Things To Do In Biei: A Visit to Shikisai No Oka

The name of this beautiful place in Biei is very hard to remember: Shikisai No Oka. But I have to start my post by saying that this flower field in Biei is even more beautiful than Farm Tomita. So for me personally, if you go all the way from Sapporo to Farm Tomita, you also have to visit Shikisai No Oka. 

How did I know this place? Of course from google, when I typed in "things to do in Biei". I visited its website, and I knew from the first sight that this beautiful hilly farm field is not to be missed.

Too bad that we went there too early (2nd July 2017), so that the flower had not been bloomed yet. But even with small flowers, Shikisai No Oka was so stunning.

Imagine if you visit this place when all the flowers are blooming

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Hayman Coffee Beans Review: Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona

I recently contacted by Hayman Coffee asking whether I would like to try their coffee beans. Known as one company in UK which offer specialty coffee beans, of course my answer was a big YES. And the coffee beans were shipped all the way from Europe to Indonesia. 

I was wondering whether the thousand miles delivery would affect the taste of the beans. But the Hayman's coffee beans are "roasted to order", meaning the coffee are roasted once they receive your order. That is why the coffee beans were still fresh when it was arrived at our home.

The beans came in a very exclusive packaging, I got two kind of beans which were the Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona. I requested coffee beans instead of Nespresso campatible capsules, as we'd like to make the coffee using V60 manual brew.

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Visiting Asahiyama Zoo, The Best Zoo in Japan

Some of you might put Disney Sea or Universal Studio Japan in your family holiday itinerary to Japan as "must visit" places. For our family, we avoid going to themeparks. Instead, museums, aquariums and zoo are always on the top of our must visit places list.

By far, our favorite city with best museums and aquarium is Sydney. How about zoo? I must say that the Asahiyama Zoo which is located in Asahikawa, Hokkaido (2 hours train ride from Sapporo), had stollen our heart. 

Known as the best zoo in Japan, Asahiyama Zoo is very famous with its penguin parade during winter. But how fun it was to visit this zoo during summer? It was a blast! We love the penguin museum, the open outdoor, the view to the city and everything!

Mr.husband had taken load of pictures that it was so hard for me to pick for this post! And this was my fave picture of Asahiyama Zoo, yup the penguin!

Hi there gorgeous!

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Things To See & Do Around Biei JR Station - Hokkaido

I have never heard about Biei before, a small city which is 2,5 hours away by train from the largest city in Hokkaido, Sapporo. As we were planning our Hokkaido trip, mr.husband request to do his cycling in Biei. 

After a further searching on the internet, I found out that Biei, which is known as a hilly town  is very beautiful. I also found a flower field called Shikisai no Oka. I will write a full review of Shikisai no Oka in a separate post later on, but let me share with you things you can do around the city of Biei, to be precise: around Biei JR Station.

We took train from Asahikawa to Biei JR Station about 40 minutes, and we got out in a small station of Biei. I will share with you things you can enjoy around Biei JR Station, to plan your visit to Biei.

JR Biei Station, with two cool bicycles :)
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Finding Halal Ramen in Sapporo: Ramen Horyu

One of our bucketlist in Sapporo is to try the famous Horyu Ramen, as it's one of the option to find halal food in Sapporo. Horyu (or sometimes written as "Houryu") was established in 1957, and categorized as a Muslim friendly restaurant. Meaning they separate the cooking/dining utensils for Muslim guests, and also they serve food with no pork or alcohol.

Sapporo is famous for its ramen, so a visit to Horyu Ramen was a must for us. We went there on our first night in Sapporo, it's located in a walking distance from our hostel in Susukino area: The Grids Hotel+Hostel.

Bear in mind that the place of Horyu Ramen is small and always crowded. We had to wait outside on a bench just in front of the shop until our turn has come.

Waiting in front of Horyu Ramen, Sapporo
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Our Tokyo Coffee Trip: This Is How We Fell In Love With Blue Bottle Coffee

Perhaps, you have read regarding our coffee trip in Japan back in January 2017 when we visited coffee shops in Arashiyama, Kyoto and Osaka. Now, let me tell you our story how we flew thousand miles from home to visit this famous coffee shop in Tokyo: The Blue Bottle Coffee.

