Tune Hotel KLIA 2 : Where to Stay at KLIA 2 Airport

If you have a connecting flight which require one night stop over at KLIA 2 airport, you don't have to worry as they provide an affordable hotel, located adjacent to the airport. Yes, Tune Hotel KLIA 2 was our choice when we had to transit on our way from Jakarta to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur with our favorite airline: Air Asia.

The price of the room is above the average rate compared with other Tune hotel. Our twin room was MYR 140 (after tax). But it was understood because it is the only hotel at the area which is linked to the airport. Well, there's one hotel inside the airport which is Sami-sami Express. But if you had to wait more than 6 hours like us, it is better to stay outside the airport, right?

Heading to Tune Hotel from KLIA 2

After having our lunch at Old Town Coffee, we went directly to the hotel. The direction to go to the hotel from KLIA 2 is as follows: walk heading to Carpark B, turn left before you reach the sign of "Carpark B" and take the lift down to the basement, then just follow the sign when you exit the lift.

This was how to go to the hotel from the Arrival Hall

Continued walking through a covered walkaway until you see Tune Hotel at the end of the tunnel. 

Yeay, we saw our hotel!
It was convenient to walk from the airport to the hotel
Finally we arrived at the hotel

As we stepped into the hotel, we realized how different the lobby is compared to other Tune Hotel. It is a nice and big lobby, even with some games you could play with your friends and families.

A great and spacious lobby of Tune Hotels KLIA 2

Let's play games!

If you haven't done the web check-in process for your Air Asia flight, the self check-in machine is provided at the lobby of Tune hotel.

The price of the room include airconditioner, television, and also towel. It's a bit different than other Tune where you can choose your package. Our room was a twin bed room which was slightly more expensive compared to the double room. 

Actually they also have quadruple room, but it was too expensive for us. We managed to sleep in the twin room. Maybe later on when our Kiddos are bigger, we have to book the quadruple room.

A modern look of our room
Kiddos were enjoying the bed
The compact toilet of Tune

It was very convenient to stay at Tune KLIA2, because food were really easy to find. We walked to KLIA2 again for our dinner, and the next morning we left the hotel to catch our flight to Sydney.

This is the best Tune hotels, we have stayed so far. Really recommended.

written on June 28, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Been staying at Tune Hotels Danga Bay and KL Downtown, but haven't try this one :D by the way, I think tune hotels in bali closed already now :D

    1. Yup indeed Kak, Tune Legian feels really close with so many new hotels around Legian right now ya hehehe..

  2. It has a same color like air asia. Red :)

    1. Yup Zahra, the RED belongs to Air Asia:)

  3. Udah sering banget baca positive review mengenai hotel ini oak, nampaknya emang bagus beneran dan lokasi nya sangat juara...

    btw template jadi warna ungu nihhh, dasar pencinta ungu :)

    1. Hahahah... iya nih Rene ganti jadi ungu Kak Feb :)

  4. Mau nanya, itu sekamar ber-4 boleh ya? Atau kena biaya tambahan? Makasih

    1. Aku waktu itu boleh Mbak, cuman ya asal mau aja sempit2an di kamar ya hehe..

  5. Hi, mbak... Mau nanya, tune hotel kena brp tarif per malamnya? Sy jg akan traveling dengan suami dan anak saya, apakah disediakan family room?

    1. Hai Mba Dewi, coba cek di websitenya ya. Waktu aku sih Rp 600 ribu semalam.


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