Bonchon Chicken Wing at Ciputra Mall Cibubur

Here comes another post on Korean Chicken Wing adding to my previous posts of 4 Fingers Chicken at Cilandak Town Square and Kyochon Pacific Place: Bonchon Chicken Wing. The first time I tried Bonchon was when I visited Gandaria City. Since the opening of Bonchon Express at Ciputra Mall Cibubur, it becomes my fave Bonchon's outlet as it's only minutes away from home.

It's not because of the location that made Bonchon is my fave among 4 Fingers and Kyochon. It tastes real good, tasty to the bones! The spicy one is too hot for me, so my fave is the original chicken wing.

Bonchon Chicken Wing Anatomy
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Air Asia: From Zero to Hero

Seperti biasa pada Hari Raya Idul Fitri, aku berkumpul bersama keluarga besar sambil menyantap hidangan khas lebaran.  Ironisnya di hari lebaran sebagian jiwaku kosong, aku merindukan my late brother: Rezha Refiadi. Dan sejujurnya, kerinduan semakin menjadi pada hari ini, saat seharusnya dia ada di antara keluarga besarku.

Aku memanggilnya Aa, my eldest brother, yang sudah kembali ke pangkuan Allah SWT 4 tahun yang lalu. Sejak kembali dari Bermuda, untuk mengikuti program pertukaran pelajar dari Rotary Club, Aa divonis dokter menderita diabetes. Gaya hidupnya yang kurang terjaga selama di Bermuda memberikannya penyakit diabetes pada usia 17 tahun.

Dan selama 17 tahun pula, Aa berjuang melawan diabetes yang perlahan terus menggerogoti fisiknya. Dari mata, kaki, dan terakhir fungsi ginjalnya, sebelum akhirnya Aa dipanggil Yang Kuasa.

He is the light of my life, bahkan hingga saat ini.
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Public Transport From & To Sydney Airport: One of The Cheapest Option

What is the cheapest public transport option from Sydney Airport to the city? It was my question even on my second visit to Sydney. The first time, we needed a public transport from Sydney airport to Anzac Parade bus stop. We were informed by our friend to take bus 400 from Sydney International Airport.

On our second visit, we asked the staff of City Hotel Sydney how to get to Sydney CBD from the airport. The staff recommend us to take the Airport Train and alight at Town Hall Station, which is only 10 minutes walk to the hotel. Of course it was not our option as Sydney Airport Link cost AUD 17.20 per person one way! 

After browsing on the internet, we decided to combine bus 400 from international terminal and airport train from Mascot Station, thus avoiding the 'gatepass charge'. Train station at Sydney Airport is privately owned, a station access fee of AUD 12.60 per person (one way) applies at Domestic and International Airport. Taking the airport train from Mascot to Town Hall Station cost only AUD 3.8 per person one way. 

Taking the airport link from Mascot Station

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Things To Do in Blue Mountain: The Prince Henry Cliff Walk

I let my husband, Rene, made our itinerary for our Vivid Sydney trip. He asked me, "Are you sure?" And I answered a big YES! Our itinerary turned out to be a very healthy one. After a 6 km coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi beach, Rene put another 6 km walk in Blue Mountain called The Prince Henry Cliff Walk. 

It was our second visit to Blue Mountain, our first visit could be read in this link. We would like to do something which is cheap, and the bush walk was one of the option. And the view during our 6 km walk was really worth it.

Isn't it gorgeous?
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Halal Food in Sydney : Chinese Noodle Bar & Kungfu Ramen Haymarket

As we moved to Big Hostel on our last night in Sydney, we wanted to try the famous halal Chinese Noodle Bar, about 10 minutes walking distance from our hostel. It was already closed when we got there, so we tried the next morning to have our brunch. From what we heard, this place is crowded during lunch or dinner, so we came earlier.

The Chinese Noodle Bar is located on George Street, near Central Station. You can find many hostels, travel agents and internet cafes around the restaurant. 

One restaurant you must visit if
you are looking for halal food in Sydney

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The Coastal Walk in Sydney : From Coogee to Bondi

There are many ways to enjoy Sydney on the cheap, one of the thing is to do the famous coastal walk. Rene, who made the itinerary for our Sydney Autumn trip had planned to walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach. The walk is about 6 km long (OMG!) and normally without too many stops, it could be done within 2 hours.

In our case, we made several stops to take pictures of course, we just loved all the beaches we had passed during this coastal walk :)

A healthy and cheap way to enjoy Sydney:
Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk
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The Amazing Vivid Sydney Festival

I was informed regarding the Vivid Sydney Lights, Music and Idea festival from @TravelJunkieID and @travelingprecils last year. After seeing their posts on Vivid Sydney, I told Rene that someday I would like to visit Sydney to see the Vivid Sydney festival. 

Never thought that my dream would come true this year, we got a promo ticket from Air Asia, and there were two holidays in the last week of May 2014. Holidays during the week and a promo ticket is a perfect match! By only 2 days of our office leave, we could go on holiday for the whole week. 

Be ready to see how beautiful Sydney is from the pictures we would love to share in this post :)

Sydney Harbour Bridge During the Vivid Sydney, seen from McMahons Point
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