Harris Hotel at Bukit Jimbaran

Deciding which hotel to choose for our annual gathering was not that easy, even in Bali! There were too many great hotels to choose, while we had to stick on our budget:p We were also confuse on deciding which area to choose, will it be the hectic Kuta, Denpasar (with the privilege of getting closer to our office in Denpasar), or Nusa Dua.

After all the discussion, our friends in Denpasar office recommend Harris Hotel at Bukit Jimbaran. When I saw its website and found out that it has a rooftop dining area, I agree to choose Harris Hotel Bukit Jimbaran.

the rooftop of Harris Hotel Bukit Jimbaran
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Dirty Duck Dinner (Bebek Bengil) at Nusa Dua

We were looking for a restaurant to cater our group dinner (around 100 people) in Nusa Dua or Jimbaran area. Three restaurants were on the top of our list which were Klapa Resto, Bebek Bengil Nusa Dua and Bebek Bengil GWK Jimbaran. At the end we choose Bebek Bengil Nusa Dua; Klapa Resto's buffet dinner was too expensive while Bebek Bengil GWK was too close to the hotel we stayed: Harris Hotel Bukit Jimbaran.

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Lobang Jepang (Japanese Cave) Bukitinggi

One thing that must be on your list when you visit Bukittinggi is the Japanese Cave or called by local as Lobang Jepang or Gua Jepang Panorama. Lobang Jepang is a bunker build by Indonesians under forced labor of Japanese soldiers between 1942-1945. This place is about 15 minutes from Jam Gadang, the city center of Bukittinggi. So if it's your first time visiting Bukittinggi, this place is easily accessible. 

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Missing Holland So Much

Back in 1997 to 1998, I spent a year of my High School in a city called Eindhoven in the southern part of the Netherlands. Yeah..soccer fans must know PSV Eindhoven, a soccer club supported by Philips.  I was staying in a sub-urban area called Waalre and had to ride my bicycle to St.Joris College located in the southern part of Eindhoven.

I participated Rotary International student exchange program, stayed with 4 Dutch families (1 family every quarter), mingled with local people, traveling around the country, including taking picture in Volendam and skating on a frozen sea. I had a chance to travel around Europe with other 60 students from all over the world who were also staying a year in Holland with the exchange student program.

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Staying at The Hills Bukittinggi

When I was looking for a hotel for a business trip in Bukttinggi, The Hills was on the top of my list, but still I checked through tripadvisor if there's any other recommended hotels. Grand Rocky Hotel was also recommended but I decided to book The Hills as it was closer to the center of the city. This hotel has an eye catching look from outside, and yes it was only 5 minutes away by foot from the famous Jam Gadang.

Welcome to The Hills

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The Promising Pandawa Beach

Now I found a reason to stay in Jimbaran area if I have the chance to go to Bali with kiddos someday, it's because a very kids friendly beach called Pandawa. 

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The Stunning Jatiluwih Bali Rice Terrace Fields

"Where are you from?" a Balinese tourguide who were working for a group of tourists from Sweden asked me while I am enjoying the scenery of Jatiluwih. I answered. "West Java" and he continued "You have rice fields also in Java Island, why you traveled all the way to Jatiluwih for this rice fields?"

I went to Jatiluwih after completing series of meeting in Denpasar, so we came too late to this beautiful place because when we arrived at 4.30 pm, there was no sunshine and the restaurant was almost close. Our friend Tri Panca insisted to take us here, he said it's the most beautiful rice fields he has ever seen. And I have to agree with him.

It was a long journey from Denpasar to Jatiluwih, we had to pass some bumpy and narrow road as well. After 2 hours drive by car, we arrived at Jatiluwih and enjoyed a very beautiful rice fields.

the view at Jati Luwih is so breathtaking!

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Sunset at Mozaic Beach Club Seminyak

It was an honor when 16 of my friends signed up an extended business trip in Bali and join another Mommies Day Out program. But this time our group consist of 16 mommies and 1 Dad:p I arranged the van rental and also hotels booking for the whole group. And of course the most exciting thing as always, decide where to go in our itinerary. When it comes to watching sunset session, I choose Potato Head but a bit worry with the seats for 17 person! 

