RM Rajawali Manado

On my second visit to Manado, we tried very yummy fried Ikan Mas at Rumah Makan Rajawali located just beside Swisbelhotel Manado. From outside the resto looks like an ordinary house, but this small resto always packed with guests especially during lunch time.  

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Anugerah Alam Cibuaya Beach

We had lunch at this resto after our waterplay session at Cibuaya Beach. Frankly speaking we didn't know where to eat, and after passing this resto we saw many cars parking, so we decided to have it a try. We sat outside at their gazebo, overlooking the Cibuaya Beach.

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Sea Turtle Conservartion Pangumbahan Beach

Ensure that you put the activity of sunset hunting as well as watching the sea turtle at Pangumbahan beach on your "things to do list" while you are in Ujung Genteng. This activity takes place at 5.30 pm. If you go to Ujung Genteng with your kids than this activity is a must! Our kiddos love the sandy beach here and of course they were very interested to see all of the baby turtles racing to swim in the sea.

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Cibuaya Beach Ujung Genteng

The Cibuaya Beach is only 5 minutes away by car from the resort we stayed in Turtle Beach Resort. There are so many lodge in the area, but there was no really resort around Cibuaya Beach, made this area looks so "untouch" and very very beautiful. 

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Turtle Beach Resort Ujung Genteng

In a search of a hotel for our weekend getaway, we were recommended by our friend Nia Kurniasih to stay at Pondok Hexa (pondok is Indonesian word for “lodge”). I called Pondok Hexa asking for their new villa, but too bad it was all fully booked and they offered me a room which cost IDR 300,000. Because we were taking our kids, we would like to stay in a nice resort, and lucky us we found the website of Turtle Beach Resort, which was a newly opened resort (opened in August 2012).

I called the hotel asking for their rate, a two bedroom apartment cost
IDR 750,000 including breakfast for four person, the hotel has only 10 units, 5 on the first floor which cost IDR 700,000 per unit, and the other five on the 2nd floor cost IDR 750,000 per unit. We choose to stay at the second floor, and the good news was, the hotel didn’t ask for any down payment at the time of the booking. We had noted the hotel that we might come early, and asked to be allowed to check in early as well.

We arrived at 11 am after visiting Curug Cikaso, I was disappointed that the swimming pool was not all ready to be used, and the water at the pool looks very dark. I even sms the hotel’s owner Ibu Anna, asking whether the pool was ok to be used, and she said it was ok. But ended up we had never used it and prefer to play on the beach and swim on the sea instead.

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Cikaso Waterfall Ujung Genteng

Finally I said yes to rene's invitation to have a weekend getaway in Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi, West Java. Why it took so long to finally say yes? Because I heard from rene that it takes about 7 hours to get to Ujung Genteng by private car! I changed my mind after seeing Nia's family holiday pictures, which showed me how beautiful the beach is. Than I read travelfish journey to Ujung Genteng. All of these finally made me take the risk to do a roadtrip with our 5 yo and 3 yo boys to Ujung Genteng.

We left home at 3 am to avoid the traffic jam, by 8 am we arrived at Cikaso waterfall. It was not hard to find this place. From Jakarta, we took the direction to go to Sukabumi, Pelabuhan Ratu, than Surade. It's all clearly signed, don't worry if it's your first time. To go to the waterfall, turn left after you saw a sign of "Tegal Buleud".

When we parked our car, we were informed that due to dry season, there were no water falling, and he advised us to take the boat to Mutiara beach which took us 1,5 hours for a roundtrip. Because our plan is to see the Cikaso Waterfall before going to Ujung Genteng, we said that we still want to go to the waterfall anyway.

We walked to the ticket booth, where they offered us to rent a boat cost IDR 80,000 and to pay admission IDR 3,000 per person, and for the car IDR 5,000. We have read from other blogs that the boat normally cost IDR 60,000, so we bargain the price. The guy still charged us DR 80,000 but we didn't need to pay other fees. We walked to the place where our boat was waiting for us. 

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Warung Bambu Batu

Again, this resto was introduced by our friend Alisa Haqiqi. I asked Alisa where to have lunch as we were heading from Surabaya to Malang with out rented van. We wanted to go to Batu directly prior to our meeting in Malang, so we followed Alisa’s recommendation and went to Warung Bambu in Batu, which located not far from Hotel Purnama Batu.

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Harmoni Resto Malang

Harmoni Resto was recommended by our friend Alisa Haqiqi, and I agree that Harmoni Resto in Malang is a great place to have dinner or lunch; yummy food, affordable price and it has a very nice atmosphere. 

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Rawon Nguling

I must say that anyone goes to Malang always look for this very famous resto, Rawon Nguling, located not far from Alun-alun of Malang City. It was difficult to find the parking place, because this Rawon Nguling located on a busy street with no parking space. So we parked at the shops near the resto.

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Toko Oen Malang

Malang is one of my fave cities in Indonesia for its weather and also the food. Unfortunately I seldom visit Malang, as long as I remember, I have visited Malang 4 times only, and all of my visit were for business trips. Let me share you my visit to Malang last year (couldn't believe I haven't posted it until now:p).

We stayed at Graha Cakra Hotel because Santika Malang were fully occupied. From Graha Cakra we walked to Toko Oen, it was about 20 minutes walk from our hotel to Toko Oen. I will make a separate post regarding the hotel.

Toko Oen Malang from the outside looks very "Holland" with the welcome banner which was written in Dutch 

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Plate for Me

We finally tried this unique resto called Plate for Me at Trans Studio Mall Bandung. Plates hanging all over the ceiling of the resto, made this resto looks really different than Tawan or Pepper Lunch, which located close to Plate for Me.

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