Our Tokyo Coffee Trip: This Is How We Fell In Love With Blue Bottle Coffee

Perhaps, you have read regarding our coffee trip in Japan back in January 2017 when we visited coffee shops in Arashiyama, Kyoto and Osaka. Now, let me tell you our story how we flew thousand miles from home to visit this famous coffee shop in Tokyo: The Blue Bottle Coffee.

Inline with our travel mantra: Travel Begins With A Dream, we develop our itinerary everytime we travel by combining mr.husband's, our Kiddos and my dreams. Our family trip to Hokkaido combined my dream to visit Farm Tomita's lavender field, and mr.husband's wishlist to visit Blue Bottle Coffee in Tokyo.

That was why we transit one night in Tokyo before going to Sapporo, so we had the time to visit Blue Bottle Coffee. From all the branches, mr.husband picked Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa. And when I arrived at the place, I understand why. The coffee shop was so eye catching from afar!

The Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa is located at "Atre"

The Large Window At Blue Bottle Coffee Shinagawa

Let me start by telling you how amazing the large window at Blue Bottle Coffee Shinagawa is. We could see thousand of people passing by, as Shinagawa is one of the major station in Tokyo.

When we were sitting inside the coffeeshop, we could feel so peaceful, yet the world outside looks really busy.

Make sure you could sit by the window when you visit Blue Bottle Coffee at Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Our Kiddos sat facing the large window
Shinagawa train station is always busy

The Interior Is Simple Yet Very Modern

I love the interior of the cafe, it is very simple, modern, yet gave us the feeling that we were "close" with the barista.

Maybe because of the cafe bar which is located at the central of the cafe. The shape is very flat and welcoming.

Ooh look at those coffee drippers, so lovely:)
We could stay really close watching the barista preparing our coffee

The Coffee at Blue Bottle Is Really Delicious

And I must say that the coffee taste really delicious! I even could say that among all the coffee beans we bought from various coffee shops, Blue Bottle is the best by far!

The Blue Bottle Coffee is worth a visit when you are in Tokyo. And I mean it seriously.

You could have it black or with milk
Do not forget to buy the coffee dripper back home
The hot coffee we ordered was beautifully presented
Kiddos#1 was drinking my ice latte:D

Make Your Blue Bottle At Home

We brought back the memories of Blue Bottle Coffee Shinagawa by buying some coffee making equipment as well as the coffee beans. 

And I would really love to see Blue Bottle having their coffee shop in Indonesia someday.

Thanks Blue Bottle Coffee Japan for the experience

written on September 9, 2017
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