Inline with our travel mantra: Travel Begins With A Dream, we develop our itinerary everytime we travel by combining mr.husband's, our Kiddos and my dreams. Our family trip to Hokkaido combined my dream to visit Farm Tomita's lavender field, and mr.husband's wishlist to visit Blue Bottle Coffee in Tokyo.

That was why we transit one night in Tokyo before going to Sapporo, so we had the time to visit Blue Bottle Coffee. From all the branches, mr.husband picked Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa. And when I arrived at the place, I understand why. The coffee shop was so eye catching from afar!

The Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa is located at "Atre"
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Things To See & Do Around JR Furano Station

Yup, you may ask me why would I want to write a special post regarding a JR Station in a city called Furano? Having traveled very slow in Furano with my family, it gave me time to explore the place around JR Furano Station.

And if you are planning to visit Furano to see the lavender, you might want to explore the surrounding between your waiting time to catch the next train.

The station itself is very beautiful, located in a quiet and small town of Furano. I will tell you what to do around JR Furano Station, according to our experience.

Flowers in front of JR Furano Station
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Tomita Melon House: Having The Best (And Most Expensive) Melon Ice Cream Ever

So you've read our post about Farm Tomita and also the chairlift at Nakafurano. What else to do in Furano? If you are taking the train from Furano to Lavender Farm Station, you will hardly miss the Tomita Melon House which is located just next to Farm Tomita .

The giant melon was very eye catching, and it represents that everything in this place are made from melon; melon ice cream, melon buns, melon snacks, melon fruit taart, melon everything:D 

Our expensive vanilla ice cream on a Japanese melon:)

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Weekend di Bangkok 3 Hari 2 Malam: Mommies Day Out Trip Hingga ke Santorini Park

Tulisan tentang Hokkaido Trip kami sebetulnya belum selesai, tapi mari kita meilipir sedikit ke Bangkok ya. Setiap tahun, saya mengadakan Mommies Day Out Trip ke Bangkok. Silahkan lihat rangkaian post nya disini. Tidak terasa sudah dari tahun 2014 ternyata:D

Tahun 2017 ini saya mengajak teman-teman kantor, dan teman-teman saya. Tiba-tiba aja sudah 18 orang mendaftar. Jadi maaf ya belum buka untuk umum, kuota naik van sudah penuh. Ada yang tanya di instagram, "Kok enggak ada woro-woro nya sih?". Aduh..aduh.. maaf..

Mommies day out trip ke Bangkok ala tesyasblog saya buat dengan misi sederhana: saya ingin memberikan pengalaman kepada teman-teman khususnya para mommies untuk menjadi independent traveller. As simple as mau ngajakin para mommies untuk menginap di dorm hostel, keliling pasar dan mall di Bangkok untuk belanja, dan tambahan untuk tahun 2017 adalah foto-foto di Santorini Park.

Intinya kami melakukan hal-hal yang mungkin kalau mommies ngajak para suami hanya dibalas dengan emoticon nyengir di whatsapp. Hmm, itu mah mr.husband sih. Hahahaha.. Entah kenapa mr.husband tidak pernah mau lagi saja ajak ke Bangkok. Katanya cukup sekali saja kesana. Hadeh!  

Tim kami terbagi dua: tim belanja dan tim Santorini. Ada yang menginap dua malam dan juga tiga malam. Saya akan ceritakan dengan seksama tim Santorini, dimana saya menjadi bagian di dalamnya.  

We were so ready :)
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Furano With Kids: Taking The Nakafurano Chairlift at Choei Lavender Farm

Visiting lavender farm at Farm Tomita might be a dream come true for me, but not for the boys:D That's why when I was making the Hokkaido trip itinerary, I tried to find something to do for our Kiddos as well. The research led me to the Nakafurano Chairlift, an affordable attraction at Choie Lavender Farm and Nakafurano Flower Park.