Lucky me that Puput who is also joining the trip came up with an idea to see the sunset at Mozaic Beach Club, a more private beach club compared to Potato Head. We arrived at 5.30 and only few guests were there. It was like like having this beautiful place only for ourselves.

a private and great Beach Club in Seminyak
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A Drink at Motel Mexicola Bali

This place was introduced by my friend Puput, she said that Motel Mexicola Bali is a really great place to take pictures:D So while our huge group went to Khrisna on Sunset Road for shopping, we took taxi to Motel Mexicola Seminyak. The taxi took us to the same direction of Potato Head, and turn left to a smaller street called Jl.Kayujati. It stopped in a really colorful place: the Motel Mexicola. Don't be confused by its name, it is a restaurant, not a motel.

an eye catching entrance
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Sate Mak Syukur Padangpanjang Bukittinggi

I was so happy that I had a chance to visit the hometown of my fave sate Padang which I usually eat inside malls in Jakarta:p Yes it was Sate Mak Syukur at Padangpanjang. We stopped by on our way from Padang to Bukittinggi. As a big fan of sate padang, I have always wanted to visit this place.

The original Sate Mak Syukur
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Review of Mercure Padang

Confused on deciding where to stay in Padang, I ended up choosing Mercure Hotel mainly because of its location which is close to our office. The hotel is also a new one, build after the Padang earthquake in 2009. 

A unique lamp hanging on the ceiling welcomes us at the lobby.

Mercure is located near the beach at the heart of the city. The beach doesn't have sands area, instead it is surrounded by restaurants along the beach line.

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Enjoying Food in Padang : From Breakfast to Dinner

Finally I got the chance to visit Padang in West Sumatera after canceling my airplane tickets two times. The first was when I got a promo ticket from Air Asia  when they opened their new route to Padang. I didn't go because I couldn't take leave. The second time was 2 years ago, I was planned to go to Padang for a visit from my office, but my kiddos#2 was sick so I cancelled going there. The third time I got my name on a ticket going to Padang, I succeeded visiting the city :)

Breakfast at Warung Kopi NanYo

My day in Padang started with a stop at Warung Kopi NanYo. There are many warung kopi (coffee shop) on the street around the Chinatown area of Padang, but my friends told me it was one of the best. Basically all those warung kopi only provide drinks, while the food are served by all the carts outside the warungs. I ordered Sate Padang from the red yellow cart parked in front of NanYo.

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Singapore Night Festival 2013

I was walking from the hotel I stayed V Hotel Bencoolen to North Bridge Road, passing the Singapore Art Museum and saw the advertisement of Singapore Night Festival 2013. Wow... lucky me that my schedule in Singapore allows me to see this festival. I promised myself to visit the Singapore Night Festival on Friday night, before going back to Jakarta. 

I went to the festival and was amazed by the look of Singapore Art Museum that night. The museum looks really different compared to seeing it in the morning.  

the Singapore Art Museum
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Ebook Travel Gratis : Pieces of Melbourne

Akhirnya kami bisa menyelesaikan project ebook travel gratis kami yang kedua setelah Jelajah Singapura. Kali ini kami sharing bagaimana kami liburan hemat ke Melbourne. Alih-alih naik Skybus dari Melbourne Tullamarine airport ke Southern Cross Terminal, kami naik bis umum dan kereta api ke Flinders Station. Selain hemat, kami pun bisa melihat pemandangan di daerah sub-urban Melbourne.

Kami tinggal di hostel Melbourne Greenhouse Backpacker tepat di jantung kota Melbourne dengan biaya AUD 90 per malam. Untuk menghemat biaya transportasi, kami pun keliling Melbourne dengan sepeda gratis Melbourne Bike Share.

Silahkan download ebook travel gratis mengenai pengalaman kami liburan ke Melbourne. 

