Yotel Singapore: A Hi-Tech Hotel In The Heart of Orchard

My search of a hotel around Orchard Road led me to this purple hotel called Yotel Singapore. Mr.Husband was the one who introduced me to this hotel, and when I saw how purple this hotel is, I proceed with the booking.

We alight at Orchard MRT station, and walked through ION's underground to Wheelock Place, then continued taking the underground to Shaw Towers. Yotel Singapore is located at the back of Shaw Towers. The underground might be very confusing, pay attention closely to the sign heading to Shaw Towers.

The drop off area of Yotel Singapore

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Weekend Akhir Tahun di Singapura: Itinerary 3D2N Menikmati Suasana Natal dan Tahun Baru

Ada banyak alasan mengunjungi Singapura, dari mulai shopping, bermain di Universal Studio dan Sentosa Island, hingga menonton konser musik terutama yang artisnya tidak datang ke Indonesia. Dari semua event yang diadakan di Singapura, menurut saya yang paling special adalah saat liburan akhir tahun, karena nuansa festive season sangat terasa.

Singapura merayakan natal dan tahun baru secara besar-besaran setiap tahunnya. Orchard Road dipenuhi lampu dan hiasan natal, begitu juga semua shopping mall berhias diri dengan ornamen natal. Bahkan, rumah kaca raksasa Flower Dome dan Cloud Forest di Gardens By The Bay juga di setting dengan tema natal. 

Selain itu, Gardens By The Bay juga menjadi tempat berlangsungnya event Christmas Wonderland. Sejak melihat video di YouTube turunnya salju buatan di Christmas Wonderland, event ini masuk ke dalam bucketlist saya!

Walaupun hanya bisa menikmati suasana natal dan tahun baru di Singapura over the weekend, namun tetap sangat menyenangkan. Untuk teman-teman yang berencana liburan akhir tahun di Singapura, kami akan share apa saja yang tidak boleh dilewatkan:

Polar Express Train di depan Ion Orchard  

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Merchants Lane KL: Instagrammable Restaurant To Find Halal Food In Kuala Lumpur

I have been eying this cute restaurant in Petaling Street area for a while, and when I got a chance to go to Kuala Lumpur, this place was my number one on my itinerary.

Located inside an old building, Merchants Lane was hard to find. On the first attempt we were directed by a staff of neighbouring restaurant to the green door of Merchants Lane. 

But the effort was well worth it. This place has a beautiful interior, great ambience and yummy food. Just like the sign at the bar: "THIS MUST BE THE PLACE" 

Yes, this must be the place!
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Unforgettable Experience in Cappadocia: Organic Breakfast From Kelebek Cave Hotel

Cappadocia is not only about the balloons hunting or the balloons ride. This place is special for us also because of the experience staying at Kelebek Cave Hotel. I haven't written my review about the hotel yet, but as I am trying to have a healthy lifestyle at the moment, I would like to share with you about our Organic Breakfast which was provided by the hotel.

When I sent email to the hotel before booking our rooms, I asked the hotel regarding the Organic Breakfast. The hotel staff replied my email and said that the breakfast is free for the guests staying at Kelebek Cave Hotel. What lovely!

On our third morning at Cappadocia, we were transferred by a tractor from the hotel to one farm located down the hill. And when we got there, the fresh and organic vegetables welcome us. For sure, it was an unforgettable experience that we had in Cappadocia.

Look at those yummy food!
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Sapporo With Kids: Visiting Moerenuma Park

After our breakfast at Nijo Fish Market and the chairlift at Okurayama Ski Jump, we continued our journey to one huge park in Sapporo which is called Moerenuma Park. Having seen all the pictures on its website, we put this park on our must visit place in Sapporo.

Moerenuma Park was built by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. It was designed based on the concept "the whole being a single sculptor". So that the fountain and the hills inside the park form many geometric shapes in the expansive ground. 

Moerenuma seen from one of the hill
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Fillmore Coffee Jakarta: Where To Get Your Sunday Fix

I wouldn't know about this hidden coffeeshop in the heart of Jakarta, if my friend Joan didn't introduce me to Fillmore Coffee. The highlight from Joan was: the coffee at Fillmore is really good and the place is awesome.

