park outside, together with all the buses.

Having seen the buses, we could imagine how packed it would be inside. But there was no turning back, we had to get in after a long journey we had spent:D

The entrance to The Maribaya Lodge
Just keep on walking..
At the end of the lane, we found the ticket counter
Here comes the good news: the queue for the ticket was short when we arrived

We purchased the tickets, got a paper bracelet to be put on our hand, and a voucher for a free drink. I didn't notice whether they have any edc payment equipment for credit or debit card payment, I advice you to bring your cash money.

The paper bracelet

The ticket to The Lodge Maribaya

Bear in mind also that the drinks provided were too sweet. If you don't like sweetened drink, you should bring you mineral water instead. You can redeem your drink upon arrival or later when you leave The Lodge Maribaya. Just remember to keep the voucher.

The drinks provided for the guests

Finally we arrived at the first lookout, and after a "Excuse me, can I take a picture here" kind of thing, I succeeded to take picture on a corner, overlooking a beautiful view of the pine trees.

We walked further down the hill to see what The Lodge Maribaya has to offer.

Picture was taken by Virginia Monica

Let's go further inside

The first attraction we saw was the Zip Bike. The queue was very long, but if the queue was short, I wouldn't try it either:D We will be riding a bike on a wire. I saw the safety equipment was ok, but still I wouldn't dare.

Getting ready for the Zip Bike
Actually you just ride half the wire and go back to this platform
Focus on the bike (on the right). Would you like to try?
Could you spot two bikes down under?

Then we walked further inside to see the ticket counters for the Sky Tree and the Zip Bike was really crowded. So we decided just to take pictures, maybe if we have the luxury to visit The Lodge Maribaya on weekday, we would like to try the attractions at The Lodge Maribaya.

People were everywhere:D
All these people were queueing for the attractions ticket

Our group picture, this photo was taken by the security guy of The Lodge Maribaya

If you wish to stay for a night at The Lodge Maribaya, you could rent their tent and do your glamping in one of this orange tent. The price is around IDR 500,000 for one person including breakfast and dinner. One tent could be used for up to three people.

The tents which look like onions

It was only a short visit to The Lodge Maribaya, but as a big fan of trees, I love the view I enjoyed from the lookout. Will I go back? Yes, only if I can arrive really early in the morning.

Walking back to the parking area
The parking place
Grilled sausage before going back to the car:p
Or you could also eat in one of the Warung Bakso
Try this Bandung's snack called Cimol

written on December 18, 2016  
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  1. tempatnya bagus banget yaa, konsepnya ok tapi rameee banget

    1. Iya Mba Noni, emang enggak boleh pas weekend kayanya hehe..

    2. Klo buat jalur motor gmn mulus gk?

    3. Jalur motor = jalur mobil yang saya lalui ya, saya jawabnya. Jalannya berlubang di beberapa bagian, karena kan lagi musim hujan. Mungkin belum sempat diperbaiki

  2. Track buat kendaraan motor gmn?mulus apa berlubang?

  3. maauuu, aku pasti bakal cobain zip bike nya :D.. menantang banget kayaknya ;p..

    aku mah kalo ke bandung ga prnh pas weekend mba.. males, macetnya ga kuat.. ngalahin jkt :D.. slalunya memang pas lg ambil cuti kalo kesana..

    1. Iya Fan, bener banget harus enggak weekend ini kesananya. Cobain Fan Zip Bike nya, aku tunggu ceritanya nanti di blog mu ya hehe..

  4. I'm going to stay there at camping site. What activity can be done other than photo spot? Possible for hiking/trekking/waterfall? The hotspring is it nearby?

    1. Hi Nor, to get to the hotspring, you should go to Ciater Hotspring which is another 30 mins to 1 hour drive away.

      Never done trekking there but I suppose with the nature condition at Maribaya, trekking is possible. Just ask the staff to accompany you. Have fun in Lembang.