Mandarin Orchard Hotel Review

What's the most famous and favorite hotel on Singapore's Orchard Road? Probably, Mandarin Orchard Hotel is the answer. The location is at the heart of Orchard: 2 minutes walk to Ngee Ann City, a stones walk away from Paragon Mall, and H&M is around the corner.
This is definitely not my choice if I travel with my family (although the beds in the room are huge!). First of all, because of its price, and I am not really "an Orchard person". But I had the opportunity to stay here (for free), so I guess it's not a bad idea to share my experience staying at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.
The ground floor which is directly linked to a shopping mall called Mandarin Gallery, is only a waiting area. You have to go to the 5th floor to reach the lobby area. The lobby has a modern and minimalist design, with a touch of luxury from its lighting as well as the hanging lamp.
I love the hanging lamp at the lobby area

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Wisata Kuliner di Cirebon Dalam Satu Hari

Setelah Puncak dan Bandung, destinasi pilihan weekend getaway dari Jakarta adalah Cirebon. Dibukanya tol Cipali dan waktu tempuh kereta yang hanya tiga jam, membuat banyak warga Jakarta rela pulang pergi hanya untuk menikmati wisata kuliner khas Cirebon.

"Saya sih satu setengah jam aja Bu dari rumah ke Cirebon. Makan Nasi Jamblang, terus pulang deh" begitu cerita teman kantor saya yang rumahnya di daerah Cikarang. Saya langsung ngiler dan ingin segera kembali untuk wisata kuliner satu hari di Cirebon.

Makanan khas Cirebon itu ada banyak banget, tapi favorit kami adalah Nasi Jamblang dan Empal Gentong. In between, makan seafood di Cirebon juga enak loh!

Untuk wisata kuliner satu hari di Cirebon, tiga tempat ini adalah rekomendasi kami.

1. Makan Murah Meriah di Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur

Setibanya di Cirebon, kami langsung menyalakan aplikasi waze dan memasukan "Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur" sebagai destinasi pertama. Pagi itu restoran masih sepi, kami bisa duduk dengan nyaman. "Bun, kok ini isinya bangku semua enggak ada meja?" tanya Kiddos#1. 

Bangku panjang yang terdapat di dalam restoran memang terlihat serupa, namun sebetulnya bangku panjang yang berfungsi sebagai meja, ukurannya lebih lebar.  

It was our Kiddos' first time trying Nasi Jamblang

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Kailis Fremantle: The Best Seafood and Fish Market in Town

Kailis' Fish Market Cafe was our main reason why we intended to visit Fremantle. It was on the top list when I was googling "where to eat good seafood in Fremantle". We wanted to eat the best fish and chip in Fremantle.

We got there on a rainy day, which was too bad, otherwise we could sit at the outdoor area, enjoying Fremantle's fishing boat harbour. Yes, the restaurant set beautifully on the waterfront, and it was one of the restaurant which is always full with visitors.

Kailis and the boats
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Family Trip to Komodo Day 1 on Youtube

It has been a while since our Family Trip to Komodo, but I hope that it's not too late to share with you our first tesyasvlog. Take a look on how awesome LOB in Komodo Island was.

P.S Thank you mr.husband for this video :)

written on December 9, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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E Shed Markets Fremantle: Cheap Souvenirs in Perth

We don't really have an urge to buy souvenirs while traveling. Most of the time we don't mind buying souvenirs from tourist attraction place, as long as they are unique. We only buy few things anyway, so the price different will not be significant.

However, I love to visit markets! So I planned to visit E Shed Markets located in Fremantle, a short drive from Perth. This market is famous as the place to find cheap souvenirs in Perth.

We still had our rented car that day, after our roadtrip to Kalbarri National Park. It was a good thing because it rained heavily throughout the day. We parked our car just in front of the main entrance.
Our little car in front of the market

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Royal Hotel Perth Review

I had two requirements when I was looking for a hotel to stay at Perth on our first night: it has to be located at Perth CBD and it should cost AUD100 at the maximum. 

The good news was, we were not visiting Perth on a peak period, but still looking for a hotel that cost AUD100 for two person in the heart of Perth was troublesome.

Until I found Royal Hotel Perth through booking[dot]com website, and yup their cheapest room was AUD100, but it comes with a shared bathroom. Because we were going to stay for a night anyway, the shared bathroom was not a big issue. After reading its positive review on tripadvisor, I clicked the reservation button.