Dan kami menunggu komentar anda agar kami bisa lebih baik lagi membuat ebook travel kami selanjutnya.

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V Hotel Bencoolen Singapore Review

V Hotel chain is very famous amongst Indonesian who are looking for a hotel to stay with their family in Singapore. Their first hotel, V Hotel Lavender located above Lavender MRT Station offering easy transport access, and now they opened their second branch in Bencoolen, just beside Bencoolen MRT station, which is still under construction.

the entrance to the hotel

I did not notice "the construction" part at the time of the booking, when I arrived at the hotel, I just realized that there is a heavy construction of a new MRT station  just in front of the hotel.
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Mengajukan Visa New Zealand

Berbeda dengan saat kami mengajukan Visa Australia satu tahun sebelumnya, entah kenapa rasanya kami lebih percaya diri ketika mengajukan Visa New Zealand. Mungkin karena ini pengalaman kedua kami mengurus visa tanpa bantuan biro jasa. Pengajuan Visa New Zealand melalui New Zealand Visa Application Center (‘NZVAC’) dilakukan di tempat yang sama dengan pengajuan Visa Australia (Australian Visa Application Center ‘AVAC’) yaitu di Plaza Asia lantai 22, Jalan Jend.Sudirman. Sebelum Maret 2013, pengajuan visa New Zealand dilakukan di New Zealand Immigration di Sentral Senayan Building, Jakarta.

Supaya semangat mengurus visa,
saya kasih foto teaser Milford Sound ya:)

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Zangrandi Ice Cream Surabaya

We picked our fave spot in Surabaya to have ice cream after exploring food in Madura. Yes it was the famous ice cream Zangrandi located just beside Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya.

We love the old feel of Zangrandi, the old chairs, and of course the ice cream. The taste remind us to Rasa Ice Cream in my hometown Bandung. Both sold ice cream with old recipe.
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A Half Day Exploring Bangkalan - Madura Island

After all this time, we finally had the opportunity to explore food in Madura:) With Fave Mex Surabaya as our base, we rented an Avanza with a special request: drop off at the hotel and pick up at the airport. With the help of our friend @alisahaqiqi, we managed to get a rented car which fit our need. 

We started our Madura trip early in the morning, Suramadu was still empty, so we could slow down our car and took pictures:) It was only 30 minutes away from our hotel in Surabaya to get to Madura Island. Thanks to the nice traffic on a Saturday morning.

the beautiful Suramadu Bridge in the morning
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Fave Hotel Mex Surabaya Review

After two days full of food in Kediri, we went back to Surabaya. I extended my business trip for another night in Surabaya, Rene came to accompany me for a weekend getaway in Surabaya and Madura. 

I was looking for a budget hotel in Surabaya and I found out that Fave Hotel had opened their branch in Surabaya called Fave Hotel Mex. Having stayed in Fave Hotel By Pass Bali and Fave Hotel Langkawi before, I reserved a standard room at Fave Hotel Mex Surabaya cost IDR 390,000 nett. 

When we checked in, we just knew that Fave Hotel located on a building called Mex. Ooh..so this is why the hotel called Mex:p I went to the 3rd floor where the reception desk was located.

lobby of Fave Hotel Mex

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Kediri, Lovely Town with Delicious Food

I was so excited that I had the opportunity to visit Kediri for the second time, after my last visit about 10 years ago. This time I had only two days in Kediri and its surrounding, and between the meetings, we managed to enjoy food in Kediri. I mean lots of food! 

We left Surabaya after our lunch and it was a 3 hours drive to Kediri. We knew that we had reached Kediri after seeing a huge Gudang Garam factory. I noticed new malls are now available in town, but the city is somehow still not that crowded. My wisata kuliner in Kediri started with Sate Pak Siboen. And as a satay freak, I am telling you this Sate Pak Siboen was really good!

a really delicious Pak Siboen Chicken Satay

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Shopping at AEON Tebrau or Jusco Tebrau Johor Bahru

After a window shopping session at Johor Premium Outlet we continued our shopping journey by taking a bus from JB Sentral to Jusco Tebrau. There are two Jucso Department Stores in Johor Bahru, but the recommended one based on the Female Daily Forum on Johor Bahru is the Tebrau branch. Actually the mall's name was Tebrau City Shopping Center. 

