Pengalaman Menginap di Airbnb Area Bugis, Singapura

Sudah pernah menginap di airbnb di Singapura? Saya belum pernah, sampai dengan secara impulsive saya membeli tiket Jetstar PP untuk melihat Tulip Mania Festival 2017. Karena dadakan, saya mencari penginapan yang murah meriah.

Alhamdulillah saya memiliki travel credit di airbnb yang saya dapatkan dari program referral airbnb. Jadi kalau teman-teman sayang sama saya (ihiiiy!), sign up di airbnb dengan kode booking TMERIAM1 (<-- atau di klik aja link nya ya). Nanti akan ada diskon USD25 untuk reservasi teman-teman (min harga kamar USD75) dan saya pun mendapatkan what so called travel credit. Yuk sign up

Mari kembali ke pencarian airbnb saya di Singapura. Secara spesifik saya memasukan "Bugis Singapura" saat mencari lokasi. Memilih "1 person" karena saya bepergian seorang diri, tidak lupa filter "entire home" karena saya tidak mau tinggal di rumah orang lain, dan mengklik tombol search. Airbnb mengarahkan saya ke beberapa pilihan dan tau sendiri kan yang saya pilih? Yup, yang paling murah!:D

Jodoh mempertemukan saya dengan sebuah apartemen yang very compact di area Bugis. Harga yang saya bayar? Rp 200 ribu semalam setelah dipotong travel credit (harga normal Rp 1 juta semalam). Tapi begitu saya tiba, eh.. kecil banget yaaa! 

Shock juga kamarnya mini tapi setelah dipelajari lagi, konsep dan idenya patut ditiru!

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Tulip Mania 2017 at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

There is always something about me and the tulips, well at least that's what I think:D I remembered my one year in the Netherlands (during my student exchange program in high school), when I was riding bicycle and I saw tulips along the way. 

I haven't had the chance to see the tulips again in the Netherlands ever since. Actually the plan is on our bucketlist to go back to the Netherlands, we just have to wait few more years when the lebaran holiday is around April or May, the same period as the tulips. Perhaps another two or three years to go.

Gardens By The Bay, my happiest place in Singapore, held this what so called Tulip Mania Festival since 2013. Of course I went to see the festival back in 2013, all by myself. You can check out the link here. And now in 2017, I went all alone by myself to see the tulips once more.

It started when I realized that we had a holiday on Wednesday during the Jakarta's governor election. Mr.husband's office is located outside Jakarta, so unfortunately he doesn't have one day off from the office. But he let me to travel solo to Singapore. The problem was, I forget how it feels to travel solo anymore hahaha..

But I made it to Gardens by The Bay, and these tulips said hello to you all.

When the door to Flower Dome was opened, the first thing I saw was this lovely pink tulips
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Ibis Styles Bogor: A Family Friendly Hotel in Bogor

Bogor is our second hometown after Bandung. We often go to Bogor everytime we miss Bandung. Many times we do a daytrip to Bogor, but sometimes we also stay over night.

When I was searching for a hotel in Bogor for our weekend getaway, I stumbled at Ibis Styles Bogor. I remember staying at Novotel Bogor before for our office meeting, but I have never heard that there is a newly opened Ibis Styles Bogor.

I checked the location of Ibis Styles bogor, and it was perfect. It is away from hustle and bustle of the city, and surrounded by greenery. The hotel is set in a quiet location, where you can have your morning walk or cycling time with your family.

But not only the surrounding that surprised me, the hotel is meant to be a very family friendly hotel, with so many facilities for the kids. 

All these trees in front of 
Ibis Styles Bogor welcomed us :)
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Staycation at Holiday Inn Express Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran

When we don't have any long weekend to spend for a getaway but still feel like going somewhere, what we do is taking a family staycation. We book a room in a hotel located in Jakarta, and we spent one or two nights at the hotel.

Location wise, we prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Kemayoran area is one of our fave area as it is minutes away from Ancol. We have stayed many times in Kemayoran area, and this time we were invited by Holiday Inn Express Jakarta International Expo.

What really surprising was the design of the hotel. Holiday Inn Express is famous for "We Keep It Simple and Smart" concept, but I still feel the luxurious touch at the lobby as well as the restaurant where we had our breakfast on the next day. 

We did not miss the opportunity to take picture on its most instagramable spot at the lobby:)

At the lobby of Holiday Inn Express Jakarta International Expo
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Ubud With Kids: Swimming at Jungle Fish Bali

To my surprise, mr.husband had google about one place in Ubud called Jungle fish. He had never mentioned about this place until we were having lunch at Bubur Laota, near Bali's airport.

Just in time, when our Kiddos wanted to go to the beach, we offered another option. Going to a beach club with no beach. Well, after a gelato stick, finally Kiddos#2 agreed to go directly to Ubud.

An hour later, we arrived at Jungle Fish and from the moment I stepped in, I really fell in love with this place. A rice field welcomed us, and we didn't let the opportunity to take picture with the scarecrow. It reminds us of the Poldy the scarecrow :)

Hellow Mr.Scarecrow!
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