Our Coffee Trip in Japan: From Kyoto, Arashiyama to Osaka

We have been following instagram accounts of some of the coffeeshop in Kyoto and Osaka, so we put visit to the coffeeshop in our itinerary as well. But along the journey, we found very interesting coffeeshops that we could not resist to try.

The crisp weather in Kyoto and Osaka fit best our coffee trip in Japan. We walked a lot, so having a hot cup of coffee was what we needed to warm up our body.  

Started from Kyoto where we planned to visit Kurasu, to Osaka where we planned to visit Mel Coffee Roasters.

Kurasu Kyoto

Located few minutes away from Kyoto Station, Kurasu is the first coffeshop we visited. It is a small but lovely coffeeshop, near APA Hotel Kyoto Ekimae.

The crowd at Kurasu

We met the two baristas Ayaka-san and Misako-san who made me a delicious Cafe Latte. We introduced ourselves and told them that we knew Kurasu from instagram. "Aaah ya, many Indonesian used instagram!" Misako-san told me. Yes, so true:D

My Cafe Latte
The lovely cafe

She also told me that they will be using one of Indonesian's coffee in the upcoming week. "Come again to Kyoto!" she continued. Ooh I wish to come back very soon!

Kurasu also sell coffee makers tools and equipment worldwide. Just check their website if you need to buy a coffee maker.

Before leaving Kurasu I asked the beautiful baristas to take picture with me. Bye Kurasu, hope to visit you again soon:)

ZEF Kyoto Gion Shirakawa

It was not our list actually, but we found a very small coffee shop when we walked from Gion to Halal Ramen Narita-ya. We entered the coffee shop and amazed, how small it was:D It is called ZEF Kyoto Gion Shirakawa.

It was so small that I could barely move. However, the idea was excellent!

Shirakawa is one of the scenic part of Gion that you should visit. It runs along the Shirakawa canal packed by high class restaurant.

This is Gion Shirakawa

The coffee in Japan is on average cost JPY400-JPY500 per cup, but at ZEF Coffee which is located on a premium location in Gion Shirakawa, Kyoto, my Cafe Latte was JPY650. It taste strong (well, at least for me), but I like it.

I told the barista that we visited Kurasu previously, and he asked me, "Are you doing a coffee trip in Japan?" Well, I was not, but his question lead me to this post. Thanks for the idea :)

The most expensive coffee I had in Japan

The coffee shop from outside is really small, I had myself photographed along with my Cafe Latte. If you visit Gion Shirakawa, do come buy and try their coffee.

In front of ZEF Coffee

% Arabica Kyoto, Arashiyama

The most beautiful coffee shop I have ever seen, in a really beautiful place in Kyoto: Arashiyama.

This coffee shop stands out just accross the river and a very eye catching one. You will not miss this beautiful coffee shop.

% Arabica at Arashiyama

Again I ordered Cafe Latte (I forget, but it cost around JPY450) and I fell in love with the taste. It was so creamy, the coffee is not that strong...aaaah, love it! You should visit and buy a cup of coffee from % Arabica Kyoto Arashiyama, or you will regret it deeply:D

The place is so lovely :)
Enjoying the girls :)

Mel Coffee Roaster Osaka

The last coffee shop we went to in Japan was Mel Coffee Roaster in Osaka. We walked from airbnb near Awaza Station to Mel Coffee Roaster. Passing through housing area in Osaka, which gave us a feel how to live like a local in Osaka.

After 20 minutes and several questions I asked mr.husband "Are we there yet?", finally we arrived at Mel Coffee Roaster.

A small coffee shop with its own roaster

We bought two cups of coffee to be taken away and one coffee package to take home. I also managed to take picture with the owner.

Before continuing to Dotonbori, I sat in front of Mel, just to give you an insight how this coffeeshop look like.

It was a 2 days packed in Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka but we were very pleased to be able to visit all of these beautiful coffee shops. Too bad we didn't visit any in Kobe, but well.. Japan is always on our bucketlist. So we really hope to get back to Japan very soon and try other delicious coffee.

written on February 6, 2017
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  1. Ayuuuk mba Tesya.. Let's do coffee trip..hahaha.. Love the pics of the coffee shops..rata2 kecil tp cantik ya mba..

    1. Ayuk Mba Sari, kita kelilingin lagi ya semuanya hahaha.. Siap2 uang jajan abis beli kopi:D

  2. It was fun coffee journey. Seru juga idenya. Apalagi buat pecinta kopi, kayanya wajib deh nyobain kopi di berbagai negara. Oke, noted. Kalau ada rezeki bisa ke Jepang, bakal ngikutin jejak mba tesya to make coffee journey :)

    1. Iya Mba, seru-seru banget tempat ngopinya :)