Cycling at Coney Island Singapore

This is my second post regarding Punggol Waterway Singapore, I bet you've read how we got lost in Punggol Waterway by foot. Now let's continue the story by exploring this area on a bike.

Well, I always wanted to do cycling in Singapore. But I have never found a bicycle rental place, until I found the GoCycling FB page. We decided to have it a try and visited their branch at Punggol Promenade.

How to go to Punggol Promenade: head to Punggol MRT station, exit the station to the bus terminal. Take bus number 84, and stop at Punggol Promenade (bus stop: Punggol Road End). From a distance you will see the Go Cycling counter inside a park.

Go Cycling was easy to spot

We rented two bicycles cost SGD8 per hour for each bike. So we rented 2 hours, and as a bonus we got the 3rd hour free of charge. For your information, helmets were not included in the rental fee. 

After the payment was settled, we started our journey from Punggol Promenade, passing the area full of cafes and restaurants which were still closed. It was around 10.30am and suddenly it turned to be a cloudy morning.

The bicycle path at the Punggol Promenade

From a distance we saw a gate with "Coney Island" sign. Many people were heading to the gate. I have read regarding Coney Island when I was googling about "cycling in Punggol Waterway". But didn't really know what to see inside the island. So let's just explore the place.

We were heading to Coney Island West Entrance 
With my vintage bicycle

Coney Island was open on October 10, 2015. Previously it was called "Pulau Serangoon or Serangoon Island" and it was only accessible by boat. Now with the opening of two bridges connecting the island to Singapore, Coney Island could be accessed by foot or bicycle.

There are actually many things to do in Coney Island. You could go to the beach, watch the bird, and play with the woods (Casuarina Exploratory, located near the west entrance). The map below will explain the places you could visit in Coney Island.

Taken from The Strait Times

We didn't stop at any of those places, we just followed the main path and enjoying the fresh air and the trees at Coney Island.

The main path was shared by those who were doing their brisk walking and those who were cycling
Going into the forrest
Coney Island is huge, better to explore it on a bicycle 
If you wish to explore the island, just follow the signs

After around 20 minutes, we reached the East Entrance gate. You could choose whether to go to Coney Island by West or the East entrance. But if you're taking the bus, definitely it will be easier to start your journey from Punggol Promenade, then head to Coney Island West Entrance.

The East Entrance of Coney Island

The east entrance is located near the East Serangon River East Dam, and if you wish to visit the Lorong Halus Wetland, you just continue cycling a bit further. For information regarding Lorong Halus Wetland, you can check their website.

The Serangoon Reservoir East Dam

I only saw toilet near the East Entrance of Coney Island, better you go to the toilet at Punggol Promenade before starting cycling to Coney Island. You should also take lots of water and snacks with you if you'd like to explore the island.

We love exploring new places in Singapore, and the cycling route in Coney Island and Punggol Waterway is by far our favorite things to do in Singapore, to get away from hustle and bustle of the city.

We would love to come back and catch the beautiful sunrise at Coney Island.

written on November 28, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. aku jd tau kalo di singapur msh ada tempat yg jauh dr kata sibuk dan modern kyk gini :) .. seru juga ngerasain yg beda dari singapur ya mba

    1. Iya Fan, kemarin itu mikir ngapain ya yang belum dilakukan. Ternyata seru cycling disini :)

  2. hai mbak tesya, selalu suka baca blog mbak. kira2 kalau bawa toddler untuk cycling di punggol ini memungkinkan ga mbak? ada sewa sepeda yang ada boncengan anaknya?

    1. Hai Mba, thank you mampir ya Mba. Ada kok sepeda yang ada boncengannya. Coba liat FB nya GoCycling Singapore ya.