Where to stay around Iboih, Weh Island

If you're wondering where to stay around Iboih without having to walk far from the parking place to your hotel, these three hotels might be suitable for you. We didn't know about these three hotels until we saw the signs, and we stopped for a while to take pictures.

enjoying sunset in front of Pade Dive Resort

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Snorkeling at Rubiah Island - Iboih

I must say that so far Rubiah Island at Iboih, is the best snorkeling spot that we have ever been to. It was only 5-10 minutes away by boat from Iboih, and has a magnificent underwater world.

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Where to Stay in Weh Island : Santai Sumur Tiga

We were recommended by our friend @tantri_teonk to choose Santai Sumur Tiga as our 3 nights accommodation on our first visit to Weh Island. So we booked a bungalow by email directly to Freddie, the owner of the resort. We didn't search any other accommodation, and glad we decided to stay here. This resort is perfect for a budget traveler looking for a private beach with beautiful sunrise, comfortable rooms and delicious food.

bungalows at Santai Sumur Tiga

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4 Hours Transit in Banda Aceh

It was our first time ever visiting Banda Aceh, and we got only 4 hours prior to our ferry schedule to Pulau Weh. We would like to "see and taste" the city and its food as much as possible, so we rented a car with the driver, and began our journey exploring this beautiful city.

the beauty of Masjid Raya Baiturrahman

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Ferry from Banda Aceh to Weh Island

We arrived at Ulelhee ferry terminal in Banda Aceh at 3 pm, after exploring the beautiful city of Banda Aceh. We have booked a return ferry ticket by sms prior to our arrival in Banda Aceh cost IDR 110,000  per person. I was quiet impressed with Ulelhee ferry terminal for its cleanliness.

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Flight from Kuching to Pontianak

At the moment, there's only one flight from Kuching to Pontianak which is operated by MASwings. As we had to catch our connecting flight from Pontianak to Jakarta, we bought a one way ticket from Kuching to Pontianak cost MYR 231 (nett) per person, departing early in the morning.

When I arrived at Kuching International Airport, I was amazed by how modern it is. A great view of a mountain from where we stepped out from the airport shuttle van of Lime Tree Hotel greeted us.

a morning view from Kuching Airport
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10 hours Exploring Kuching

When we planned our weekend getaway to Kuching, many of our friends said that it's only a small city and that we may not find interesting things there. But I and my friends were stick on our plan to visit Kuching, and glad we did. I must say somehow the city of Kuching has stolen my heart. 

colorful cats in Kuching

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Bis dari Pontianak ke Kuching

Untuk cerita kali ini, ijinkan saya menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia ya, karena posting ini bertujuan sharing pengalaman perjalanan naik bis dari Pontianak ke Kuching. Siapa tau ada our Indonesian blog readers yang mau backpacking ke Kuching melalui Pontianak.

Liburan ke Kuching ini berawal dari iseng ajak temen yang ikut business trip ke Pontianak. Ga disangka 4 orang berminat dan kami sepakat pergi dari Pontianak Jumat malam naik bis, pulang kembali ke Pontianak menggunakan MASwings. Awalnya agak ragu juga naik bis malam selama 10 jam, tapi karena MASwings hanya terbang pagi hari dari Pontianak, dan hari Jumat kami masih kerja, kami pun memilih bis. Kami pikir kalau pergi Sabtu pagi, waktu kami di Kuching akan teralu singkat.

Jumat malam, kami sudah stay tune di kantor bis SJS. Sebetulnya banyak bis lain yang melayani rute Pontianak ke Kuching ini, misalnya Damri dan EVA. Kami dibantu oleh teman kami di Pontianak Venicia Febrianti, untuk membeli ticket bis. Veni membelikan kami ticket bis SJS dan ternyata merupakan pilihan yang tepat, karena bis SJS yang kami naiki hanya berisi 9 penumpang. 

bis SJS tujuan Kuching

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Lime Tree Hotel Kuching : a recommended budget hotel

On our first visit to Kuching with four of my friends, I had no idea where to stay. So I read reviews on tripadvisor and choose the no.1 hotel in Kuching (based on tripadvisor reviews) which was The Lime Tree Hotel. Beside the reviews, of course our main concern was the price. It was really affordable! Each of us only paid IDR 250,000 per person, and we got a spacious room with an ensuite bathroom.

We arrived at 9 am, after a 10 hours bus ride from Pontianak to Kuching (well, almost 12 hours including the immigration process). I have sent email to the hotel asking if we could check in early in the morning. And yes they gave us a room directly upon our arrival.

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Let's Have Delicious Food in Lembang

Planning a weekend getaway in Lembang? I would recommend to leave early from Jakarta as the traffic gets very busy especially when you exit Pasteur Toll. Leaving early from Jakarta means you will have the privilege of having breakfast as well as enjoying the morning fresh air in Lembang:)

We started our culinary tour in Lembang with this Ketan Bakar booth in Pasar Lembang.

must have in Lembang: Ketan, Colenak and Jagung Bakar

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Villa Diamond Lembang

It was hard to find a hotel in Lembang two weeks before our departure, and during the school holiday period. There are so many hotels in Lembang, but only few available on our selected dates. Having seen some of the hotels' website, we choose Villa Diamond Lembang, located inside Kampung Gajah. Our main reason was because it's a new hotel, so we expected to have at least a clean hotel.

Villa Diamond, located beside Kampung Gajah
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Finally a Logo for Our Travel Blog

After almost 7 years of blogging, we got a perfect logo of tesyasblog made by our friend Dalih, the owner of one of our fave blogs Bekabuluh.

Inspired by the number of our little family's member (four legs as the symbol) and purple as my fave color, Dalih has created this logo. Dalih advised us to think about something personal and close to ourselves as the main idea of the logo. And within minutes, he created a logo for us after I told him the idea. Thank you so much Dalih, yes you are a very multi talented person:) 

The logo defined by Dalih as four legs which support each other to explore the world, in the form of a rose which is the symbol of love. Whilst the red and purple color are the symbol of vigorous life.

We do hope to continue exploring Indonesia and the world together with our kiddos, and of course to keep on sharing our travel journey. This logo becomes tesyasblog's mantra and identity for our existence in the dotcom world:)

written on July 4, 2013

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