Another Sunset at Promthep Cape

It was our second visit to Promthep Cape, and glad that we could enjoy another beautiful sunset just like our first visit. This time we rented van from Daj, which cost THB 1,500 for 8 hours. We left our hotel at 2pm, shop at Home Pro Village, then at about 5 pm we were heading to Promthep Cape. We arrived there at 5.30 pm (sunset was at 6.30 pm), and to have a different view than our first visit, we decided to walk down the hill to the end of the cape. And these were the view we enjoyed from "the end of Phuket"

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Phuket Weekend Market

I always love market anywhere in the world! I am excited to see how the local shop, and also to see all the unique stuffs I can found there. So visiting weekend market, night market, etc will always be in my itinerary. When I knew there's a weekend market in the Phuket Old Town, and that I will still be in Phuket during the weekend, it's for sure included in my itinerary.  

We rented a van to go to the weekend phuket market from Daj ( We visited the market after we went to the Promthep Cape to see the sunset. It's about 40 minutes drive from the Prompthep Cape to the Phuket Old Town. When we got there, it was really crowded that our driver couldn't find a parking place for his van. We promised to meet at the meeting point (well, it's a toilet at the end of the parking place:p) after we called him.

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Review of Simplitel Hotel at Karon Phuket

This is the hotel we choosed for our Phuket May trip; Simplitel Hotel at Karon Phuket. As always, I search the hotel through Tripadvisor. Having read all the positive reviews of this hotel, we were sure that Simplitel Hotel at Karon Phuket will be a good hotel for us. By the way, we didn't want to stay at Patong area, because it is too crowded, and we didn't like the Patong beach. That's why we choose to stay at Karon instead. 

We got their 40% off booking in advance rate. We booked the hotel in Feb 2012, 4 nights at the deluxe rooom cost IDR 450,000 (USD 45) per night including breakfast. The deluxe room was very spacious with a very clean bathroom, and also it has a balcony overlooking the hills, with the Big Budha on the top of it.

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Pha Nga Bay Tour by Speedboat

We decided to take the Speedboat tour instead of the Big Boat tour to go to Pha Nga Bay, although the price was more expensive. The Speedboat tour was THB 1,300 per person while the big boat was around THB 1,000 per person. I asked suggestion to Miss Ladda before booking the tour. She said better to take the speedboat tour, beside it’s faster, it also stop at Panyee “the floating village” for lunch. While for the Big Boat tour lunch will be provided on the boat.

We were picked up early at 7.30 am, and the van continued picking up other guests in the Patong area. We had to wait about 20 minutes for one group staying at Milenium Hotel Patong, oh annoying:p It was a long journey to the Pier, giving us an opportunity to sleep. We arrived at the Pier at about 9.15am. It was a sunny day, so we bought hats while waiting at the Pier.

After waiting for 30 minutes, we were informed that it was our turn to get into our speedboat. We had to walk and cross the bridge, while the bigger group were transferred by songtheauw..not fair! But thanks to our new hats.

at the pier
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