Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This is the second Tune hotel we're staying after Tune Legian. The atmosphere is really different, as the one in Legian has its beautiful Balinese touch at the lobby. When I entered Tune on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Kuala Lumpur, I didn't feel the holiday mood, neither at the lobby nor in the room.

This hotel is strategically located, only 5 minutes away from Medan Tuanku monorail station. In front of the hotel, there is a shopping mall called Maju Junction, and at night, there are food stalls at the corner of the street.

The loby itself has subway and a kopitiam, so you never far away from food when you're staying at this hotel.

The hotel's lift looks very nice with its wallpaper.

The room is very small (of course it is tune!), but they have a very comfortable bed and pillow (we didn't see the king koil sign though), that made you sleep very well after you tiring day. The room is lovely with its painted wall by Danapaint:p

The toilet is clean, the aircon works properly, no complaint regarding the room, except that it doesn't have the control machine as Tune Legian has, that inform you how many hours you have used your aircon. And one more thing, at the first time we arrived in the room, we failed to insert our key to light up the room. There's insufficient information in the room or on the card itself. We had to go back to the lobby to ask whether our card was error. But there was no error, it's just how you open the room with the card and how you insert it to light up the room is on a different way. We also found other guests asking about the same problem.

We had a room which has a view to the city. Next to the hotel is the monorail railway, but we didn't hear any annoying sound from the monorail when it is passing by.

We took a cab from KL sentral as we're arriving at midnight, it cost MYR 20 only. On our last day, we also took a cab to go back to the KL sentral, it cost only MYR 15. From this hotel to the Petronas tower, I will suggest you to take taxi (as there's no direct monorail to Petronas), it will cost you max MYR 10.

On the last day, we checked out at 8 am and left our luggage at the hotel which cost only MYR 2/ luggage per 24 hours. When we reached Monorail Medan Tuanku, we realize that we left our gorilla tripod in the room. We were trying to call the hotel but we only got Tune call center which only opens during working days. We called Malaysia yellow page, got the phone call, but failed to reach the hotel. We went back to the hotel around 3 pm to get our luggage, and ask the reception whether they found our left gorilla tripod in the room. He than check it with the housekeeping, but couldn't find it for us.
Despite that we lost our gorilla tripod in the room, we enjoyed our stay here, and for sure we will come back.

written on April 20, 2011 by @tesyasblog

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