Sunshine Bedz Kuala Lumpur

Usually when we go to KL, we won't bother looking for hostel as we have the choice to stay at Tune Hotels Downtown KL. Our friends had booked only for one night at Tune Hotels, but for the second night, they had not booked the room as they were still considering whether to stay at KL or Genting. To continue the second night at Tune, we tried our luck to get cheap room rate at Tune, but it was only one month prior to our departure, the room rate was too high for a Tune room:p So we decided to book a hostel instead.

We found Sunshine Bedz on the hostelworld website, and we fell in love with its location. Right next to McD and Giordano outlet Bukit Bintang, and just in front of the Bukit Bintang Monorail Station. We read the guest reviews of Sunshine Bedz at hostelworld, most of them are positive comments.

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Pasar Seni Kuala Lumpur

This was my first time ever visiting Pasar Seni or the Central Market of Kuala Lumpur, and I must say that this place is very photogenic! I often alight at Pasar Seni LRT only to visit the Petaling Street Night Market, but never been to this place before.

To reach the Pasar Seni was easy, after alighting from LRT, just follow the sign of "Pasar Seni" and after 5 minutes walking from the station, you will find this blue building.

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LCCT Kuala Lumpur

Arriving at LCCT 

If you are flying using a low cost carrier flight to Kuala Lumpur (like our fave airline: Air Asia), you will be landed at LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) Kuala Lumpur. For you who haven't been to LCCT before, we'd like to share the pictures of LCCT from our first visit in 2011 and also from our second visit in June 2012.

After we landed, we had to walk to the customs area, the walking distance depends on your airplane whether it parked far or close to the customs area. Taking picture was prohibited, so we just walked on. After custom clearance, we found the first booth, which were Tunetalk and also Digi mobile phone provider. I bought Digi for MYR 18,50 to activate the internet service on my smart phone as well as to make phone calls or send sms.

Thereafter we continued walking to the arrival hall where I bougt a return ticket of KLIA Transit. The ticket cost an adult MYR 22, the lady gave each of us one ticket for the train, and two tickets for the bus. I would recommend you to take KLIA transit to go to the KL Sentral from LCCT, rather than taking the Skybus.

By taking KLIA Transit, we had to take bus first to Salak Tinggi station and continue taking the fast train to KL Sentral. So we walked on to the departure terminal, where the Bus called Plusliner standby for the passengers. It was a really comfortable bus.

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Lumberjack Resto & Bar

Here's another resto we've tried during our Lebaran holiday in Bandung: Lumberjack Resto & Bar. We didn't even know what's inside, but as this Lumberjack Resto & Bar is located on Jl.Talaga Bodas, away from hustle bustle of Bandung city especially during Lebaran holiday, we decided to give it a try.

When we entered the resto, we felt this relaxing atmosphere, maybe because this resto has a high ceiling. This resto is dominated by broken window shutters at the ceiling as well as hanging all over the wall. They made this resto so unique. 

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4 Fingers Chicken

We love trying new food, some of them become our fave, just like the 4 Fingers Chicken. We tried it at their Citos branch, actually we wanted to  have a breakfasting at Fish n Co, but as it was full I asked rene who were already at Citos to find other resto, and he found the 4 Fingers Chicken.

Of course we tried their chicken wing, and I have to write it in my blog that it was the best chicken wing that I've ever tried! And I mean it seriously:D It's so tasty and crunchy. 

We ordered their large portion, 12 chicken wings with french fries and drinks for IDR 90,000. We requested two types of chicken wing, the spicy one and the regular one. So they gave us these two boxes. And they put all the dishes in the unique box, don't wait for your plates because you have to eat them from the box:p

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Sate Klopo Ondomohen Surabaya

I have been to Surabaya many times, but this was the first time I tried "Sate Klopo" and I fell in love with this satay! Well yes I am a satay lover and I might say this is one of the most delicious satay that I have ever tasted. The satay are covered with coconut before being grilled (that's why it is called Sate Klopo).

Sate Klopo Ondomohen that I tried is the one belongs to Ibu Asih, located on Jalan Walikota Mustajab. From their wall I read that they have their own ambulance that is utilized to help people. Way to go Ibu Asih :)

This Sate Klopo Ondomohen is a must when you're visiting Surabaya..

Thanks to Pak Yus and Mba Dina from MPM Motor who have introduced this delicious food:)

written on August 22, 2012 by @tesyasblog
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Warung Tahu Talaga PVJ

We went to Paris Van Java to have a breakfasting right after our one day meeting at Aston Primera Bandung. Our friends had picked Warung Tahu Talaga for our dinner. There were 30 of us, and the resto was suddenly full with our team:p Warung Tahu Talaga owns tofu factory called Tahu Yun Sen, that's why there were a lot of tahu varieties in this resto.