I asked mr.husband to search the direction via google map, and it was only a 15 minutes walk from Farm Tomita. For other alternative you can also take the train from Lavender Farm Station to the Nakafurano JR Station. But you have to walk first from Farm Tomita to the station for 10 minutes.

Although we didn't get to see as many lavender as expected, I might say that the chairlift experience is the highlight of our visit to the lavender farm that day :)

A pleasant ride on the Nakafurano chairlift :)
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Visiting Farm Tomita at Furano - Hokkaido : Public Transport, How To Get There & Budget

I don't know how should I start to write this post: so many pictures to post and information I would love to share. Frankly speaking, I am confuse what should I put as the title for this post. Well, I hope this title is "eye catching" enough:D

Before continue to read this post: I should warn you that the post about Farm Tomita will be very long, as I will try to make this post a guide for you who would like to go to Farm Tomita by taking public transport. I have made my dream come true visiting the lavender field at Farm Tomita, I hope this post will help you to make your travel dream come true as well.

This place is really beautiful and worth the trip, effort and every Japanese yen we had spent.

The lupine flowers were the first flower we saw from the entrance of Farm Tomita
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Petit Hotel Melon Furano Review: A Place Called Home

It wasn't easy to find a place to stay in a city called Furano which is 2 hours away by train from Sapporo. Furano is a place where locals and tourists from all over the world go during summer to visit the famous Farm Tomita. Yes people come to see the beautiful lavender field.

I have been searching through booking[dot]com, for an accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children with a maximum budget of USD120 per night. But I couldn't find any. So I searched through airbnb website.

Petit Hotel Melon offers an affordable accommodation for us, deducted by our airbnb travel credit, our room cost only USD45 per night. It goes without saying that minutes later, our room at Petit Hotel Melon was booked. 

And I am glad I did, because this is a place where we feel really at home through our entire Hokkaido trip. The hotel from the outside was so lovely, set in a quiet area, that made our Kiddos#2 woke up at 9 am the next morning:p

What a lovely place to stay:)

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Sapporo With Kids: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel

As far as I remember, I have never made a booking of any accommodations when they are not in operation yet. Of course I would like to know how the real picture looks like, and what other travelers say regarding my chosen hotel/ hostel. 

But it was not the case when I booked Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. I had this feeling that The Grids Sapporo was the best accommodation I could get at Sapporo. It provides a family room with shared bathroom, located at the heart of Sapporo, it's brand new, and the cost of the family room was so affordable: at JPY 9,350 nett per night (for 2 kids and 2 adults). 

The booking was made in March 2017 through booking[dot]com, while Grids Hotel+Hostel opened in early June 2017. I followed their instagram account and witnessed the construction of the hotel through pictures shared on Grids Sappporo's instagram account.

I was very happy when we finally arrived at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. You know... it always excite me when the whole time I only could see one place on instagram, but then finally it was in front of our very own eyes :)

And after staying at the Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel, I will tell you why you should choose to stay at this hotel, especially for family traveler looking for a budget hotel in Sapporo.

At the lovely common area of Grids Sapporo

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Tokyo With Kids: Staying at A Budget Hotel in Asakusa, Hotel 3000 Jyuraku

Tokyo as you may know, is an expensive city. Based on a survey,  it even includes in the top 10 most expensive city in the world. This is why Tokyo's accommodation is so expensive. 

As a family traveller, usually I opted staying at airbnb apartment. But we had only one night in Tokyo, so I thought that it is better to stay at a budget hotel which is centrally located. 

I tried to find a budget hotel for 2 adults and 2 children with maximum budget of USD120 per night. And I wanted to stay at the heart of Asakusa, with a 10 minutes walk from the nearest station.

After nights of searching at booking[dot]com, I found a budget hotel that suits our need. It is the Hotel 3000 Jyuraku, located 5 mins walking from Tsukuba station, and 10 mins away from Sensoji Temple.