We went to Fillmore on a Sunday morning. Although navigated by Waze, we got lost because we didn't notice that it is in the same building as Suites at Seven. We passed the building two times already, and when we finally reached the coffeeshop and told the owner that we got lost, he told me, "You have to get lost to find Fillmore" hahaha. Ok, so I assume we were not the only one:p

The effort was well worth it, Fillmore coffee shop is a small but really lovely coffeeshop to have our Sunday fix.

Welcome to Fillmore
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Liburan Hemat ke Kuala Lumpur Dengan Paket Pesawat + Hotel Dari Traveloka

Sejak mendapatkan harga tiket pesawat promo melalui Traveloka saat liburan ke Hokkaido untuk periode libur lebaran 2017, saya sekarang selalu membuka aplikasi Traveloka di smartphone saat hunting tiket pesawat. Harga tiket pesawat yang saya incar tentunya kategori “smart combo”. Dengan promo tersebut, kami berhasil mendapatkan tiket promo ke Jepang menggunakan Vietnam Airlines seharga Rp 4,5 per orang.

Suatu hari saya tertarik dengan icon “Pesawat+Hotel” pada aplikasi Traveloka. Saat itu saya sedang mencari tiket ke Kuala Lumpur untuk another weekend getaway bersama mr.husband. Pencarian paket “Pesawat+Hotel” di Traveloka membuahkan hasil yang menyenangkan, dengan Rp 3,2 juta kami sudah mendapatkan tiket pesawat pulang pergi untuk dua orang dan menginap satu malam di hotel favorit kami yaitu Aloft KL Sentral.

Skypool di Aloft yang menjadi salah satu alasan hotel ini menjadi favorit kami
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Sapporo With Kids: Chairlift At Okurayama Ski Jump

Visiting Sapporo with your kids? This place will be a highlight of your visit to Sapporo, because I am sure your kids will love the ride of the chairlift at Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium.

The stadium was used for 1972's Winter Olympics, and also other worldwide ski jump events. If it is not used for the events, locals or tourists can go up to the observatory, to see the beautiful view of Sapporo, by using a chairlift.

The chairlift is much more higher than the one we took in Nakafurano. Haha, of course! But the ride was enjoyable and I loved the view of the greeneries up in the hill.

The right place to get away from the busy Sapporo
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Sapporo With Kids: A Visit To Nijo Fish Market

Fish market in Japan will always be in our itinerary. We had visited Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, and also Nishiki Market in Kyoto. As we knew that Sapporo has their Nijo Fish Market, we planned to visit it right after our trip to Furano and its surrounding.

It's not about checking the list of destinations on our bucketlist, but it is about getting the fresh seafood from the morning market, and also for the sake of the experience.

Yup, markets in Japan always amaze me with its cleanliness, fresh food, as well as the expensive price of the food. I mean like amazingly expensive! From our experience, setting a separate budget to visit fish market in Japan, and stick to splurge at the given amount, saves us from loosing our Japanese yen faster than we should:D  

Not as big as I thought, but wait until you see the giant crab:D

Meet The Hokkaido's Giant Crab

First thing first, let's start with "what you should eat" at Sapporo's Nijo Fish Market? Of course their famous giant crab. We only tried their legs though, and it was so sweet and taste real fresh.

It wasn't difficult to find the giant crab. Even the first thing we saw when we stepped into the market was the crab.

Wow look at how big they are!
You can choose based on your budget

How much is the price of this Hokkaido's crab? From hundred to thousand of yen. That is why we choose the leg part and not the whole the crab. Yes, because of the budget constraint (:

Look at the price
The small part of the crab
All the fishes :)

You Should Eat at The Market

Despite the price of the giant crab, you have to experience how to mingle with the crowd and eat at the market. We choose one of the most crowded stall that morning and sat outside one fish stall.

Other than crab, we also choose scallop (JPY450), the real fresh one. The chef had it grilled for us and it taste so good! Both of our Kiddos enjoyed the scallop too :)

The dining area was just outside the fish stall
It smell really good
He grilled it inside the stall
Look at what we got on the table!

What Are The Other Things You Could Find At Nijo Fish Market?

A lot of things! Mr.husband is looking for rice seasoning for his friends, and he found it also at the market. Snacks, fruits, or you name it is available at Nijo. Not as many variants as Nishiki market though, but still so much to see and buy. 