An antique hotel in the heart of Perth

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Cycling at Coney Island Singapore

This is my second post regarding Punggol Waterway Singapore, I bet you've read how we got lost in Punggol Waterway by foot. Now let's continue the story by exploring this area on a bike.

Well, I always wanted to do cycling in Singapore. But I have never found a bicycle rental place, until I found the GoCycling FB page. We decided to have it a try and visited their branch at Punggol Promenade.

How to go to Punggol Promenade: head to Punggol MRT station, exit the station to the bus terminal. Take bus number 84, and stop at Punggol Promenade (bus stop: Punggol Road End). From a distance you will see the Go Cycling counter inside a park.

Go Cycling was easy to spot

We rented two bicycles cost SGD8 per hour for each bike. So we rented 2 hours, and as a bonus we got the 3rd hour free of charge. For your information, helmets were not included in the rental fee. 
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Evergreen Residences Singapore Review

Nowadays it is hard to find a place to stay in a decent room with an en suite bathroom under 100 dollar in Singapore. Hotels in the city center offers room starting from SGD110. Your only choice might only be to stay in the hostels, which cost around SGD30 per person. 

If you are looking for a hotel in Singapore under 100 dollar, you have to choose a hotel which is located a little bit out of the city, but with an easy access to the MRT station as well as to the bus stops.

One of the option is to stay at Evergreen Residences in Aljunied area, a new residences building which is located 3 minutes away from the bus stops, and 10 minutes away both to Aljunied and Mountbatten MRT Station (Aljunied and Mountbatten are in the green and orange MRT line respectively).

In front of Evergreen Residences, Singapore
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Lost at Punggol Waterway Singapore

Yeay! So happy that I and mr.husband decided to have a weekend getaway in Singapore once again. This time, I wanted to do something different, and go to a place which we have never been before in Singapore.

After those blogs walking and googling, our choice was to cycle at Punggol Waterway, this place was found when I search information about Singapore National Parks.  

I have read, that we had to take bus 84 from Punggol MRT and alight at the Punggol Road End bus stop. But it was our first opportunity to take LRT in Singapore. I wouldn't miss that!

And that's how we got lost in Punggol Waterway. We took the wrong direction from Damai LRT Station, and suddenly we were on a bridge surrounded by huge apartments. 

The Punggol Waterway, between the apartments
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Kawah Putih Bandung, A Magnificent Place To Visit

Despite being born in Bandung and having lived there until I graduate from the university, I have never visited Kawah Putih (Oh shame on me!). So on a weekend, I and mr.husband visited Kawah Putih, after dropping off our Kiddos at their grandparents' house. They wanted to see their grandparents straight away, so I and mr.husband decided to have a date.

When we reached the place and seeing the beauty of Kawah Putih, I asked myself, "Where have I been?!" Kawah Putih is amazingly beautiful.

The magnificent Kawah Putih
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Two Hands Full Coffee, Bandung

If you succeed to reach Pasteur Bandung Toll Exit very early on a Saturday morning, then why not start your day with the most delicious coffee in Bandung?

I knew this cafe, Tho Hands Full Coffee from instagram, and from all those beautiful pictures of the cafe uploaded on instagram, I knew I had to visit Two Hands Full, Bandung.

Located on one of the most busiest road in Bandung (especially on weekends), Jalan Sukajadi. If you come from Pasteur, you will find Parijs Van Java Mall (PVJ) on your left, then just go straight. Two Hands Full Coffee will be on your right, with only a small sign. 

Once you stepped in, you will be amazed by how cool this place is.

Beautiful interior of Two Hands Full Coffee

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Breakfast at Hummingbird, Bandung

Saturday is our day to do cafe hopping in Bandung. This is the time when Bandung's traffic is still ok and cafes which provide breakfast are usually still empty.

Having visited Miss Bee, we would like to try Miss Bee's sister cafe called Hummingbird. Actually it's not a new place, but we haven't got a chance to visit it. 

Hummingbird Eatery and Guesthouse is located on Jalan Progo Bandung, minutes away from the famous Factory Outlets on Jalan Riau, Bandung. You can find their first branch at Kuningan City, Jakarta, as well.

We were welcomed by the bird:p
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Club Med Bali Review: Sport and Activities

It was my first Club Med experience. Before coming to Club Med Bali, I read its website to plan what will we do at Club Med Bali for 3 days. The Children Club, snorkeling, kayaking, archery, flying trapeze, swimming, tennis and yoga were on our list. 

