Tulip Mania 2017 at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

There is always something about me and the tulips, well at least that's what I think:D I remembered my one year in the Netherlands (during my student exchange program in high school), when I was riding bicycle and I saw tulips along the way. 

I haven't had the chance to see the tulips again in the Netherlands ever since. Actually the plan is on our bucketlist to go back to the Netherlands, we just have to wait few more years when the lebaran holiday is around April or May, the same period as the tulips. Perhaps another two or three years to go.

Gardens By The Bay, my happiest place in Singapore, held this what so called Tulip Mania Festival since 2013. Of course I went to see the festival back in 2013, all by myself. You can check out the link here. And now in 2017, I went all alone by myself to see the tulips once more.

It started when I realized that we had a holiday on Wednesday during the Jakarta's governor election. Mr.husband's office is located outside Jakarta, so unfortunately he doesn't have one day off from the office. But he let me to travel solo to Singapore. The problem was, I forget how it feels to travel solo anymore hahaha..

But I made it to Gardens by The Bay, and these tulips said hello to you all.

When the door to Flower Dome was opened, the first thing I saw was this lovely pink tulips

The Paintings & The Tulips

Perhaps the most beautiful section of the Tulip Mania 2017 in Gardens By The Bay was these bucket of tulips located near the entrance of Flower Dome. There are five legendary paintings, and the tulips were placed based on the painting colors. So lovely.

The Starry Night with purple & yellow tulips
The Red Vineyard fits with orange and yellow tulips

To get into Flower Dome, I paid SGD16 for the ticket to the Flower Dome only (available at the counter). If you'd like to visit Flower Dome as well as the Cloud Forest, you can book your ticket at Gardens By The Bay's website. FYI the ticket sold at the website is only for a combined ticket of Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

KLM Booth Before Entering The Lower Ground

I walked further to Flower Dome and found this cute KLM booth. You could take picture at the booth, post it on instagram, and if you are choosen as the lucky winner, the ticket to Amsterdam awaits you.

Of course, I didn't take picture at the booth, remember, I travelled solo:p

KLM is Tulip Mania Festival 2017 official partner

More Tulips at The Lower Ground

At the lower ground, there are more tulips to enjoy. The highlight is Mr.Van Gogh in a frame of tulips. 

What an idea :)

His paintings, the Starry Night is also formed from tulips.

The Starry Night

And there are even more variety of tulips at the center of flower dome. It was early in the morning, around 10 am but the dome is packed with people enjoying the beautiful tulips.

All those colorful tulips..
The red and white tulips

Hello Again Purple Tulips!

And of course my mission is to take picture once again with the purple tulips. I found one called "affaire" which is a combination of white and purple. So beautiful!

Two colored tulips

In one place, I saw the purple tulips side by side with the pink one. Too bad the purple one has not completely bloomed like the pink tulips.

Purple vs pink

And I had to ask one lady to take picture of the purple tulips. The perks of solo travelling, I was really hesitate to ask the lady to take another shoot (:

Up close and personal with purple tulips again

I Will See You in Tulip Mania 2018 :)

Yes, it was a bit crazy and impulsive trip for the tulips. I left my office on Tuesday late afternoon, went directly to the airport. Mmm.. maybe there is one reason why my office (which is located in the northern part of Jakarta) is not that far away from the airport:D

The next day I flew back from Changi around 5pm, after my visit to the Tulip Mania 2017. And I was picked up by mr.husband after his office hour. The timing was just perfect.  

But I must say that this solo travelling teach me how to bring all the gadget by myself, to charge each of the before going to sleep, and to take all the pictures by myself. The last one was the hardest part by the way. Although I made it, I had requested to see the Tulip Mania 2018 with mr.husband. Hahaha..

Who is coming with me next year?

With Fuji on my neck, and go pro on my hand. Ooh I needed mr.husband!

written on May 28, 2017
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  1. sekali2 gong Solo ya Mba..

    Cantik bgt Tulipnya dan foto2nya bagus

    1. Iya sekali-kali Mba, tapi lebih baik rame-rame aja deh ah hahaha.
      Beneran Mba fotonya bagus? Aku suka ga PD kalau enggak difotoin mr.husband:D

  2. Keren boleh nih ide nya, bisa ajak mertua thn depan, nda usah jauh2 ke eropah or turki ya hihihi, makasih info nya ya mba

    1. Yuk Mba kita ke sana tahun depan :)

    2. Mb th 2018 bulan mei juga? Kira 2 tanggal pastinya kapan ya

    3. Tanggal2nya mirip2 setiap tahun, tapi aku enggak tau Mba yg tahun depan. Coba cek website nya Gardens By The Bay kalau udah mendekati tanggalnya.

  3. mba tesya...ada tempat sholatnya disana ato kudu keluar area dome kah?

    1. Engga ada tempat solat di dekat sini Mba. Jadi harus di prepare udah Ashar aja ke GTB nya. Menghindari panas juga..