Kyochon Pacific Place

Did you know that Kyochon Indonesia has already opened their outlet in Indonesia? The first Kyochon outlet in Jakarta opened two days ago at Pacific Place. I am not a big fan of Super Junior, but yes I love Korean chicken. I am a big fan of Bonchon and 4 Fingers Chicken. And I was lucky to be invited to try Kyochon on the third day since its official opening on October 2, 2013.

Kyochon counter located at the restaurant rows on the 4th floor of Pacific Place. If you are taking the escalator (in the middle of Pacific Place), just continue walking passing Kafe Betawi, Fish and Co, Nannys Pavilon, than you will see the Kyochon counter, just next to a restaurant called "Seruput". The counter of Kyochon is small, but don't worry, they have a separate dining area.

tiny Kyochon outlet at Pacific Place

The waiter came to our table prior to serving the food, and distribute wet tissue with Kyochon 3 G Promises : Green, Goodfood and Grin. Distribution of wet tissue is very handy, especially because the toilet is a bit far from Kyochon counter.

free wet tissue for the guests

Kyochon claimed their chicken wing as "the best chicken wings in the world". Hmm..are they really the best?
I started with the original chicken wings. It's good, but I have to be honest that I prefer Bonchon original chicken wing. 

the original chicken wing of Kyochon

I should have tried their honey chicken wings, but it was sold out. So how about their spicy chicken wings? Wohoooo this was my favorite! The best spicy chicken wing compared with Bonchon and 4 Fingers Chicken. It's a must have!

really delicious spicy wings

We also ordered a salad called Soy Salsal Salad as recommended by our friend Pak Ario, and yes it is also very good! The salad came with fresh vegetables and Salsal Chicken Strips. The portion of this salad is huge, you can share one portion for five person. 

Soy Salsal Salad

We visited Kyochon during lunch, so we were recommended to order their rice menu. Didn't know which one to choose, again we just follow Pak Ario's recommendation which were Kimchi Fried Rice and Grilled Skewers Rice. 

Kimchi fried rice
love the skewers:)

I must say that Kyochon has more variety of food, not only serving best spicy chicken wings but also good salad and rice menu. Kyochon is now still very busy, so expect more time to wait for your food to be served. 

I will go back to Kyochon Pacific Place and try their other menu. Especially when Siwon accompanied me to have lunch again at Kyochon:D

lunch with Siwon Super Junior?:p

Thank you Ci Rina and Mba Shyella for inviting me to Kyochon. Hope to be able to see Kyochon counter somewhere around Cibubur:p

written on October 4, 2013


  1. Aha! Jadi ini toh yang lagi heits belakangan. Ada 4 Fingers, Bonchon dan sekarang Kyochon.
    Di Bali ada Bonchon tapi kok sepi banget ya. Aku sih belum cobain ketiganya, hihihi :p
    Looks yummy though

    1. Ohya di Bali udah ad Bonchon? Di sebelah mananya Kak Deb? Aku suka banget deh ayam korea ini hehe..mudah-mudahan sih beneran fat free *ngarep

  2. barusan ane ke sono, setelah jauh2 macet2an yg ada malah KECEWA BERAAT...!!! pas mo order baik dine in maupun take away di tolak, dengan alasan penuh dan kalo mau nunggu lama, saya bilang oke gpp karena mo belanja dulu.. tetep aja pake seribu alasan nolak pelanggan..

    Kalo belon siap serving guest jangan buka dulu lah.. malu2in aja ngaku2 no.1 service mengecewakan pelanggan..

    1. Wah Mas or Mba (maaf ga tau karena ga ada namanya), so sorry to hear that...
      Pas saya kesana pun nunggu sekitar satu jam baru bisa duduk.
      Semoga manajemen Kyochon mampir di posting ini juga dan bisa improve pelayanan sesuai dengan saran dari Mas or Mba ya..

  3. Aku udah cobain juga :D
    It was soo delicious :3
    Mind to check out my blog?


    1. Thanks Andrea udah mampir..what a lovely blog you have dear:)