We took a bus heading to Jusco Tebrau, we knew it was the right bus as we saw the sign of "Jusco Tebrau" on the window of the bus. We asked a staff of JPO bus, and he showed us which bus to take at JB Sentral. After paying RM 10 for the four of us, we sat down inside the bus. We sat close to the driver because we had requested him to tell us where to stop, we had no idea at all.

We passed Saturday's traffic jam in Johor Bahru, and after 30 minutes the driver told us to alight, and we walked to Jusco. There was no sign of Jusco, instead the mall has a big AEON sign on it. And yes, we saw a Toys R Us sign at the mall. Yeay..

Jusco has been changed to AEON
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Review of Citrus Hotel Johor bahru

Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru is the most recommended hotel in the Female Daily Forum (Johor Bahru section) because of its strategic location in the heart of Johor Bahru's Downtown. Actually I have never read the forum at female daily until I got the information from my friend @rona_willis. Nor have I checked Citrus Hotel before, as I was only interested in hotels providing quadruple room.

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Window Shopping at JPO - Johor Premium Outlet

When we finally decided going to Johor Bahru instead of exploring Singapore for our mommies day out trip, my friends requested to visit Johor Premium Outlet for a window shopping session. I was not quite sure whether Johor Premium Outlet is worth a visit. But somehow I agree with my friends and put window shopping at Johor Premium Outlet in our Johor Bahru itinerary.

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Things to See & Do Around Johor Bahru's Downtown

When I planned our mommies day out trip to Johor Bahru, I was not quite sure what I could do and see around the hotels we stayed in Kotaraya Johor Bahru or Johor Bahru's Downtown. Two things I knew were JB Sentral and the City Square Mall. After spending two days there, I saw many interesting places around Kotaraya Johor Bahru. So are you ready to see bunch of pictures in this post?
nice lighting of JB Sentral

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Budget Hotel to Stay Around JB Sentral: Hanya Satu Hotel

Based on the feedback I read from Female Daily JB Forum whereas most members recommend Citrus Hotel, I sent email to Citrus Hotel asking if we could add an extra bed to their triple room. The email was responded promptly but too bad that they couldn't provide the extra bed, due to the hotel policy.

Actually we had booked via booking.com a quadruple room at Eight Days Hotel with a decent review in tripadvisor. But during the planning, we decided to stay close to JB Sentral, for the sake of getting close with the bus terminal at JB Sentral.

I searched via google map, the closest hotel with Citrus Hotel providing a quadruple room, from the map that I saw was "Hanya Satu Hotel". I checked through Agoda, on our first night the quadruple room was available for IDR 600,000 nett per night. But on the second night the hotel was full.

As my SOP in choosing a hotel, I look for a review from tripadvisor members, but that time there wasn't any reviews of this hotel at Tripadvisor (P.S. now you can read my review of Hanya Satu Hotel at tripadvisor in this link). We booked the hotel anyway, because it was the only hotel offering a quadruple room.

Hanya Satu Hotel is only 5 minutes away from City Square Mall, and a 3 minutes walking from Citrus Hotel. This is the exterior look of the hotel, it is stated at the sign "Rumah Tumpangan".

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Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Due to the significant increase of SGD exchange rate to rupiah, we changed our destination of tesyasblog Mommies Day Out* (#MDOtrip) from exploring Singapore to Johor Bahru. 

*Mommies Day Out is an annual trip started last year, still with the same participants:p It aimed to give the opportunity for mommies to have their me time by going abroad with other mommies. The itinerary is much on shopping (of course) and last maximum 3 days 2 nights, on weekends. The next MDO trip is planned to shop 'till drop at Bangkok.

