Review of Sari Ater Family Camping Park

Yes, our family is a big fan of "glamping" (glamorous camping), and we would love to try any places which provide glamping in Indonesia. This time, we visited Sari Ater Family Camping Park, located in Lembang, about 2 hours from Bandung.

As usual, I was asked by my friends to organize a weekend getaway. I decided to try camping at Sari Ater after reading some review of it. I had to find a comfortable place for our group which consist of many kids, toddlers, even one baby. 6 families confirmed to join glamping this time, the biggest group of any family trips I had arranged so far.

I will write a detail review of Sari Ater Camping Park, to give you an idea why I think choosing this place was the right decision.

Welcome to Sari Ater Camping Park

The Tent

We have our own beds in the tent although we choose one of the cheapest option. "Landak Tent" cost IDR 1,000,000 per night including breakfast for four person.

Every tent has its own barbecue grill
4 beds, slippers, towels, mineral water and electricity plug are available inside our tent

Confuse of which tent to choose at Sari Ater? I have made a post on tesyaskinderen regarding type of tents you can choose at Sari Ater. Please have a look.

The Toilet

Every tent of "Landak Type" has its own toilet. No complaint to its cleanliness, my only complaint was the unavailability of hot shower (: Lembang is cold, and so was the water. It was challenging to ask our Kiddos to take shower. And when they were ready, they were screaming in the bathroom because of the cold water:p 

The toilet is next to our tent

Parking Place Adjacent to The Tent

You may park your car just next to your tent. It was very nice, as we could just put some stuffs in the car, to avoid our tent of being messy. We just took the stuffs which were needed out of the car.

I don't know if it's just me, but everytime I go on glamping, I could never travel light!:p

There's a parking place adjacent to the tent

Things to note:
Please be considered of taking your car to the camping park of Sari Ater. The road is rocky in some area, if you find it more comfortable to leave your car in the hotel area, you can take a free shuttle to the camping park.

Are you ready to ride the free shuttle?

The Campfire at Night

There's a common area for setting up a campfire which is located just opposite our tent. At night, we prepared our own dinner and stayed there enjoying the campfire.

All of the family agreed to have a pot luck that night. I brought beef satay, Mba Ningrum prepared the portable stove and Indomie, Rita prepared meatballs, Arul provide Rendang from Tungkoe, and Yenny took marshmallow for the kids.

By the way, our group named by Sari Ater as "Tesya Party".. So I guess we supposed to have a real party that night:D

This is where we held our "Tesya Party"
Kids always love the campfire :)

The Breakfast & Snack

The food was so so though it varies. There's rice, bread, chicken porridge, egg station, and cereals. The breakfast place located at "Rusa Tent" area. For your info, Rusa Tent cost IDR 1,300,000 slightly more expensive than Landak Tent.

Breakfast with a view to the river
Taking his juice
Bread, anyone?
Egg station was also available

The tent price also including an afternoon snack which was delivered to our tent. There's Sundanese traditional drink called Bajigur and Bandrek, and we also got a plate of fried cassava. Yummy!

One lego man is watching out our snacks

The Hot Spring

Sari Ater or Ciater is famous for its natural hot spring. There's a huge one which can be used for public, and there's also a private one to be used by guests of the camping park.

Please bear in mind that you should take cold shower after 15 minutes sitting inside the hot spring. After the cold shower, you could get back into the hot spring.

Though small, but it's great to have a hot spring near your tent

Activities for Kids

There's plenty of kids activities you can try at Sari Ater Camping Park. You could rent bicycle (too bad we didn't do it), horse riding, shooting, and even you could enjoy the mini zoo!

Hello there mr.monkey
The cute rabbits 
Let's take a horse riding! 
It's really fun trying the shooting 

A playground is also available near our tent. Your kids will not get bored at Sari Ater Camping Park.

Having super fun

Our Group

It was a reunion weekend getaway, we used to work together when we were young:D We were not married back then (this was where I met my husband, yes at our old office). And it was really nice to see our children could get along together, even though they just meet once.

Thank you for joining our camping! It was a pleasure to be your organizer :)

Our group
All the kiddos

Tips on camping at Sari Ater:
1. The more the merrier, take other families to camp with you. Our group which consist of 6 families was ideal.
2. Take your own food and drink (that includes snacks for the kids), as the place is isolated.
3. Book in advance! The place is always fully booked. Sari Ater will ask you to pay 50% down payment after the booking, and the rest you can pay on arrival.

Having post this, I miss the morning walk we did around the area. It was cold and peaceful waiting mr.sunshine to rise.

written on October 24, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Kayanya tempat2 camping seperti ini makin banyak ya mbak..sayangnya di jateng blm.ngetrend deh hiks :(

    1. Tenang Mba Muna, bentar lagi kali ada.
      Kalau ada di Jateng kasih tau ya Mba Muna, kita camping bareng ya:)

  2. Akhirnya terbit juga tulisan tentang kempingnya hehehe. Seru juga ya bisa berempat di dalam satu tenda. Btw biaya nginap di tenda cuma dapat snack dan breakfast aja? Lunch dan dinnernya gimana, mbak Tes?

    1. Hehe iya Kak Hal baru terbit:D
      Makan siang ama malem nya bawa sendiri. Kita sih niat bawa kompor segala hehe

  3. dec pas aku cuti, kyknya ngabisin wkt kesini aja deh :D.. seruu.. ankku pasti senang kalo ada kuda dan playground gitu... :) Tapi mandiin dia pake air dingin jg bkl perjuangan bgt ni mba ;p

    1. Hahaha iya maka dari itu. Kalau niat sih bawa kompor yang portable ama panci aja buat manasin air Kak hehe..