Here are some snaps you might find interesting.

The icon of Nijo Fish Market
Bigger restaurants are also available
The rice seasoning
The Japanese Melon

It Is a Must Visit & Easily Accessed

To end this post, I would like to emphasize that Nijo Fish Market is worth a visit. Do spare time in the morning to see how the market looks like. Even better, to have your seafood breakfast.

Beside that, the market is very easy to acces by using public transportation (subway). Just head to the Odori Station, and it is a 10 minutes stroll from the exit of Odori Station to Nijo Fish Market.

And remember, the giant crab is waiting for you :)

Me, our Kiddos and the chef who prepared our seafood

written on November 19, 2017
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Shikisai No Oka in Biei

Hokkaido Travel Diary on tesyaskinderen:
Liburan Keluarga ke Hokkaido
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Things To Do In Biei: A Visit to Shikisai No Oka

The name of this beautiful place in Biei is very hard to remember: Shikisai No Oka. But I have to start my post by saying that this flower field in Biei is even more beautiful than Farm Tomita. So for me personally, if you go all the way from Sapporo to Farm Tomita, you also have to visit Shikisai No Oka. 

How did I know this place? Of course from google, when I typed in "things to do in Biei". I visited its website, and I knew from the first sight that this beautiful hilly farm field is not to be missed.

Too bad that we went there too early (2nd July 2017), so that the flower had not been bloomed yet. But even with small flowers, Shikisai No Oka was so stunning.

Imagine if you visit this place when all the flowers are blooming

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Hayman Coffee Beans Review: Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona

I recently contacted by Hayman Coffee asking whether I would like to try their coffee beans. Known as one company in UK which offer specialty coffee beans, of course my answer was a big YES. And the coffee beans were shipped all the way from Europe to Indonesia. 

I was wondering whether the thousand miles delivery would affect the taste of the beans. But the Hayman's coffee beans are "roasted to order", meaning the coffee are roasted once they receive your order. That is why the coffee beans were still fresh when it was arrived at our home.

The beans came in a very exclusive packaging, I got two kind of beans which were the Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona. I requested coffee beans instead of Nespresso campatible capsules, as we'd like to make the coffee using V60 manual brew.

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Visiting Asahiyama Zoo, The Best Zoo in Japan

Some of you might put Disney Sea or Universal Studio Japan in your family holiday itinerary to Japan as "must visit" places. For our family, we avoid going to themeparks. Instead, museums, aquariums and zoo are always on the top of our must visit places list.

By far, our favorite city with best museums and aquarium is Sydney. How about zoo? I must say that the Asahiyama Zoo which is located in Asahikawa, Hokkaido (2 hours train ride from Sapporo), had stollen our heart. 

Known as the best zoo in Japan, Asahiyama Zoo is very famous with its penguin parade during winter. But how fun it was to visit this zoo during summer? It was a blast! We love the penguin museum, the open outdoor, the view to the city and everything!

Mr.husband had taken load of pictures that it was so hard for me to pick for this post! And this was my fave picture of Asahiyama Zoo, yup the penguin!

Hi there gorgeous!

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Things To See & Do Around Biei JR Station - Hokkaido

I have never heard about Biei before, a small city which is 2,5 hours away by train from the largest city in Hokkaido, Sapporo. As we were planning our Hokkaido trip, mr.husband request to do his cycling in Biei. 

After a further searching on the internet, I found out that Biei, which is known as a hilly town  is very beautiful. I also found a flower field called Shikisai no Oka. I will write a full review of Shikisai no Oka in a separate post later on, but let me share with you things you can do around the city of Biei, to be precise: around Biei JR Station.

We took train from Asahikawa to Biei JR Station about 40 minutes, and we got out in a small station of Biei. I will share with you things you can enjoy around Biei JR Station, to plan your visit to Biei.

JR Biei Station, with two cool bicycles :)
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Finding Halal Ramen in Sapporo: Ramen Horyu

One of our bucketlist in Sapporo is to try the famous Horyu Ramen, as it's one of the option to find halal food in Sapporo. Horyu (or sometimes written as "Houryu") was established in 1957, and categorized as a Muslim friendly restaurant. Meaning they separate the cooking/dining utensils for Muslim guests, and also they serve food with no pork or alcohol.