When we arrived at Club Med Bali, the first thing that our Kiddos request was swimming, because the pool was seen from the lobby. We sat at one of the cabana provided in Club Med Bali, ordering cold drinks from the bar for free, chilling out at the pool, and started our 3 days enjoying sport and activities at Club Med Bali.

This was the view from Cabana by the main pool
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Club Med Bali Review - The All Inclusive Resort

This was our first Club Med experience. Club Med has more than 80 resorts in the world, and 2 of them are located in Indonesia: Club Med Bali and Club Med Bintan

If you are not familiar with Club Med, it is an all inclusive resort. The price you pay include all the activities, food, drinks, and of course the kids club for the children. I always thought that staying at Club Med is only for the members. But I was wrong, you don't have to be a member to stay at Club Med in Indonesia. 

We stayed for 3D2N, it was an amazing experience for our family. Read our Club Med Bali Review, we would like to share how this resort had given our family a memorable experience.

Couldn't wait to arrive at Club Med Bali
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Review of Sari Ater Family Camping Park

Yes, our family is a big fan of "glamping" (glamorous camping), and we would love to try any places which provide glamping in Indonesia. This time, we visited Sari Ater Family Camping Park, located in Lembang, about 2 hours from Bandung.

As usual, I was asked by my friends to organize a weekend getaway. I decided to try camping at Sari Ater after reading some review of it. I had to find a comfortable place for our group which consist of many kids, toddlers, even one baby. 6 families confirmed to join glamping this time, the biggest group of any family trips I had arranged so far.

I will write a detail review of Sari Ater Camping Park, to give you an idea why I think choosing this place was the right decision.

Welcome to Sari Ater Camping Park
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Scientia Square Park : The Best Playground in Jakarta

Well,'s not exactly located in Jakarta, it's about one hour away from Jakarta (without heavy traffic). Scientia Square Park is located next to Summarecon Digital Center Serpong and it is by far the best playground I found in Jakarta, or to be honest, in Indonesia.

It's a huge playground, having great (and new) equipments, some of them are similar to the playground we visited in Darling Harbour, Sydney. That's why our friend Yulia, who lived in Sydney during her master program, texted me when she found Scientia Square Park, "Tes, let's play at Scientia Square Park, it's as great as Darling Harbour's playground. You'll love it!"

And Yulia was right, we love it, from the very first start.

Arriving around 6 am at Scientia, we were welcomed by Mr.Sunshine
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Pavilliun Sunda: Where To Eat Sundanese Food in Bandung

I came across the name of the restaurant: Pavilliun Sunda on Jalan Riau Bandung, when I was looking for a restaurant serving Sundanese food for a group of 50 people. My friend suggested Pavilliun Sunda, but I had never heard about this restaurant before.

Then I found out that it's on Jalan Riau, located few meters away from our favorite cafe, Two Cents. It used to be a maternity hospital, I remember one of my cousin gave birth there.

I couldn't believe what I saw when I visited Pavilliun Sunda for the first time, what a different place compared to what it used to be! 

From the interior, you can feel that it is an upscale Sundanese restaurant

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La Maison Bleue Leura: A Blissful Stay at Blue Mountains

This was our second Airbnb experience in Australia. As a family traveler, having a place to stay for four person with a fully equipped kitchen is a must. So for us, it is better to choose apartment from Airbnb rather than staying in a hotel.

When I and mr.husband searching for a place to stay at Blue Mountains, we fell in love with La Maison Bleue in Leura. After our Prince Henry Cliff Walk experience (where we started our walk in Leura), our favorite city in Blue Mountains area is definitely Leura.

Isabelle, the owner or La Maison Bleue welcomed us with a hug, we knew from our first step to the house, we will call Isabelle's house our home.

The beautiful corner at Isabelle's house
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Kampung Sumber Alam Garut: Where To Stay at Garut

Garut, a city which is located 1-1,5 hours from my hometown Bandung, is famous a weekend getaway destination from Bandung as well as from Jakarta. Though it takes 5 hours drive from Jakarta, lots of people think the journey worth it.

Time stops when you are in Garut! You will be spoiled by the view, the fresh air, the food and (for me especially) the hot spring. 

