Review of Dusun Bambu Camping Ground

Have you ever imagined taking your family on a luxurious camping which has a bathroom in each tent with a hot shower? Indonesia has it! It is called Eagle Camp, a luxurious camping ground in Dusun Bambu, located in Lembang-Bandung.  

Having stayed in an executive camping ground near a beach in Tanjung Lesung, I'd like to take our kiddos to experience how it's like to camp in a cold area like Lembang. I brought jackets and long sleeve shirt for our kiddos, as I had no idea how cold Lembang would be these days.

I booked 5 tents directly to the phone number provided in Dusun Bambu's website, yup I succeeded make other 4 families to join our glamping (glamour camping) this time. But too bad my friend @diniros cancelled so we ended up booking two single tents (IDR 1,700,000 for 2 person) and one double tents (IDR 2,750,000 for 4 person).  

Our single tent with an Indonesian flag :)

Upon arrival, we were informed by the staff of Dusun Bambu at the entrance to drive our car to the reception area located near Pasar Kathulistiwa. It's one of the privilege of guests staying at the tent, as other Dusun Bambu visitors are not allowed to take their cars to go inside Dusun Bambu. They have to take the free shuttle from the parking area to Pasar Kathulistiwa.

The Reception of Eagle Camp

I paid for the tents, and was given four keys of our tents. Yup, we had our own yard for each tent, and we could lock the gate to enter our private area! The camping ground area was so secure and secluded as there's always one guard stand by to ensure that only guests could enter the tents area. The parking area is located 3 minutes walk from our tent.

The gate  

Kiddos love the tent from the first time they saw it. It looks brand new and very clean. It has its own living room, two beds and a phone to contact the front office if you need anything. We could also book room service and enjoy lunch at the tent. Awesome!

4 mineral bottles, coffee and tea were also provided
A very clean bathroom located under the tent

We arrived around 12.30 and we were allowed to check-in early. Waiting for other families, kiddos played at the artificial river at Dusun Bambu. Afterwards we went to Pasar Kathulistiwa to grab something to eat.

They only succeeded keeping their clothes dry
for the first 10 minutes:D

Iwan and @zkhairi arrived at their tents, and after enjoying dinner at Cafe Burangrang, we visited Iwan's tent who ordered a barbecue from Dusun Bambu cost IDR 1,000,000 for 5 person. When we came, there were two staff serving the barbecue for Iwan's family. The service of Dusun Bambu's staff were top notch! 

We had a chitchat at Iwan's double tents and enjoy Sate Maranggi that @zkhairi bought on his way from Jakarta to Bandung.

Then we continued our barbecue at @zkhairi's tent. We called the front desk and ask the staff to light on the fire and the barbecue at @zkhair's tent. Yup, this service is included in the price:p We warmed up ourselves by the hot sausage we grilled with the barbeque's equipment provided by Dusun Bambu.

The next morning, we went to Cafe Burangrang for our breakfast. As the tent only include breakfast for two person (and yes we brought our own additional folded bed), I had to pay an additional charge for kiddos#1's breakfast, because he is more than 6 yo. It cost IDR 37.500. I like the breakfast a lot, too bad kiddos asked to play in the river again, so I only stayed 30 minutes at Cafe Burangrang.

Our breakfast with a wonderful view

At 10 pm, we checked out and headed back to Jakarta. Bye-bye Dusun Bambu, we had a great time in your luxurious camping ground!

written on November 8, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. berasa di NZ ya kak, nge tenda bareng keluarga.....
    Kapan tuh nginep di gazebo di Kanawa ? :))

    1. Aaaah Kak Feb, Kanawa nya ga jadi nginep tenda Kak. Cukup Live on Board aja deh kayanya nanti.

  2. menarik niiihh.. gue suka ngasih link blog post lo ke kakak gue, buat ide liburan sama anak2nya :D

    1. Hehehe makasih Vira, semoga segera bisa jadi source liburan buat anak-anak mu juga nanti :)

  3. Replies
    1. Aku juga penggggiiiin (lagi)

    2. Klo untuk rombongan wisata inap di tenda ini bgmn?

  4. Jadi pengen banget mba ajak 2 bocil ku kemping....slama ini kenalnya hotel

    1. Hai Dian, cobain deh kesini, walaupun camping tetep berasa di hotel kok hehehe :)

  5. wah seru nginep di camp.. btw, udara Lembang gimana terutama kalau malam hari, di kemah dingin nggak untuk anak2?

    1. Ya ampun, maafkan baru aku balas...
      Dingin banget waktu itu Kak, tapi kita bisa tidur nyenyak kok :)

  6. wah ternyata ada kayak gini di dusun bambuuu :)) kereenn

    1. Iya Kak, ayo cobain nginep sana ya.

  7. Misal 2 adult +2 kids dibawah 6 th bs sewa yg single tent ga sis.. Tq

    1. Bisa banget Mba, tapi bawa tambahan kasur lipat aja ya.