Arrival in Singapore

We arrived in Singapore around 10 am, took the MRT to Aljunied Station, continued by taking bus 80 to Arab Street (alight at Parkview SQ Bus Stop). We walked to Murtabak Zam Zam, and had our yummy chicken murtabak. This resto is always on our top list.

our fave resto 
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Kyochon Pacific Place

Did you know that Kyochon Indonesia has already opened their outlet in Indonesia? The first Kyochon outlet in Jakarta opened two days ago at Pacific Place. I am not a big fan of Super Junior, but yes I love Korean chicken. I am a big fan of Bonchon and 4 Fingers Chicken. And I was lucky to be invited to try Kyochon on the third day since its official opening on October 2, 2013.

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Cara Perpanjang Paspor di Kantor Imigirasi Jakarta Pusat

A guest post by @Diniros

Saya memiliki pengalaman yang sangat mengesankan ketika melakukan perpanjangan paspor di Kantor Imigrasi Jakarta Pusat. Alasan saya memilih lokasi Jakarta Pusat hanya karena dalam menu website imigrasi terdapat dua pilihan untuk online registration: (1) Layanan Paspor Online dan (2) Layanan Paspor Online Jakbar-Jakpus. Saya pikir kenapa Jakbar-Jakpus punya menu sendiri? Mungkin ada sesuatu? Dan akhirnya saya klik menu Layanan Paspor Online Jakbar-Jakpus :p

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Parai Beach Sungailiat, One Hour Away From Pangkal Pinang

Another beautiful beach in Indonesia that I really hope to take kiddos here someday: Parai Beach in Sungailiat, which is one hour away from Pangkal Pinang. It reminds me a lot to Tanjung Tinggi Beach in Belitung: because of the huge rocks and also the wave (there's almost no wave). Perfect to swim with kiddos.

This time I visited Parai Beach with my friends. I love to swim in the sea, but no one of my friends interested swimming that day. So I enjoyed the sea and the beach by myself, while my friends having their own photo session.

Beautiful Beach in front of Parai  Beach Resort
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Enjoying Food in Pangkal Pinang - Bangka

I remember two years ago, while waiting for my flight to Pangkal Pinang at Soekarno Hatta airport, I met a friend with his family waiting for the same flight. He told me that he was going to have a holiday with his kiddos in Pangkal Pinang. That time, I was surprised that my friend choose Pangkal Pinang as his holiday destination.

On my second visit in 2013, I realised that Pangkal Pinang has lots to offer that this city is now on my bucketlist to travel with my family someday. Beside the beautiful beach, the city offers great food to enjoy!

1. Seafood in Pangkal Pinang: RM Asui

Arriving in Pangkal Pinang around 11 am, we went directly to Rumah Makan Asui serving best seafood in town. Although very famous, the restaurant is located in a narrow lane. But don't judge the restaurant by its exterior, come inside, and you will love the food.

the famous RM Asui

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One Fine Day Exploring Singkawang

Singkawang is located 3 hours away from Pontianak by car. Heard and read so many stories regarding Singkawang, especially the Chinese New Year celebration, where tourists are coming to Singkawang to celebrate the festival. I went there not to celebrate Chinese New Year Celebration, however I could feel the Chinese touch around the city.

Patung Naga Singkawang

Let's begin exploring the city from the icon of Singkawang: this "Patung Naga" (statue of dragon) is in the middle of the old town. You've heard the story behind this statue right? So I guess I don't have to write it again in this post.