Not only that, it provides a free bicycle rental for the guest, yeaaay :)

In front of Hotel 3000 Jyuraku
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Rafting With Kids at Ayung River Ubud

What should you do if you are travelling with kids to Ubud? Well, kids may not really enjoying all those lovely coffee shops in Ubud, wouldn't they? 

How about trying the rafting along a river called Ayung river? I have heard about this rafting in Ubud so many times, but haven't had the chance to take our Kiddos there.

This was my second rafting experience, the first one was in Sukabumi, West Java. But the experience is really different. Maybe because of the beautiful view along the way, which is way more beautiful than what I had experienced in Sukabumi.

And of course the experience was different because it was the first experience that we took our Kiddos age 9 and 7 years old on a boat for the rafting. Our Kiddos said that it was their best experience ever. Do you wanna try?

Our family on the rafting boat, picture was taken by Go Pro 4
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Mommies Day Out Trip: Our Lau Pa Sat Satay Weekend Trip to Singapore

I've never had the idea that we could go to Singapore just for the satay! But my friend Iin requested us to go on our mommies day out trip once again because she was craving for the satay in Lau Pa Sat, Singapore.

Singapore is always in my heart so I wasn't hesitate to answer "yes" right away:D We bought ticket when Jetstar was having a promo, and of course apart from the satay, mommies always spend time for shopping:D

But let's skip the shopping part and just focus on the Singapore satay we ate at Lau Pa Sat, or to be precise at the back of Lau Pa Sat on a street which is called Boon Tat Street. If you come from the main entrance of Lau Pa Sat, just ignore anyone offering you food or seats. Keep on walking until you reach the outdoor area. Once you see many smoke around, I bet you are in the right place.

It is a lovely outdoor area to hang out with friends & families

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Siapa Takut Naik OCBS Skyway di Gardens By The Bay

Udah berapa kali saya ke Gardens By The Bay di Singapura? Tempat yang saya nobatkan sebagai "my happiest place in Singapore" ini sudah merebut hati saya sejak awal pertama buka.

Saya kagum dengan Flower Dome, kubah kaca raksasa yang di dalamnya sangat dingin dan dipenuhi bunga yang indah. Waktu terbaik mengunjungi Flower Dome tentunya untuk saya si penggemar bunga tulip adalah saat berlangsungnya Tulip Mania Festival.

Children's Garden yang ada di dalam Gardens By The Bay, merupakan tempat bermain favorit kedua Kiddos, ditambah lagi favorit saya karena taman bermain sekeren ini bisa dinikmati gratis.

Namun ada satu atraksi di Gardens By The Bay yang belum pernah saya coba naik, yaitu jembatan setinggi 22 meter yang menghubungkan Super Tree Groove. Sampai akhirnya saya pergi berdua mr.husband ke Singapura dengan itinerary khusus untuk mencoba OCBC Skyway.

Beneran nih mau naik? Tanya saya dalam hati ketika melihat OCBC Skyway dari dekat. Hahaha.. Tapi tentunya kali ini tekad saya sudah bulat. Siapa takut?

Melihat OCBC Skyway dari dekat
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Enjoying The Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay

This is my second visit to Cloud Forest, the cool moist conservatory. As you may know, Gardens By The Bay has two conservatories: the Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest. Flower Dome is the one I visited during Tulip Mania Festival 2017. While the Cloud Forest has never been explored thoroughly by myself. On my first visit, I had only limited time, so we didn't go up to the mountain. Wait, is there a mountain inside the conservatory?

Yes, there is an artificial mountain inside! The Cloud Forest features a 35 meter tall mountain covered in lush vegetation, shrouding the world's tallest indoor waterfall. The Cloud Forest is completely different compared to the Flower Dome. But of course both are very beautiful and worth to be visited. Actually I would say if you have boys, they will surely love Cloud Forest because of the hike, the bridges and everything else.

