Rafting With Kids at Ayung River Ubud

What should you do if you are travelling with kids to Ubud? Well, kids may not really enjoying all those lovely coffee shops in Ubud, wouldn't they? 

How about trying the rafting along a river called Ayung river? I have heard about this rafting in Ubud so many times, but haven't had the chance to take our Kiddos there.

This was my second rafting experience, the first one was in Sukabumi, West Java. But the experience is really different. Maybe because of the beautiful view along the way, which is way more beautiful than what I had experienced in Sukabumi.

And of course the experience was different because it was the first experience that we took our Kiddos age 9 and 7 years old on a boat for the rafting. Our Kiddos said that it was their best experience ever. Do you wanna try?

Our family on the rafting boat, picture was taken by Go Pro 4
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Mommies Day Out Trip: Our Lau Pa Sat Satay Weekend Trip to Singapore

I've never had the idea that we could go to Singapore just for the satay! But my friend Iin requested us to go on our mommies day out trip once again because she was craving for the satay in Lau Pa Sat, Singapore.

Singapore is always in my heart so I wasn't hesitate to answer "yes" right away:D We bought ticket when Jetstar was having a promo, and of course apart from the satay, mommies always spend time for shopping:D

But let's skip the shopping part and just focus on the Singapore satay we ate at Lau Pa Sat, or to be precise at the back of Lau Pa Sat on a street which is called Boon Tat Street. If you come from the main entrance of Lau Pa Sat, just ignore anyone offering you food or seats. Keep on walking until you reach the outdoor area. Once you see many smoke around, I bet you are in the right place.

It is a lovely outdoor area to hang out with friends & families

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Siapa Takut Naik OCBS Skyway di Gardens By The Bay

Udah berapa kali saya ke Gardens By The Bay di Singapura? Tempat yang saya nobatkan sebagai "my happiest place in Singapore" ini sudah merebut hati saya sejak awal pertama buka.

Saya kagum dengan Flower Dome, kubah kaca raksasa yang di dalamnya sangat dingin dan dipenuhi bunga yang indah. Waktu terbaik mengunjungi Flower Dome tentunya untuk saya si penggemar bunga tulip adalah saat berlangsungnya Tulip Mania Festival.

Children's Garden yang ada di dalam Gardens By The Bay, merupakan tempat bermain favorit kedua Kiddos, ditambah lagi favorit saya karena taman bermain sekeren ini bisa dinikmati gratis.

Namun ada satu atraksi di Gardens By The Bay yang belum pernah saya coba naik, yaitu jembatan setinggi 22 meter yang menghubungkan Super Tree Groove. Sampai akhirnya saya pergi berdua mr.husband ke Singapura dengan itinerary khusus untuk mencoba OCBC Skyway.

Beneran nih mau naik? Tanya saya dalam hati ketika melihat OCBC Skyway dari dekat. Hahaha.. Tapi tentunya kali ini tekad saya sudah bulat. Siapa takut?

Melihat OCBC Skyway dari dekat
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Enjoying The Cloud Forest at Gardens By The Bay

This is my second visit to Cloud Forest, the cool moist conservatory. As you may know, Gardens By The Bay has two conservatories: the Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest. Flower Dome is the one I visited during Tulip Mania Festival 2017. While the Cloud Forest has never been explored thoroughly by myself. On my first visit, I had only limited time, so we didn't go up to the mountain. Wait, is there a mountain inside the conservatory?

Yes, there is an artificial mountain inside! The Cloud Forest features a 35 meter tall mountain covered in lush vegetation, shrouding the world's tallest indoor waterfall. The Cloud Forest is completely different compared to the Flower Dome. But of course both are very beautiful and worth to be visited. Actually I would say if you have boys, they will surely love Cloud Forest because of the hike, the bridges and everything else.

Through this post, let me show you how Cloud Forest looks like. This post will be very heavy with pictures captured by mr.husband :)

The air conditioned conservatory with a stunning view
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Haji Lane & Arab Street Singapore: What To Do, Where To Take Pictures & Where to Stay

You've probably heard so many things about Haji Lane, an artistic street with lovely murals in Singapore. Haji Lane is a small lane in Arab Street area. I always visit Arab Street whenever I go to Singapore, because of Murtabak Zam Zam.

But now there are so many things to do around Arab Street. From buying a halal certified cupcake at Fluff Bakery to having a delicious cup of coffee at ARC. Of course with so many taking pictures opportunity in between :)

This post will be full of pictures, and after reading it, I am sure that you will understand why Haji Lane and Arab Street is my favorite area in Singapore.

This lane will lead us to Haji Lane
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