Patung Naga Singkawang
a glimpse of the city in the morning
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Visiting the Icon of Pontianak: The Equator Monument

On our way from Pontianak to Singkawang, we stopped by at the Equator Monument, which is located a little bit outside of Pontianak. At school we had learned that Pontianak is one of the cities in the world which lies on the equator. And no doubt that this equator monument is one of Pontianak's icon.

replica of the equator monument 
The real equator monument located inside, while the one outside is a replica, build 5 times bigger than the real one.
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One Day Food Adventure in Pontianak

On our way from Pontianak to Singkawang, we stopped by at the Equator Monument, which is located a little bit outside of Pontianak. At school we had learned that Pontianak is one of the cities in the world which lies on the equator. And no doubt that this equator monument is one of Pontianak's icon.

replica of the equator monument 
The real equator monument located inside, while the one outside is a replica, build 5 times bigger than the real one.
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Thailand restaurant in Jakarta: CJ Tom Yum

Heard about this recommended Thai restaurant in Jakarta from a friend whose office located only few meters away from CJ Tom Yum. Really wanted to try this resto, but its location is so far away from my office, so it will never be our option to have lunch. Until one day I had a meeting near CJ Tom Yum, so we stopped by before our meeting.

CJ Tom Yum located in a residential area, its exterior will help you to find this Thai restaurant among the houses. During lunch time, it was difficult to find seat and parking place. 

a small restaurant in a residential area

"CJ" derives from the owner Chicco Jerikho, one of Indonesian celebrity. He opened this resto in July 2011, and it is said that the chef at CJ comes from Thailand.
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Fave Hotel By Pass (Kuta) Bali

If you need a transit hotel in Bali which is located close to the airport, this Fave Hotel By Pass could be one of the option. We stayed there on my extended business trip, whereas Rene came to accompany me on Friday night. So I had to wait for Rene's flight that came at midnight. 

We came across Fave Hotel By Pass because of its promo at Agoda. By utilizing our Agoda point and the promo rate, we paid only IDR 250,000 nett for the room without breakfast.

the hotel at a busy road
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Tanah Lot: Not Only for Sunset Hunters

You might have known that Tanah Lot is famous for the sunset hunting spot. But when we travel with kiddos and our parents, they enjoyed Tanah Lot as their playground, and a shopping paradise:p

I seldom visited Tanah Lot at midday, and I didn't know that on the way to the temple we could find holes filled with crystal clear water. There were even small fishes inside. Kiddos insisted to get into the hole, so we let them in, and it was the highlight of kiddos' visit to Tanah Lot.

Let's hop on into a hole full of water

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Bale Udang Mang Engking

This is one of the option if you are looking for halal food in Bali: Bale Udang Mang Engking near Jalan Raya Kuta Bali. We visited "Gubug Mang Engking" first in Yogyakarta, then we made another visit to their Soragan Castle also in Yogyakarta. Their branch in Bali is a more luxurious one, reminds me somehow of Telaga Sampireun Bintaro.

We visited Bale Udang Mang Engking at midday, and for me the best time to have Sundanese food is at lunch time. When I stepped into the resto, I felt like I was somewhere in Bandung.

The ambience of Bale Udang Mang Engking

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Enjoying The Viewpoint of Kintamani Bali

When you are tired with Bali's traffic jam, take a drive to the north-eastern part of Bali, and enjoy the fresh air as well as the beauty of Mount and Lake Batur from Kintamani's viewpoint.

It's about 1,5 hours drive from Kuta, when you see the unique fruit sellers along the way, you are about to arrive at Kintamani. I was amazed by how all the fruits are performed in each fruit stall. How creative Balinese people are: they even give their art touch to place the fruits at their stalls.

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Hotel Review: Santika Premier Malang

Welcome to the beautiful city of Malang, the second city I loved the most in Indonesia, after my hometown Bandung. Located close to Surabaya, Malang is very busy on weekends, because many people go to Malang for a weekend getaway. Same story with weekend in Bandung, packed with people from Jakarta.

To add the existing reviews in tesyasblog on hotels and guesthouses in Malang, we would like to share about Hotel Santika Malang, the hotel I used to go on my business trip.

welcome fruit at the lobby: Malang's apple

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Mie Koba, Halal Noodle in Pangkal Pinang

There are several food from Bangka which are very famous all over Indonesia. Two amongst the most famous are: Martabak Bangka and Mie Bangka (noodle). I didn't try Mie Bangka when I visited Pangkal Pinang, the capital city of Bangka-Belitung Province. I was recommended to try Mie Koba, an alternative to eat halal noodle in Bangka. 

