Club Med Bali Review: Sport and Activities

It was my first Club Med experience. Before coming to Club Med Bali, I read its website to plan what will we do at Club Med Bali for 3 days. The Children Club, snorkeling, kayaking, archery, flying trapeze, swimming, tennis and yoga were on our list. 

When we arrived at Club Med Bali, the first thing that our Kiddos request was swimming, because the pool was seen from the lobby. We sat at one of the cabana provided in Club Med Bali, ordering cold drinks from the bar for free, chilling out at the pool, and started our 3 days enjoying sport and activities at Club Med Bali.

This was the view from Cabana by the main pool
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Club Med Bali Review - The All Inclusive Resort

This was our first Club Med experience. Club Med has more than 80 resorts in the world, and 2 of them are located in Indonesia: Club Med Bali and Club Med Bintan

If you are not familiar with Club Med, it is an all inclusive resort. The price you pay include all the activities, food, drinks, and of course the kids club for the children. I always thought that staying at Club Med is only for the members. But I was wrong, you don't have to be a member to stay at Club Med in Indonesia. 

We stayed for 3D2N, it was an amazing experience for our family. Read our Club Med Bali Review, we would like to share how this resort had given our family a memorable experience.

Couldn't wait to arrive at Club Med Bali
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Review of Sari Ater Family Camping Park

Yes, our family is a big fan of "glamping" (glamorous camping), and we would love to try any places which provide glamping in Indonesia. This time, we visited Sari Ater Family Camping Park, located in Lembang, about 2 hours from Bandung.

As usual, I was asked by my friends to organize a weekend getaway. I decided to try camping at Sari Ater after reading some review of it. I had to find a comfortable place for our group which consist of many kids, toddlers, even one baby. 6 families confirmed to join glamping this time, the biggest group of any family trips I had arranged so far.

I will write a detail review of Sari Ater Camping Park, to give you an idea why I think choosing this place was the right decision.

Welcome to Sari Ater Camping Park
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Scientia Square Park : The Best Playground in Jakarta

Well,'s not exactly located in Jakarta, it's about one hour away from Jakarta (without heavy traffic). Scientia Square Park is located next to Summarecon Digital Center Serpong and it is by far the best playground I found in Jakarta, or to be honest, in Indonesia.

It's a huge playground, having great (and new) equipments, some of them are similar to the playground we visited in Darling Harbour, Sydney. That's why our friend Yulia, who lived in Sydney during her master program, texted me when she found Scientia Square Park, "Tes, let's play at Scientia Square Park, it's as great as Darling Harbour's playground. You'll love it!"

And Yulia was right, we love it, from the very first start.

Arriving around 6 am at Scientia, we were welcomed by Mr.Sunshine
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Pavilliun Sunda: Where To Eat Sundanese Food in Bandung

I came across the name of the restaurant: Pavilliun Sunda on Jalan Riau Bandung, when I was looking for a restaurant serving Sundanese food for a group of 50 people. My friend suggested Pavilliun Sunda, but I had never heard about this restaurant before.

Then I found out that it's on Jalan Riau, located few meters away from our favorite cafe, Two Cents. It used to be a maternity hospital, I remember one of my cousin gave birth there.

I couldn't believe what I saw when I visited Pavilliun Sunda for the first time, what a different place compared to what it used to be! 

From the interior, you can feel that it is an upscale Sundanese restaurant

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