Sapporo is famous for its ramen, so a visit to Horyu Ramen was a must for us. We went there on our first night in Sapporo, it's located in a walking distance from our hostel in Susukino area: The Grids Hotel+Hostel.

Bear in mind that the place of Horyu Ramen is small and always crowded. We had to wait outside on a bench just in front of the shop until our turn has come.

Waiting in front of Horyu Ramen, Sapporo
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Our Tokyo Coffee Trip: This Is How We Fell In Love With Blue Bottle Coffee

Perhaps, you have read regarding our coffee trip in Japan back in January 2017 when we visited coffee shops in Arashiyama, Kyoto and Osaka. Now, let me tell you our story how we flew thousand miles from home to visit this famous coffee shop in Tokyo: The Blue Bottle Coffee.

Inline with our travel mantra: Travel Begins With A Dream, we develop our itinerary everytime we travel by combining mr.husband's, our Kiddos and my dreams. Our family trip to Hokkaido combined my dream to visit Farm Tomita's lavender field, and mr.husband's wishlist to visit Blue Bottle Coffee in Tokyo.

That was why we transit one night in Tokyo before going to Sapporo, so we had the time to visit Blue Bottle Coffee. From all the branches, mr.husband picked Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa. And when I arrived at the place, I understand why. The coffee shop was so eye catching from afar!

The Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa is located at "Atre"
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Things To See & Do Around JR Furano Station

Yup, you may ask me why would I want to write a special post regarding a JR Station in a small city called Furano? Having traveled very slow in Furano with my family, it gave me time to explore the place around JR Furano Station.

And if you are planning to visit Furano to see the lavender, you might want to explore the surrounding between your waiting time to catch the next train.

The station itself is small but beautiful, located in a quiet and small town of Furano. I will tell you what to do around JR Furano Station, according to our experience.

Flowers in front of JR Furano Station
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Tomita Melon House: Having The Best (And Most Expensive) Melon Ice Cream Ever

So you've read our post about Farm Tomita and also the chairlift at Nakafurano. What else to do in Furano? If you are taking the train from Furano to Lavender Farm Station, you will hardly miss the Tomita Melon House which is located just next to Farm Tomita .

The giant melon was very eye catching, and it represents that everything in this place are made from melon; melon ice cream, melon buns, melon snacks, melon fruit taart, melon everything:D 

Our expensive vanilla ice cream on a Japanese melon:)

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Weekend di Bangkok 3 Hari 2 Malam: Mommies Day Out Trip Hingga ke Santorini Park

Tulisan tentang Hokkaido Trip kami sebetulnya belum selesai, tapi mari kita meilipir sedikit ke Bangkok ya. Setiap tahun, saya mengadakan Mommies Day Out Trip ke Bangkok. Silahkan lihat rangkaian post nya disini. Tidak terasa sudah dari tahun 2014 ternyata:D

Tahun 2017 ini saya mengajak teman-teman kantor, dan teman-teman saya. Tiba-tiba aja sudah 18 orang mendaftar. Jadi maaf ya belum buka untuk umum, kuota naik van sudah penuh. Ada yang tanya di instagram, "Kok enggak ada woro-woro nya sih?". Aduh..aduh.. maaf..

Mommies day out trip ke Bangkok ala tesyasblog saya buat dengan misi sederhana: saya ingin memberikan pengalaman kepada teman-teman khususnya para mommies untuk menjadi independent traveller. As simple as mau ngajakin para mommies untuk menginap di dorm hostel, keliling pasar dan mall di Bangkok untuk belanja, dan tambahan untuk tahun 2017 adalah foto-foto di Santorini Park.

Intinya kami melakukan hal-hal yang mungkin kalau mommies ngajak para suami hanya dibalas dengan emoticon nyengir di whatsapp. Hmm, itu mah mr.husband sih. Hahahaha.. Entah kenapa mr.husband tidak pernah mau lagi saja ajak ke Bangkok. Katanya cukup sekali saja kesana. Hadeh!  

Tim kami terbagi dua: tim belanja dan tim Santorini. Ada yang menginap dua malam dan juga tiga malam. Saya akan ceritakan dengan seksama tim Santorini, dimana saya menjadi bagian di dalamnya.  