I went to Jalan Balai and just opposite Rumah Bersalin Rona, there's a small resto with a big sign of Mie Koba.

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Mariette's House Alam Sutera

Always happy to find a gorgeous place to eat with the family, especially when your brother is paying the bill:D We went to Mariette's House in Alam Sutera to celebrate our parents 42th anniversary. Located in a shop house just opposite Living World, this place looks different than other shop houses in the area. I bet you will not miss this place by the look of its exterior.

lovely resto both its exterior and interior

Inside we found a vintage resto which made us feel that we were not in Alam Sutera, but somewhere in Porto:p I guess I saw too much pictures of Porto shared by Jalan2Liburan and dewtraveller in their blog as well as in their instagram. Oh dear...
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Klapa Resto Dreamland

To end one of our business trip in Bali, we stopped by at Klapa Resto Dreamland to have a late lunch, before heading back to the airport. The resto was not full when we came. We had to pay a deposit upfront which at the end were utilized to pay our bill.

passing a dark hall to get into the resto
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Morning Walk at Punclut: Breakfast With a View in Bandung

Frankly speaking, I couldn't remember when was the last time I visited Punclut (Puncak Ciumbuleuit Utara), a viewpoint in the northern area of Bandung. Punclut is also famous as a morning  walk and breakfast area: most of people will end their morning walk to have breakfast at Punclut. 

One morning, I asked rene to accompany me for a morning walk at Punclut. We parked our car at a hospital at the end of Jalan Ciumbuleuit, as suggested on the blog I read. We started to walk, and I couldn't even recognize the place: it has changed a lot. Now they have a main road which connect Punclut to Lembang directly.

We walked through the road until we saw the sign of "Pasar Minggon" (Sunday Market), but as we visited the place not on Sunday, we only met one lady who sold ketan bakar. So we stopped for a while, ordered her ketan bakar, and had a chat with her. She told us that she came from Lembang, and after the new road is built, it only took her 30 minutes from her house to Punclut with a motorbike. 

I asked her where is the place full of warung makan (restaurants) that I used to visit at Punclut. She said it's still a long and steep walk from her stall. Ok then.. we decided to walk back to our car, and went to the top of Punclut by our car. Hmm, I guess it was end of our morning walk, and it turned to be another culinary experience in Bandung:p

food street: yummy ketan bakar
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Sam's Strawberry Corner on Jalan Dago Bandung

Last week on the Idul Fitri holiday, we tried to find breakfast in Bandung. Actually we wanted to go to Warung Lela Dago, but when we arrived there at 8 am, it was still closed. So we went back home passing Dago street and saw Sam's Strawberry Corner full of people in the morning, and decided to have it a try.

a corner which serves great Yamien Bakso 

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Hard Rock Hotel Bali: The Greatest Family Hotel

We ended our school holiday in Bali, by staying a night in Hard Rock after staying at Kuta Central Park for the previous three nights. This was our third time staying at Hard Rock Hotel Bali, this hotel has stolen our heart so we keep on coming back. Glad that we could take our parents and our kiddos staying at Hard Rock this time, even though only one night, we had such a great time.

A hard rockin' key room

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Where to Eat Around Banda Aceh's Airport

Ayam Goreng Blang Bintang Banda Aceh (fried chicken in Blang Bintang area) was recommended by our friend Ari (@buzzerbeez). The resto is so close to Sultan Iskanda Muda, the airport of Banda Aceh. We made our stop here before heading back to Jakarta.

a simple "warung makan"

It's not a fancy resto, you will find wooden table with plastic chairs. Half of the resto is an open space, there is no aircon at this resto. But all of these giving us an experience of having dinner at local people's house.

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Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

We'd like to wish our moslem blog readers a Happy Eid Mubarak...

As always we celebrate it in our parents house in Bandung, and enjoy lots of food... Especially for you who are staying abroad, please enjoy (the picture of) these food.

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