Kastuba Resort: A Great Place for an Office Outing in Lembang

Although there are so many hotels in Lembang you can choose to conduct a meeting or an office outing, still it was confusing to choose the right one. I was surprised that my friends had chosen Kastuba Resort for our what so called "family day" this year.  

After spending a half day at Lembang Floating Market, we went to Kastuba Resort. It took about 20 minutes from Lembang Floating Market. We passed "The Ranch", and continued following the road guidance from "Waze".

When we arrived at Kastuba Resort, a hotel staff approached our car, took our luggage and asked whether we would take the shuttle or just walk to the resort. Knowing that they only has one Toyota Avanza for their shuttle, we choose to walk. The greenery welcomed us. And that moment I knew we were going to love this resort.

Our kiddos at the resort

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Durian Party at Ucok Durian Medan

It was the first time in Medan that my friend took me to a place for a durian party called Ucok Durian. I don't like durian that much, but I really enjoyed the ambiance at Ucok Durian. It's an outdoor place where you can hangout with your friends enjoying tons of durian!  

I was amazed by how hectic Ucok Durian was that night. "When it is too crowded, Bang Ucok will open another place" my friend told me while pointing to a shophouse located just across the street. Well, Bang Ucok is really good in doing his business.

Bang Ucok with his durians
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Warung Lela (Wale) Bandung

I have several posts on tesyasblog regarding my fave place to eat Bandung's noodle which is called "Mie Baso" and "Yamin Baso". My fave so far is Mie Baso Panghegar, but I have heard about the famous place called Warung Lela or Wale located at Dago area from many years ago. 

I've never had the chance to visit Warung Lela, until our cousin had a wedding party at Jalan Tubagus Ismail Dago. Before we started the party around 3 pm, I and Rene went to Warung Lela.

It is located at a housing area called Rancakendal. The road heading to Warung Lela was not easy. It was small road only for two cars, with so many steep road to pass. Make sure you are good at driving if you plan to visit this place:p 

We arrived at 11.30 am and found Warung Lela was not yet so crowded. When I got in, I suddenly fell in love with this place. The woods made this place so homey, and the fresh air at Dago is a perfect match with a hot noodle soup.

Warung Lela has this amazing place

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[Hotel Review] Anoi Itam Resort - Weh Island

Where to stay in Weh Island (Pulau Weh) of Aceh? I have reviewed several places previously, and it was a surprise for me to find another great place called Anoi Itam Resort, recommended by a friend of mine, Pak Hermawan. He said that Anoi Itam is the best place for sunrise lovers in Weh Island. 

I started to search on google how the resort looks like (because I took my friends to Weh and I didn't want to disappoint them), when I found out that the icon of the resort was the gazebo near the beach area. The hotel looks like really nice, and I decided to book one night at Anoi Itam Resort.

A really relaxing place at Anoi Itam

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Grab & Go Chicken Pop Corn ITC BSD

Do you love snacking? I do, and I love to try those new snacks in town:) When my friend @zkhairi opened his first outlet of Grab & Go in ITC BSD, I was really happy to become one of the tester. I love chicken pop corn!

Grab & Go provides chicken pop corn with french fries in a cute box. A box which will remind you to Chinese Food delivery in American movie. I think beside the taste of chicken pop corn and french fries, the box is also the selling point of Grab & Go.

Chicken pop corn and french fries in mayonnaise sauce

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