Things To See & Do Around JR Furano Station

Yup, you may ask me why would I want to write a special post regarding a JR Station in a small city called Furano? Having traveled very slow in Furano with my family, it gave me time to explore the place around JR Furano Station.

And if you are planning to visit Furano to see the lavender, you might want to explore the surrounding between your waiting time to catch the next train.

The station itself is small but beautiful, located in a quiet and small town of Furano. I will tell you what to do around JR Furano Station, according to our experience.

Flowers in front of JR Furano Station

1. Taking Pictures With The Lavender Stairway

I was amazed to see the lavender stairway inside the station. But bear in mind that there were many people especially when you take The Lavender Express from Sapporo to Furano.

We waited a while until everyone was out, and took picture of the stairway. My feeling when I saw the lavender on the stairway? Aaah, I couldn't wait to go to Farm Tomita

What a beautiful stairway :)

2. Visit The Souvenir Shop Just Outside The Station

Few meters away from the station (exit the station to the left), you will find the one and only souvenir shop, selling everything with lavender on it. I even found a lavender drink on a bottle! I didn't buy it though, I only bought some magnets. But the owner let me took picture of the drink.

The price of the souvenirs are about the same: in this shop or compared with the souvenir shop in Farm Tomita. So if you find something that interest you in this souvenir shop, just buy it. In case you wouldn't find it at the souvenir shop located at Farm Tomita.

The souvenir shop is located next to this bicycle rental
The souvernir shop is on the right, between two bicycle rentals
Would you like to try this?

3. Rent Bicycle and Explore Furano

Yes, this is one of the thing you should do while in Furano: ride the bicycle. You may rent it from the bicycle rental located next to JR Furano Station, JPY200 per hour.

Only mr.husband and Kiddos#1 who rented the bicycle, and they could see the beauty of the city surrounding. The weather was so kind to us that day, so they could enjoy the bicycle ride without having problem with the summer heat.

On his bike
With mr.mushroom statue
Biking all the way to the bridge
There's a bicycle pathway on the bridge

4. Get Inside The Crossing at Furano Station

On the next day, we still had plenty of time to wait for our train from Furano to Asahikawa. Mr.husband and Kiddos#1 rented bicycle once again, while I was looking for Lawson, or any other convenience store.

I asked the owner of the souvenir shop where Lawson was. He couldn't understand what I was saying, until I wrote "Lawson" on a piece of paper. He understood and told me in Japanese to cross the bridge. Well, I couldn't speak Japanese, but I could understand his body language:p

I was looking for a bridge, but all I saw was the unique wooden brown building, so I decided to get in.

If you happen to visit Furano JR Station, don't forget to get in to this building

And we were lucky to find this building, it is a crossing between JR Furano Station with the nearest Lawson, which is located at the Furano Hospital. After returning the bike, we went to Lawson once again, because I wanted to show how beautiful the crossing in Furano is to mr.husband and Kiddos#1.

Inside the building
View from the window
View to the mountain
Kiddos#2 at the window

And the view from the crossing to JR Furano's railway was also a breathtaking one. 

The railway and the mountain

On that hot sunny day, we bought our fave drink from Lawson, mine was Starbucks for around JPY200 and mr.husband always buy TrullY's coffee, for under JPY200.

Ice black coffee from TrullY's
Too bad the glass was small (:

5. Eat Ramen Inside The JR Furano Station

I found a ramen stall which was mostly always crowded, being the only food seller at the station. I don't know if it's halal though, so maybe it can be a choice for my non-moslem friends. The price is around JPY400-JPY500.

The ramen stall at JR Furano Station

6. Take Picture Just Outside The JR Furano Station

If you don't have much time at the station, I still advise you to go out for a while and take pictures from the exit. Furano is so beautiful. Beyond words!

Outside the station
Beautiful mountain seen from the station
How I wish we could rent car in Japan

7. Collect Manhole Cover at Furano

This is what mr.husband did, he collected the picture of his shoes with the manhole covers. Whereever, whenever:D

He found one in Furano, and it's gorgeous!

The Furano's manhole cover

Which one is your favorite thing to do around JR Furano Station? Mine is number four :)

written on August 27, 2017
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  1. Aku udah sepakat ama suami bakal jelajah jepang lg, kali ini hokkaido. Tapi sprtinya ttp hrs pas winter sih krn masalah cuti -_- .. Padahal pgn jg ngeliat lavender dan minumannya itu mba :D. Cm spertinya kalo aku rada ga tega mau minum. Cakep banget wrna airnya hihihi...

    1. Pas winter pastinya cakep juga kok Fanny, dan minuman lavendernya masih ada kali. Coba nanti dicari ya. Mungkin enak minum kopi lavender anget2 pas winter:D