Through this post, let me show you how Cloud Forest looks like. This post will be very heavy with pictures captured by mr.husband :)

The air conditioned conservatory with a stunning view
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Haji Lane & Arab Street Singapore: What To Do, Where To Take Pictures & Where to Stay

You've probably heard so many things about Haji Lane, an artistic street with lovely murals in Singapore. Haji Lane is a small lane in Arab Street area. I always visit Arab Street whenever I go to Singapore, because of Murtabak Zam Zam.

But now there are so many things to do around Arab Street. From buying a halal certified cupcake at Fluff Bakery to having a delicious cup of coffee at ARC. Of course with so many taking pictures opportunity in between :)

This post will be full of pictures, and after reading it, I am sure that you will understand why Haji Lane and Arab Street is my favorite area in Singapore.

This lane will lead us to Haji Lane
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Pengalaman Menginap di Airbnb Area Bugis, Singapura

Sudah pernah menginap di airbnb di Singapura? Saya belum pernah, sampai dengan secara impulsive saya membeli tiket Jetstar PP untuk melihat Tulip Mania Festival 2017. Karena dadakan, saya mencari penginapan yang murah meriah.

Alhamdulillah saya memiliki travel credit di airbnb yang saya dapatkan dari program referral airbnb. Jadi kalau teman-teman sayang sama saya (ihiiiy!), sign up di airbnb dengan kode booking TMERIAM1 (<-- atau di klik aja link nya ya). Nanti akan ada diskon USD25 untuk reservasi teman-teman dan saya pun mendapatkan what so called travel credit. Yuk sign up

Mari kembali ke pencarian airbnb saya di Singapura. Secara spesifik saya memasukan "Bugis Singapura" saat mencari lokasi. Memilih "1 person" karena saya bepergian seorang diri, tidak lupa filter "entire home" karena saya tidak mau tinggal di rumah orang lain, dan mengklik tombol search. Airbnb mengarahkan saya ke beberapa pilihan dan tau sendiri kan yang saya pilih? Yup, yang paling murah!:D

Jodoh mempertemukan saya dengan sebuah apartemen yang very compact di area Bugis. Harga yang saya bayar? Rp 200 ribu semalam setelah dipotong travel credit (harga normal Rp 1 juta semalam). Tapi begitu saya tiba, eh.. kecil banget yaaa! 

Shock juga kamarnya mini tapi setelah dipelajari lagi, konsep dan idenya patut ditiru!

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Tulip Mania 2017 at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

There is always something about me and the tulips, well at least that's what I think:D I remembered my one year in the Netherlands (during my student exchange program in high school), when I was riding bicycle and I saw tulips along the way. 

I haven't had the chance to see the tulips again in the Netherlands ever since. Actually the plan is on our bucketlist to go back to the Netherlands, we just have to wait few more years when the lebaran holiday is around April or May, the same period as the tulips. Perhaps another two or three years to go.

Gardens By The Bay, my happiest place in Singapore, held this what so called Tulip Mania Festival since 2013. Of course I went to see the festival back in 2013, all by myself. You can check out the link here. And now in 2017, I went all alone by myself to see the tulips once more.

It started when I realized that we had a holiday on Wednesday during the Jakarta's governor election. Mr.husband's office is located outside Jakarta, so unfortunately he doesn't have one day off from the office. But he let me to travel solo to Singapore. The problem was, I forget how it feels to travel solo anymore hahaha..

But I made it to Gardens by The Bay, and these tulips said hello to you all.

When the door to Flower Dome was opened, the first thing I saw was this lovely pink tulips
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Ibis Styles Bogor: A Family Friendly Hotel in Bogor

Bogor is our second hometown after Bandung. We often go to Bogor everytime we miss Bandung. Many times we do a daytrip to Bogor, but sometimes we also stay over night.

When I was searching for a hotel in Bogor for our weekend getaway, I stumbled at Ibis Styles Bogor. I remember staying at Novotel Bogor before for our office meeting, but I have never heard that there is a newly opened Ibis Styles Bogor.

I checked the location of Ibis Styles bogor, and it was perfect. It is away from hustle and bustle of the city, and surrounded by greenery. The hotel is set in a quiet location, where you can have your morning walk or cycling time with your family.