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Catatan Perjalanan Haji tesyasblog - Part 4

This is the last part of my pilgrimage notes, you may read the previous parts here.. - part 1 - part 2 - part 3 -

7. Last days in Makkah
Sekembalinya kami melontar Jumrah di Mina..kami
mengisi hari-hari terakhir di Mekah dengan
memperbanyak sholat lima waktu di Masjidil Haram,
memperbanyak tawaf memutari Kabah. Alhamdulillah Allah
memberikan kekuatan pada saya dan ibu untuk
melaksanakan tawaf 100 putaran! Rasanya cape
sekali..Kami selesaikan 100 putaran itu dalam waktu 7
jam, dengan 2 kali istirahat masing-maisng 30 menit.
Menurut keterangan kepala rombongan, bila ditarik
garis tegak lurus dari Kabah ke Arasy (langit
ketujuh), disana juga terdapat Kabah yang dinamakan
Baitul Ma'mur, dan yang tawaf disana adalah para
malaikat dengan jumlah putaran sekali tawaf adalah 100
putaran. Setelah tawaf 100 kali, saya solat sunat
mutlak 2 rakaat, dan menurut kepala rombongan, Insya
Allah permintaan kita akan dikabulkan..Amiin..
Sehari sebelum ke Medina, kami melakukan what so
called Tawaf Wada, tawaf perpisahan. Sedih sekali
ketika kami meminta "Ya Allah jangan jadikan haji ini
yang terakhir, dan apabila ini yang terakhir gantilah
dengan surga.." atau ketika kami pamit dan mengatakan
"Ya Allah bukan karena kami benci pada rumah-Mu
sehingga kami meninggalkan Mekkah.." tidak sanggup
saya menahan air mata..berpisah dengan Kabah, berpisah
dengan Masjidil Haram yang telah memberikan saya
berjuta kenikmatan...but again life goes on..
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Catatan Perjalan Haji tesyasblog - Part 3

This is the notes I wrote regarding my pilgrimage back in Feb 2003. You can read part one and part two as well..

5. Mudzalifah

Kami meninggalkan Arafah jam 10 malam setelah wukuf
dari siang sampai sore..perjalanan Arafah ke
Mudzalifah hanya memakan waktu 45 menit.
Pemerintah Arab Saudi memberlakukan peraturan baru,
dimana di Mudzalifah kita harus bermalam, sesuai
contoh Rasul, karena itu kita harus turun membawa
semua barang bawaan dari Arafah, kemudian berganti bis
untuk melakukan perjalanan ke Mina.
Ketika turun di Mudzalifah yang berupa lapang kosong
yang sangat luas..sejauh mata memandang yang terlihat
para jemaah haji berbaju putih..tempat nya dibagi
sesuai negara, jadi karena tempat itu hanya untuk
Indonesia, saya perkirakan 200 ribu orang ada di
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Catatan Perjalanan Haji tesyasblog - Part 2

This is the second part of my pilgrimage notes back in Feb 2003. You can read the first part here

4. Arafah..
Setelah 2 minggu di Mekkah, dalam keadaan Ihram, kami
meninggalkan Mekkah menuju Arafah. Alhamdulillah hanya
45 menit kami tiba di sana malam hari.
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Catatan Perjalanan Haji tesyasblog - Part 1

Finally rene found the notes I wrote regarding my pilgrimage journey to Mecca back in February 2003. It had been my dream to go to Mecca for a long time, and Alloh had given me the opportunity to do my pilgrimage with my lovely mom.

In this last week of Ramadhan, please let me share my journey with you. The best journey ever in my life.  

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Ramadhan Bazaar at Bukit Bintang KL

As we were staying at Bukit Bintang area during our "Ramadhan Outing to KL" with my friends from the office, we could enjoy the Ramadhan Bazaar which was held just in front of our hostel Sunshine Bedz. The bazaar took place just in front of McD Bukit Bintang, yes the one at the corner, opposite Lot 10 and also the monorail station.

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River City Inn Singapore

During my other weekend getaway to Singapore last week, I stayed at River City Inn Singapore with a friend of mine, Nia Kurniasih. We were traveling to Singapore to visit our bestfriend, Dini Rosdini and her family. As we were looking for the hostel just few days prior to our departure date, most of the hostel were full. We were looking for female dorms, and the one in River City Inn were still available for two person.

At the time of the booking, we didn't notice that the hotel is located on the 4th floor of a shophouse, until I read the confirmation email thoroughly from hostelworld, on the MRT from Changi to the hostel:p Thank God we got only one backpack for each of us. So the stairs issue was not a problem. But if you have a large luggage, please be advised that you have to take your luggage up to the hostel without a lift. 

To reach River City Inn, we had to take the stairs from this yellow building up to the 4th floor. On the 3rd floor, there is a new hostel called Blissfull Loft. I didn't went inside, but it looks clean as well.

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Lau Pa Sat

This is one of my fave place to find Singapore local food: LAU PA SAT... Not only I like the cheap food here, but also the old design of the building. To reach this place, the nearest MRT station would be the Raffles Place MRT, it is about 10 minutes walking from the Raffles Place MRT to Lau Pa Sat. Or you can take bus and alight at the bus stop called Raffles Quay. You will see the picture of this man at the entrance.

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Toast Box Singapore

When we were staying at Tree in Lodge hostel, we had to pass the Toast Box resto at Bugis junction every time we went to or coming from Bugis MRT. And Toast Box was always crowded every time we passed by this resto. 

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