Cycling in Singapore : Exploring Punggol Waterway

Singapore is not just shopping malls, Sentosa, Universal Studio and the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. You could enjoy the beauty of this country from a bicycle. What? Cycling in Singapore? I am not talking about cycling inside the city, I choose a place away from the hustle bustle of Singapore, where sometimes you feel the place only belongs to you, as there was no one else.
I am talking about cycling in Punggol waterway area. Have you heard about this place?
It all started by a Jetstar promo ticket, and our need to have a time only for me and mr.husband. It is not easy nowadays to get permission from our Kiddos to leave them at home, and not joining our weekend getaway in Singapore. Just like their Mom, our Kiddos love Singapore so much (or to be precised, they love Toys R Us in Singapore!). With some deals, we succeeded getting approval from our Kiddos, and the story of our weekend getaway in Singapore begins at Punggol waterway.

As I told you, there were nobody else! It was like having this place only for me & mr.husband

You could refer to my previous post before reading on this story, where I shared about how to go to Punggol and how to rent a bicycle in Punggol:

Frankly speaking, we didn't know where to go after we had passed Coney Island. Mr.husband did turn on the google map, while I followed him. From the exit gate of Coney Island, we turn right after we saw the sign to "Lorong Halus Wetland". I told myself, "Hang on there!" as we were passing a bumpy road. I used to fall easily from the bike, eventhough I had lived a year in the Netherlands. Maybe cycling is not my thing.
I felt that it was a never ending bumpy road:p
Somehow I succeeded passing the bumpy road without falling from my bike, and as a bonus, we arrived at a magnificent red bridge, where we could see the Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir from the bridge.
We were not allowed to ride our bike on the bridge
The reservoir
After passing the bridge, we continued our cycling to the Punggol Waterway. We stopped many times to enjoy its beauty. The Serangoon river was so clean, and we found another beautiful bridge, called the Sunrise Bridge. Next time, I should catch the sunrise from this bridge.
The sunrise bridge seen from a distance

Looking out the beauty of the river from the Sunrise Bridge

It was midday, but the thick cloud had prevent us from the sunshine. Riding our bike through the waterway was enjoyable. Clean toilets are provided, as well as some shelters with vending machine. Just remember to have coins of SGD1 with you.

Lovely place for cycling and jogging

We stopped here for our toilet break

The vending machine at the shelter

Punggol is a residential area, so there was also shopping mall called Waterway Shopping Mall, which had just been opened in January 2016. It was still on construction progress when we visited Punggol, so we stopped outside the mall and found another beautiful bridge. If you love bridge, you should visit Punggol. There are so many unique bridges like the "Kelong Bridge" I posted in this link: Lost at Punggol Waterway.

On your left, you could see the shopping mall

Just outside the shopping mall

Few meters from the shopping mall, we found a beautiful mural of robot. A very "instragamable" mural, which you should not miss. Yes, this place should be on your itinerary on your next visit to Singapore!

Love this mural!

This is the place where you could feel the different atmosphere of Singapore, we LOVE it!

Thank you mr.husband for our lovely weekend getaway in Singapore :)

Mr.husband's rented bike

Love the greenery at Punggol

I hope to see this kind of place in Jakarta, soon

A beautiful place to be enjoyed with your loved one

written on February 20, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. wahh ternyata Punggok water way keren ya, kmren sempet liat sihh gambarnya tapi gak detil jadinya gak memutuskan ke sini. Lain kali kalo ke Singapore lagi dehh :)

    1. Iya Kak, kalo ke Sin lagi aku recommend naik sepeda disini:)

  2. Dari sini apakah bisa langsung gowes ke Bugis untuk wisata kuliner?

    1. Bisa donk Iman, tapi kamu gowes aku naik MRT ya hahaha:D

  3. Belum pernaaah ke singapore ._. tapi dari dulu udah kagum sih sama negara satu ini :'

    1. Dicobain Kak, seru keliling di Singapura :)

  4. jadi tau sisi yang lainnya singapore.

  5. Waah romantis banget deh weekend getaway-nya hehehe.....

    1. Hahaha, seru Kak Nanda, nyobain hal yang baru di Singapura.

  6. Mau tanya kak, balikin rental sepedanya di tempat awal lagi atau ada opsi lain dekat mall misalya?