We were so ready :)
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Furano With Kids: Taking The Nakafurano Chairlift at Choei Lavender Farm

Visiting lavender farm at Farm Tomita might be a dream come true for me, but not for the boys:D That's why when I was making the Hokkaido trip itinerary, I tried to find something to do for our Kiddos as well. The research led me to the Nakafurano Chairlift, an affordable attraction at Choie Lavender Farm and Nakafurano Flower Park.

I asked mr.husband to search the direction via google map, and it was only a 15 minutes walk from Farm Tomita. For other alternative you can also take the train from Lavender Farm Station to the Nakafurano JR Station. But you have to walk first from Farm Tomita to the station for 10 minutes.

Although we didn't get to see as many lavender as expected, I might say that the chairlift experience is the highlight of our visit to the lavender farm that day :)

A pleasant ride on the Nakafurano chairlift :)
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Visiting Farm Tomita at Furano - Hokkaido : Public Transport, How To Get There & Budget

I don't know how should I start to write this post: so many pictures to post and information I would love to share. Frankly speaking, I am confuse what should I put as the title for this post. Well, I hope this title is "eye catching" enough:D

Before continue to read this post: I should warn you that the post about Farm Tomita will be very long, as I will try to make this post a guide for you who would like to go to Farm Tomita by taking public transport. I have made my dream come true visiting the lavender field at Farm Tomita, I hope this post will help you to make your travel dream come true as well.

This place is really beautiful and worth the trip, effort and every Japanese yen we had spent.

The lupine flowers were the first flower we saw from the entrance of Farm Tomita
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Petit Hotel Melon Furano Review: A Place Called Home

It wasn't easy to find a place to stay in a city called Furano which is 2 hours away by train from Sapporo. Furano is a place where locals and tourists from all over the world go during summer to visit the famous Farm Tomita. Yes people come to see the beautiful lavender field.

I have been searching through booking[dot]com, for an accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children with a maximum budget of USD120 per night. But I couldn't find any. So I searched through airbnb website.

Petit Hotel Melon offers an affordable accommodation for us, deducted by our airbnb travel credit, our room cost only USD45 per night. It goes without saying that minutes later, our room at Petit Hotel Melon was booked. 

And I am glad I did, because this is a place where we feel really at home through our entire Hokkaido trip. The hotel from the outside was so lovely, set in a quiet area, that made our Kiddos#2 woke up at 9 am the next morning:p

What a lovely place to stay:)

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Sapporo With Kids: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel

As far as I remember, I have never made a booking of any accommodations when they are not in operation yet. Of course I would like to know how the real picture looks like, and what other travelers say regarding my chosen hotel/ hostel. 

But it was not the case when I booked Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. I had this feeling that The Grids Sapporo was the best accommodation I could get at Sapporo. It provides a family room with shared bathroom, located at the heart of Sapporo, it's brand new, and the cost of the family room was so affordable: at JPY 9,350 nett per night (for 2 kids and 2 adults). 

The booking was made in March 2017 through booking[dot]com, while Grids Hotel+Hostel opened in early June 2017. I followed their instagram account and witnessed the construction of the hotel through pictures shared on Grids Sappporo's instagram account.

I was very happy when we finally arrived at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. You know... it always excite me when the whole time I only could see one place on instagram, but then finally it was in front of our very own eyes :)

And after staying at the Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel, I will tell you why you should choose to stay at this hotel, especially for family traveler looking for a budget hotel in Sapporo.

At the lovely common area of Grids Sapporo

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Tokyo With Kids: Staying at A Budget Hotel in Asakusa, Hotel 3000 Jyuraku

Tokyo as you may know, is an expensive city. Based on a survey,  it even includes in the top 10 most expensive city in the world. This is why Tokyo's accommodation is so expensive. 

As a family traveller, usually I opted staying at airbnb apartment. But we had only one night in Tokyo, so I thought that it is better to stay at a budget hotel which is centrally located. 

I tried to find a budget hotel for 2 adults and 2 children with maximum budget of USD120 per night. And I wanted to stay at the heart of Asakusa, with a 10 minutes walk from the nearest station.