But not only the surrounding that surprised me, the hotel is meant to be a very family friendly hotel, with so many facilities for the kids. 

All these trees in front of 
Ibis Styles Bogor welcomed us :)
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Staycation at Holiday Inn Express Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran

When we don't have any long weekend to spend for a getaway but still feel like going somewhere, what we do is taking a family staycation. We book a room in a hotel located in Jakarta, and we spent one or two nights at the hotel.

Location wise, we prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Kemayoran area is one of our fave area as it is minutes away from Ancol. We have stayed many times in Kemayoran area, and this time we were invited by Holiday Inn Express Jakarta International Expo.

What really surprising was the design of the hotel. Holiday Inn Express is famous for "We Keep It Simple and Smart" concept, but I still feel the luxurious touch at the lobby as well as the restaurant where we had our breakfast on the next day. 

We did not miss the opportunity to take picture on its most instagramable spot at the lobby:)

At the lobby of Holiday Inn Express Jakarta International Expo
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Ubud With Kids: Swimming at Jungle Fish Bali

To my surprise, mr.husband had google about one place in Ubud called Jungle fish. He had never mentioned about this place until we were having lunch at Bubur Laota, near Bali's airport.

Just in time, when our Kiddos wanted to go to the beach, we offered another option. Going to a beach club with no beach. Well, after a gelato stick, finally Kiddos#2 agreed to go directly to Ubud.

An hour later, we arrived at Jungle Fish and from the moment I stepped in, I really fell in love with this place. A rice field welcomed us, and we didn't let the opportunity to take picture with the scarecrow. It reminds us of the Poldy the scarecrow :)

Hellow Mr.Scarecrow!
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Bamboo Eco Cottage: Our Glamping Experience in The Middle Of a Rice Field in Ubud

I came across Bamboo Eco Cottage when I was searching a room in Ubud for one night. We didn't intend to do glamping in Ubud, but when I see the picture, and also the affordable price, I couldn't resist.

I ask my husband whether it will be ok to stay at this kind of place, in the middle of a rice field with our Kiddos. And he answered that the place as seen from the pictures was fabulous, so I booked through airbnb. If you need the airbnb link, just search "Bamboo Eco Cottage Ubud" or you can find it in this link

And when we got there, the place is just too awesome! It sets in a beautiful rice field, I love the surroundings, the fresh air, aaah every single thing.

Our glamping in Ubud
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Svarga Resort Lombok: Where To Stay In Senggigi

I found Svarga Resort Lombok from the message I got via airbnb. I was searching airbnb apartment in Senggigi area, and the host told me that the listing located near Svarga Resort Lombok. I google the place and I fell in love with it. At the end, I didn't continue booking via airbnb, I reserved a room at Svarga Resort Lombok instead.

Our first time staying at Senggigi was at The Puncak, and we loved seeing the beautiful Lombok sky from the resort. And that was why I finally book a room at Svarga Resort Lombok. We could enjoy the sky from the infinity pool.

Not only the pool which made me book the room, but also the resort ambiance with its iconic "Batu Bolong". A stone with a whole in the middle.

The "Batu Bolong" at night
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Our First Night at Osaka: Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi

It was our first time ever visiting Osaka, and our itinerary was only two: visiting Mels Coffee Roaster and Dotonbori area. Of course the coffee tour was the idea of mr.husband. While my request was to take picture with the Glico. Just like everyone else:D

We left our apartment around 6pm and walked to Mels Coffee Roaster. You can read our coffee trip in Japan in this link. Then we asked the owner of Mels whether Dotonbori was in a walking distance. He answered that it is a 15 minutes enjoyable walk to reach Dotonbori. So we decided to walk, and ended up enjoying beautiful street of Osaka at dawn.

Read on, my post this time will be full of pictures :)

Beautiful Osaka during winter

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Pablo Cheese Tart, Shinsaibashi Store Osaka

After the opening of Pablo Cheese Tart Indonesia in Jakarta (Nov 2016), and of course seeing the queue, we intended to visit one of the Pablo Store in Japan. The price of the cheese tart in Indonesia is doubled, and we had a plan to visit Kyoto and Osaka in Jan 2017 anyway, so why not visiting one of the Pablo store?