I choose staying at Kampung Sumber Alam, because it's my favorite resort in Cipanas, Garut, since I was in high school. Apparently, the resort is very well maintained, it was still as good as my last visit, 8 years ago.

Kampung Sumber Alam in the morning
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Things To See in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is a little town located around 600km northern of Perth, famous for its national park having the same name with the township. 

Kalbarri has a tag line for its tourism which is "Kalbarri, you'll love it" and yes I loved it on the first day of our visit. This place is awesome with so many things to see.

One fine morning at Kalbarri

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Roadtrip From Perth to Kalbarri

Planning a roadtrip in Western Australia? Why not trying our route, a 6-7 hours drive from Perth to Kalbarri. I admit it was a long journey, but it offers so many things to see.

One of them was Nambung National Park (2 hours drive from Perth), but we decided to visit it on the last day of our roadtrip. Which was a decision I regret until now. We could not stop there as it was was raining on our way back to Perth (:

We started our journey by heading to Brand Highway from Perth heading to Geraldton, the biggest city closest to Kalbarri.

From Perth to Geraldton

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The Nature's Window at Kalbarri National Park

I said "yes" to the proposed itinerary made by mr.husband when we were planning our couple trip to Perth, Australia. He told me about visiting Kalbarri National Park which requires a 7 hours drive from Perth.

I put aside the long trip that I will have to experience, eventhough I knew I am not "a roadtrip person". Australian's National Park has always been a must visit place when we travel as couple.

I am sure you will also agree.

Looking through the Nature's Window at Kalbarri National Park

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Review of Tanakita Camping Ground, Sukabumi

I always answer "Tanakita" whenever someone ask me what is my favourite camping ground that we have visited so far. Tanakita located in Sukabumi, a 3 to 4 hours car ride from Jakarta (depending on traffic). 

It is located inside the Pangrango National Park, so you will enjoy lush garden, the greenery from the forest, fresh air and a comfortable camping ground for your family.

After sunset at Tanakita Camping Ground
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10 Reasons Why You Should Stay At Wisana Village Redang Island, Malaysia

I have never heard about Redang Island before (which is located a 45 minutes speedboat ride from Kuala Terengganu-Malaysia), until a friend of mine introduced this island.

"You should go to Redang Island if you like snorkeling" he told me while we were enjoying our stay at Anoi Itam Resort, in Weh Island, Indonesia. He told me how pristine the beaches in Redang is. I started to google and fell in love with it. Since then Redang Island was on my family traveling bucketlist...

... and a year later, we visited Redang Island :)

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Komodo Trip With Kids: Sunrise at Gili Lawa

On the last morning of our live aboard trip (LOB) in Komodo, all of us woke up before 5 am and getting ready for the trekking to see the the sunrise at Gili Lawa. We also woke our Kiddos up because they said that they wanted to join the trekking as well. But then the captain said that it was not recommended to take the kids up to the hill in the dark. After some negotiation, our Kiddos agreed to stay on the boat with @ibupenyu.

We transferred by our small speed boat to the beach, it was still dark, and we had to climb up to the hill. Yup the highest hill in the below picture! Thousand of stars accompanied our walk. It was indeed a special morning for us.

The hill, the stars and the darkness at Gili Lawa
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Komodo Trip With Kids: Enjoying Sunset at Gili Lawa

One of the most exotic hilly area that we visited in Komodo was Gili Lawa, and our trip organizer @ibupenyu had a plan for our group to do a light trekking to see sunset at Gili Lawa.

We arrived around 3.30 pm at Gili Lawa, on our way from Pink Beach to Gili Lawa, the wave was huge. We had to hold everything on the table because the boat was shaking. Our Kiddos#2 fell asleep while Kiddos#1 was afraid that he requested me to pray out loud during the journey. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at Gili Lawa.

The big boat used by our group approaching Gili Lawa
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Komodo Trip With Kids: The Beauty of Pink Beach

I have heard and seen how beautiful Pink Beach in Komodo Island is, but still it was different when I see it with my own eyes. How should I describe it? It was stunning as not only the beach, but also the underwater world was dominated by pink. It was also a very secluded beach, perfect to spend a family time.

We visited Pink Beach on the second day of our liveaboard trip in Komodo Island. And so far this was our favorite snorkeling spot in Indonesia.