After nights of searching at booking[dot]com, I found a budget hotel that suits our need. It is the Hotel 3000 Jyuraku, located 5 mins walking from Tsukuba station, and 10 mins away from Sensoji Temple.

Not only that, it provides a free bicycle rental for the guest, yeaaay :)

In front of Hotel 3000 Jyuraku
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Rafting With Kids at Ayung River Ubud

What should you do if you are travelling with kids to Ubud? Well, kids may not really enjoying all those lovely coffee shops in Ubud, wouldn't they? 

How about trying the rafting along a river called Ayung river? I have heard about this rafting in Ubud so many times, but haven't had the chance to take our Kiddos there.

This was my second rafting experience, the first one was in Sukabumi, West Java. But the experience is really different. Maybe because of the beautiful view along the way, which is way more beautiful than what I had experienced in Sukabumi.

And of course the experience was different because it was the first experience that we took our Kiddos age 9 and 7 years old on a boat for the rafting. Our Kiddos said that it was their best experience ever. Do you wanna try?

Our family on the rafting boat, picture was taken by Go Pro 4
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Mommies Day Out Trip: Our Lau Pa Sat Satay Weekend Trip to Singapore

I've never had the idea that we could go to Singapore just for the satay! But my friend Iin requested us to go on our mommies day out trip once again because she was craving for the satay in Lau Pa Sat, Singapore.

Singapore is always in my heart so I wasn't hesitate to answer "yes" right away:D We bought ticket when Jetstar was having a promo, and of course apart from the satay, mommies always spend time for shopping:D

But let's skip the shopping part and just focus on the Singapore satay we ate at Lau Pa Sat, or to be precise at the back of Lau Pa Sat on a street which is called Boon Tat Street. If you come from the main entrance of Lau Pa Sat, just ignore anyone offering you food or seats. Keep on walking until you reach the outdoor area. Once you see many smoke around, I bet you are in the right place.

It is a lovely outdoor area to hang out with friends & families

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Siapa Takut Naik OCBS Skyway di Gardens By The Bay

Udah berapa kali saya ke Gardens By The Bay di Singapura? Tempat yang saya nobatkan sebagai "my happiest place in Singapore" ini sudah merebut hati saya sejak awal pertama buka.

Saya kagum dengan Flower Dome, kubah kaca raksasa yang di dalamnya sangat dingin dan dipenuhi bunga yang indah. Waktu terbaik mengunjungi Flower Dome tentunya untuk saya si penggemar bunga tulip adalah saat berlangsungnya Tulip Mania Festival.

Children's Garden yang ada di dalam Gardens By The Bay, merupakan tempat bermain favorit kedua Kiddos, ditambah lagi favorit saya karena taman bermain sekeren ini bisa dinikmati gratis.

Namun ada satu atraksi di Gardens By The Bay yang belum pernah saya coba naik, yaitu jembatan setinggi 22 meter yang menghubungkan Super Tree Groove. Sampai akhirnya saya pergi berdua mr.husband ke Singapura dengan itinerary khusus untuk mencoba OCBC Skyway.

Beneran nih mau naik? Tanya saya dalam hati ketika melihat OCBC Skyway dari dekat. Hahaha.. Tapi tentunya kali ini tekad saya sudah bulat. Siapa takut?

Melihat OCBC Skyway dari dekat
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Enjoying The Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay

This is my second visit to Cloud Forest, the cool moist conservatory. As you may know, Gardens By The Bay has two conservatories: the Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest. Flower Dome is the one I visited during Tulip Mania Festival 2017. While the Cloud Forest has never been explored thoroughly by myself. On my first visit, I had only limited time, so we didn't go up to the mountain. Wait, is there a mountain inside the conservatory?

Yes, there is an artificial mountain inside! The Cloud Forest features a 35 meter tall mountain covered in lush vegetation, shrouding the world's tallest indoor waterfall. The Cloud Forest is completely different compared to the Flower Dome. But of course both are very beautiful and worth to be visited. Actually I would say if you have boys, they will surely love Cloud Forest because of the hike, the bridges and everything else.

Through this post, let me show you how Cloud Forest looks like. This post will be very heavy with pictures captured by mr.husband :)

The air conditioned conservatory with a stunning view
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