Green Coral Camping Ground at Tanjung Lesung

There will always be the first time for everything, including a camping experience for our family. Taking our kiddos: 6 and 4,5 years old to stay on a camping ground was a challenge. Will they enjoy the place? Will they be able to sleep? Is the toilet and bathroom in a good condition?

I was in doubt in deciding where to stay in Tanjung Lesung, should we choose a hotel, a villa or try to sleep in the camping ground? Based on the information from @munindohoy who had visited Tanjung Lesung, the camping is located just meters away from the beach. Because our kiddos love beach so much and for the sake of the experience, we choose the what so called "exclusive camping ground" at Tanjung Lesung. 

View from our tent

1. The Location of Green Coral Camping Ground

It took about 5 hours from Jakarta to Tanjung Lesung with our car. We did many stops for toilet break, I think normally it should take 4 hours instead. We were so happy when we finally saw the sign to enter Tanjung Lesung area.

Beautiful trees welcome us at Tanjung Lesung
Entering the Green Coral and the Beach Club

We followed the sign going to Green Coral camping ground and parked our car there. We saw the colorful tents were ready. Yeay!

Our tent for two days
A bit spooky camping ground at night:p

The camping ground is located only meters away from the beach. This is the only beach that you can swim at Tanjung Lesung. That's why there's a beach club called Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, which is free for guests staying at Tanjung Lesung resort. If you are not staying at Tanjung Lesung, you will have to pay an entrance fee to go to the beach club.

The Beach Club with its seafood restaurant

2. Meals & Tent Rental Price

It cost IDR 400,000 per night per person, including 3 times meal and 2 times snack. We only had to pay for three person while our kiddos#2 stay free of charge.

Considering all the meals we got, if you ask me is it worth it to try the camping experience at Green Coral? My answer is a big YES. 

The restaurant only for guests staying on the camping ground

These were some of the pictures of the meal that include in the tent price.

The snack
The breakfast
Our buffet lunch

3. Toilet and Shower

To my surprise, Green Coral has a decent toilet and shower area. The best part was the shower power! The shower was great (although there was no hot water), so I enjoyed washing the swimsuit after our swimming session. We swam three to four times a day. Phew.

This area was supposed to be facilities for guests staying at the camping ground only. However there is no security guard, several times I met guests from the beach club using this bathroom.

The toilet and shower area

4. The Beach

Now come the best part, we were only few steps away from Tanjung Lesung beach. So each morning we could swim in our private beach, when the other guests still asleep.

Good morning from Tanjung Lesung beach
Beautiful beach, especially when it is still empty

Things to remember...

If you plan to stay at this camping ground especially with your kiddos, please bear in mind that it was super duper hot inside the tent. You are advised to bring your additional fan or portable air conditioner for your comfort. We didn't bring any, we only had one little fan provided by the management. It was not enough and it was really hot! We only stayed inside the tent after dinner. However we survived sleeping until the next morning. Guess it was because we were too tired.

It was our first camping experience and glad we did enjoy it!

written on May 7, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. waaaa....aku suka banget camping. Dulu pas kecil hampir tiap weekend diajak ortu camping di pantai sambil mancing. Ini tempat n fasilitasnya bagus ya, Kak :D

    1. Waaa aku enggak gitu suka camping, kecuali di Tanjung Lesung ini karena emang kaya resort hehehe
      Tapi jadi suka dan pengen coba "camping beneran" :D

  2. excellent! very nice. I will trying visit. Looks like a beautiful campground! Thanks for sharing good information !

  3. mbak, cobain activity lainnya kayak snorkling, krakatao tour, atau a glass bottom boat? worth to try nggak sih? Gak paham di bawah tanjug lesung bagus atau nggak coralnya.. Terimakasih

    1. Hai...aku nyobain snorkelingnya, cuman waktu itu anak2 masih kecil banget jadi kurang enjoy. Mereka seneng berenang di pantainya aja.