The bears on the Pink Beach

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Komodo Trip With Kids: Thousand of Bats at Kalong Island

After visiting Rinca Island, everyone gathered in the smaller boat because we needed to save time to get to Kalong Island ("Kalong" means bat). Our smaller boat was faster than the bigger one. We had to be there before sunset to watch all the bats going out for their dinner.

Our journey started around 5 pm, leaving the Rinca Island behind us.

We were ready to go
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Komodo Trip With Kids: Snorkeling at Kelor Island

The thing we love the most from our live aboard (LOB) in Komodo Island was the ability to park our boat, and have a snorkeling session in the beautiful beaches. Our Kiddos love beaches and swimming so much, so whenever we started our journey with our boat, the first stop should be the beach!

Just like on the first day, we started our journey from Labuan Bajo around 12.30 pm. Our Kiddos knew that we were going to swim at Pulau Kelor (Kelor Island). After the first five minute of our sail, they started to ask, "Are we there yet?" So Kak Windy played cards with them, to make them busy and enjoyed the journey.

Playing UNO cards on the boat
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Komodo Trip With Kids: Visiting Rinca Island

Traveling to Komodo Island with our kids was one of our travel dream destination in 2015. Actually mr.husband had requested this Komodo live aboard (LOB) trip since 2 years ago. Finally I said yes after checking out that the boat which will be used by our group was actually very nice:D

We will post several stories about our Komodo trip with kids, but let me start with how we had visited Rinca Island, and saw Komodo in the real life for the first time! Many pictures will be uploaded in each of the Komodo Trip's stories, please be ready:)

The ranger and the female Komodo
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What to Do After Sunset at Perth Kings Park

I think anyone visiting Perth will include a visit to Kings Park in their itinerary. We put the plan to visit Kings Park on our first day, with a minimal research on how to go to the park:p

"We could take the Red CAT Bus to the park" mr husband explained while we were on the Blue CAT Bus leaving Perth Bell Tower. So I just followed him, as he was supposed to be the one who do the research for our anniversary trip.

We changed from Blue to Red line at Perth City and took the Red CAT Bus. We alight at stop 18: Outram Street, then walked to the entrance of Kings Park via Kings Park Road. Crossing the road was challenging as there were no crossing sign! By the way, it was around sunset time, and we wished to take a picture of the sunset inside the park as well.

Almost sunset at King Road

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Perth Bell Tower: Enjoying Aerial View of Perth

We always love to see a city view from the top, and that's why Perth Bell Tower was included in our itinerary. As we had only few days in Perth, we visited Perth Bell Tower upon arrival. Too bad we were too late for the Bell handling demonstration.

We walked from our hotel which is Royal Hotel, and arrived at The Bell Tower just 40 minutes before it was closed. Opening times vary seasonally, better to check their website before you visit Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower in the middle of Elizabeth Quay construction

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Tune Hotel KLIA 2 : Where to Stay at KLIA 2 Airport

If you have a connecting flight which require one night stop over at KLIA 2 airport, you don't have to worry as they provide an affordable hotel, located adjacent to the airport. Yes, Tune Hotel KLIA 2 was our choice when we had to transit on our way from Jakarta to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur with our favorite airline: Air Asia.

The price of the room is above the average rate compared with other Tune hotel. Our twin room was MYR 140 (after tax). But it was understood because it is the only hotel at the area which is linked to the airport. Well, there's one hotel inside the airport which is Sami-sami Express. But if you had to wait more than 6 hours like us, it is better to stay outside the airport, right?

Heading to Tune Hotel from KLIA 2

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Cirebon Culinary: Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur and Empal Gentong H.Apud

Cirebon is one of the place where Jakarta's people go to spend a weekend getaway, beside Bogor and Bandung. It's around 3,5 hours by train, or around 4-5 hours by car before the highway is opened. Lots of people make a one day trip from Jakarta to Cirebon by train just to enjoy the Cirebon's culinary.

We stayed overnight at Cirebon and visited the top two restaurants in Cirebon amongst local people and also tourists.

Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur Cirebon

The main reason of our second weekend getaway to Cirebon was crystal clear: I wanted to eat at Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur! I tried it once when visiting Cirebon for a mommies dayout trip. And I fell in love with Nasi Jambalng Ibu Nur!

We arrived around 9 am on Saturday, and we could get our food directly without any queue. I couldn't imagine how full this place would be on lunch time.