Mr.husband said that there are Pablo Cheese Tart stores in Osaka, one of them is near Dotonbori. And among the crowd, we saw the very eye catching store of Pablo Cheese Taart in Shinsaibashi.

Finally, we found the Pablo Cheese Tart store in Japan, for the first time :)

Hello, Pablo!

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Contrast Coffee Bandung: An Instgramable Coffee Shop In Bandung

This post is again about one area called Jalan Riau Bandung which has so many restaurants, factory outlets and also must visit coffee shops. The recommended Bandung's Culinary around Jalan Riau is posted in this link, and has been on tesyasblog's top posts for a while.

My friend Iwan Kustiwan introduced me to Contrast Coffee Bandung, a week before my visit to this homey coffee shop. I couldn't resist trying and visiting lovely coffee shops, so the next week we went to Bandung again, Contrast Coffee Bandung was on the top of my must visit place on that weekend.

We came around 9.30 am at Contrast Coffee Bandung, after buying Bandung's snack at Prima Rasa on Jalan Kemuning. The Contrast Coffee was still empty, leaving this industrial designed coffee shop only for me and mr.husband. Yeay!

The interior of Contrast Coffee is so gorgeous!
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Hotel Bujet di Malang Yang Cocok Untuk Backpacker

Malang merupakan salah satu kota favorit saya di Indonesia. Kami pernah weekend getaway bersama keluarga ke Malang untuk mengunjungi Batu Secret Zoo, yang saya sebut sebagai The Best Zoo in Indonesia.
Selain liburan keluarga, saya dan mr.husband juga pernah liburan berdua ala backpacker dengan tujuan melihat sunrise di Bromo. Saat itu kami menginap di Merbabu Guest House, lalu sewa motor Honda untuk keliling kota Malang.

Ada tiga alasan mengapa Malang layak dijadikan sebagai kota tujuan para backpacker. Pertama, Malang Raya memiliki cukup banyak destinasi wisata mulai dari aneka pantai di kawasan Malang bagian selatan lalu wisata pegunungan dan taman hiburan di kawasan Batu.

Alasan selanjutnya yang membuat Kota Bunga ini layak dijadikan markas backpacker adalah mudahnya akses ke beberapa destinasi menarik di luar kota. Biasanya para pelancong dari luar negeri kerap transit ke sini sebelum berlanjut ke Bromo atau Ijen yang terletak di Banyuwangi. Terakhir, Malang memiliki cukup banyak hotel bujet yang cocok untuk digunakan. Bagi para backpacker ini adalah surga.

Jika teman-teman ingin menjelajahi kota ini secara backpacker, berikut rekomendasi hotel murah di Malang yang mungkin bisa dijadikan pertimbangan.

1. Mador Malang Dorm Hostel

Banyaknya backpacker yang datang ke Malang membuat banyak pengelola hotel bergerak cepat untuk mengakomodasi semua kebutuhannya. Salah satu yang termurah dan terbaik di Malang adalah Mador Malang Dorm Hostel yang terletak di Jalan Laksamana Mardinata No. 32, Kotalama, Malang atau tidak jauh dari flyover dan stasiun Kota Lama yang kerap dijadikan transit beberapa kereta barang.

Meski hanya hostel dengan 1 kamar diisi hingga 6 orang, fasilitas yang disediakan cukup lengkap. Kamar mandi bersama cukup bersih dan sudah dilengkapi toilet dan pancuran air hangat. Beberapa kamar sudah memiliki AC sehingga bisa lebih nyaman saat tidur. Terakhir, hotel ini memiliki desain unik sehingga tamu tidak akan keberatan untuk kembali lagi.

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BNI Life Perisai Prima: Perlindungan Prima Bagi Traveler

Menurut saya, salah satu hal yang paling penting untuk mempersiapkan liburan adalah melindungi diri dengan asuransi. Saat bepergian dengan kedua Kiddos, kami selalu membeli travel insurance. Namun, saat saya hanya pergi berdua dengan mr.husband, kami pun melindungi diri dengan life insurance.