All of the food were placed inside those silver bowls
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Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon: Staying In The Central of The City

Having stayed at Aston Hotel Cirebon on our first family trip to Cirebon, we wanted to stay somewhere else in the city. I checked on Agoda the hotel rates for the following day. Well it was an unplanned trip, I wanted to eat Nasi Jamblang, and Mr.Husband agreed to fulfil my request:p So I searched the hotel only one day before we went to Cirebon.

I just knew that Swiss-Belhotel has opened their hotel in Cirebon, and the rate was affordable, IDR 570,000 per night including breakfast for 2 person and tax. For a new hotel located adjacent to a shopping mall, the rate was just irresistible. 

Checking in at the lobby of Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon
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Loco Mama Food Truck

I have been waiting for the opportunity to go to Kemang area on Saturday night to try the famous Loco Mama food truck. But "the Saturday night" for me and Rene spent mostly around Cibubur area, or Bandung, or any other places if we were traveling, but never Kemang.

So it was a surprise for me to finally found Loco Mama food truck at Kota Wisata, Cibubur. Loco Mama participated in a food truck festival held in Kota Wisata few weeks ago, and also during Ramadan at cluster Nebraska.

Their orange truck was really eye catching between all other food trucks participating in the event.

Loco Mama Food Truck
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Car Free Night Asia Afrika Bandung

A new look on Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung, has made this street a very "happening" place at the moment. Anyone visiting Bandung (tourist and also local people) enjoy this beautiful street to take pictures with Gedung Merdeka, the building being used for Asia Afrika conference. People keep on coming all day long.

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit Car Free Night on Jalan Asia Afrika. Lucky that my brother's house is minutes away from Jalan Asia Afrika, so I parked at his house, and walked to Jalan Asia Afrika. As there was a roadblock, other streets around Jalan Asia Afrika were very crowded. 

And when we reached Jalan Asia Afrika after 10 minutes walking, we were amazed by the CROWD. People were everywhere, I wonder where they came from. 

Welcome to Asia Arfrika Car Free Night
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Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur: A Perfect Family Hotel in KL

On our journey from Sydney to Jakarta, we choose to transit one night in Kuala Lumpur, as our Air Asia flight was bound for Sydney-Kuala Lumpur route. We choose to fly with Lufthansa from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, giving us a chance to stay overnight at Kuala Lumpur.
We needed a hotel which is centrally located in KL Sentral (train station), and thanks God Google had lead us to Aloft Hotel KL Sentral

Before doing the research on where to stay near KL Sentral, I thought there's only Hilton Hotel which is directly linked to KL Sentral. I saw the sign to Hilton Hotel on my previous visit to Kuala Lumpur. But when I checked on Google Maps, Aloft Hotel is now the newest hotel which is directly linked to KL Sentral and to Nu Sentral Mall.

The escalator which linked KL Sentral with Nu Sentral Mall and Aloft Hotel
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Weekend Staycation at Morrissey Jakarta

When I was googling for a hotel in Jakarta to enjoy a weekend staycation, I stumbled on Morrissey Apartment. As a family traveler, I like the concept of their apartment: spacious room with sofa and kitchenette inside the room. 

The location was also perfect, right in the middle of Jakarta. We booked the room through Agoda around IDR 1,000,000 per night including breakfast for 2 person.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were welcomed by a friendly staff at the reception as well as dogs near the lift which could be found on every floor. Cute!

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Tokyo Connection Bandung

Jalan Progo Bandung might be one of the street in Bandung which has more than 10 cafes and restaurants. One of the first cafe was Toko Coklat Bandung which we visited in 2009.

On a late Saturday afternoon, we decided to stop by and have our early dinner, knowing that Jalan Progo will be really crowded on a Saturday night. Because my father loves Japanese food, we decided to have a family dinner at Tokyo Connection Bandung.

The restaurant is dominated by wood, giving it a very relaxing ambiance. We sat at the front area and choose the table near the window to enjoy Bandung's fresh air.

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Coziee Lodge Singapore Hostel Review

We stayed at Coziee Lodge on our weekend getaway in Singapore. It was a budget trip, and we got a promo rate of SGD25 per person per night, staying in either male or female dorm.

We arrived early in the morning after spending our first night sleeping at Changi airport. The reception opens 24 hours, after checking in, we were allowed to leave our backpack near the reception area. Each of us had to pay SGD20 for a key deposit which could be collected after checking out.

The common area, located on the 2nd floor
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