Pada kesempatan Garuda Travel Fair 2017, saya diminta untuk sharing mengenai family traveling oleh BNI Life. Saat itu, saya juga belajar mengenai BNI Life Perisai Prima. Produk yang memberikan proteksi terhadap risiko kematian dan penggantian biaya perawatan di rumah sakit akibat kecelakaan. Asyiknya, BNI Life Perisai Prima diterima di luar negeri, dengan metode reimbursement. Salah satu jenis asuransi yang ditawarkan BNI Life, yang cocok untuk traveler.

Bersama Melisa Karim, Kemal dan Ibu Lia Susetio dari BNI LIfe di GATF 2017
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Liburan Keluarga Ke Hong Kong: Why Hong Kong, Persiapan, Itinerary dan Budget

Saya selalu suka Hong Kong, bahkan pernah terucap request ke mr.husband, "Kita ke Hong Kong yuk tiap tahun :)" Yah namanya juga request boleh aja kan..:D

Karena itu, ebook kedua yang kami tulis adalah mengenai Hong Kong: A Place For Everyone. Eh belum download ebook kami? Gratis loh di link ini. Dari ebook, akhirnya saya diberi kesempatan oleh Elexmedia menulis buku Family Backpacking Hong Kong.

Saya memberanikan menulis ebook dan published book setelah menikmati liburan keluarga yang berkesan ke Hong Kong. Itulah sebabnya saya menulis "Hong Kong is a Place For Everyone", karena saya, mr.husband dan kedua Kiddos sangat menikmati liburan keluarga kami ke Hong Kong.

Melalui tulisan ini, saya rangkum hal-hal yang perlu diketahui untuk mempersiapkan liburan keluarga ke Hong Kong. Mau liburan agak jauh tanpa repot mengajukan visa? Hong Kong lah salah satu alternatifnya.

The apartments in Hong Kong
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Arashiyama For The First Timer: Things You Should Know

On our second visit to Kyoto, we finally managed visiting Arashiyama. This very touristy district is located on the western side of Kyoto and it took about 45 minutes by train (including the transfer and also the waiting time).

We took Hankyu Railway from Kawaramachi Station, which is located near our hostel, Centurion Hotel Cabin & Spa. But of course you can take other train to go from Kyoto to Arashiyama.

It was our first visit to Arashiyama, and we would like to share our experience to give you the ideas of what you should know and what to expect from your first visit to Arashiyama.

Arashiyama early in the morning (about 8 am)

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Mencari Salju di Kyoto Hingga ke Kibune

Sudah saya ceritakan pada posting sebelumnya, bahwa tujuan #weekenddijepang kami adalah untuk mengejar mimpi melihat Kyoto ditutupi salju. Dari awal Januari, kami pantau IG mengenai Kyoto, dan deg-deg-an melihat Kyoto betulan tertutup Salju pada pertengahan Januari 2017. Akankah kami beruntung melihat Kyoto bersalju?

Mendekati hari keberangkatan, tidak ada tanda-tanda kota Kyoto bersalju, kecuali di daerah utara. Kemudian mr.husband melihat di IG mengenai Kifune Shrine yang heits dengan tangga tertutup saljunya. Silahkan klik deh link-nya, keren pake banget!

Demi kesuksesan mencari salju di Kyoto, kami pun memasukan Kifune Shrine ke dalam itinerary. Yang pada akhirnya merupakan highlight dari kunjungan kami ke Jepang pada bulan Januari 2017.

Kami harus berjalan melalui jalan berbukit yang dipenuhi salju selama 20 menit, karena bus sudah tidak beroperasi. Hingga akhirnya kami tiba di bawah tangga Kifune Shrine yang walaupun tidak terlalu tebal tertutup salju, namun tetap terlihat syahdu menjelang malam hari.

Our walk from the station paid off with this view
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