Cirebon Culinary: Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur and Empal Gentong H.Apud

Cirebon is one of the place where Jakarta's people go to spend a weekend getaway, beside Bogor and Bandung. It's around 3,5 hours by train, or around 4-5 hours by car before the highway is opened. Lots of people make a one day trip from Jakarta to Cirebon by train just to enjoy the Cirebon's culinary.

We stayed overnight at Cirebon and visited the top two restaurants in Cirebon amongst local people and also tourists.

Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur Cirebon

The main reason of our second weekend getaway to Cirebon was crystal clear: I wanted to eat at Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur! I tried it once when visiting Cirebon for a mommies dayout trip. And I fell in love with Nasi Jambalng Ibu Nur!

We arrived around 9 am on Saturday, and we could get our food directly without any queue. I couldn't imagine how full this place would be on lunch time.

All of the food were placed inside those silver bowls

Food were presented on the table, you can take whatever you like into your plate, and the cashier will count how much you have to pay at the end of the line.

Confused what to choose?
Heaven for food lovers:)

One of the most favourite menu is the black squid, I tried it although I don't really like squid unless it is fried like Calamari. As a result, I only ate small amount of the squid, than it moved to Mr.Husband's plate:D

Other menu that I tied was "pepes telur asin" (salted egg) which is baked inside a leaf. The egg taste really nice and I knew I had chosen the right food.

Rene's portion with two rice:p

Nasi Jamblang came in a small portion covered in a leaf. It was our Kiddos' first time ever eating rice inside a leaf and they asked, "Is the rice dirty?". We explained that it is cleaned and they enjoyed it eating the rice on a leaf.

Their first experience eating Nasi Jamblang

We ate in a long bench together with other family. Kiddos only choose fried tofu and tempeh that morning, but guess what, they asked to visit Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur on the following day! 

Yup it is a must visit place when you are visiting Cirebon. Beside the food, you will be amazed by the price. It is so cheap!

Where we sat: on a long bench with a long table

Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur (@nasjamIbuNur)
Jl.Cangkring II no.34 Cirebon

Empal Gentong H.Apud

Empal gentong, one of the most famous food from Cirebon, is a yellow gulai like soup with beef inside it. Compare to the heavy gulai, the Empal Gentong soup taste much lighter.

This is Empal Gentong :)

There are many places to eat Empal Gentong in Cirebon, we visited Empal Gentong Mang Darma on our first visit to Cirebon with our Kiddos. This time we visited Mang Darma H Apud located on Jalan Ir.H.Juanda.

This place is always full of visitors all day long

When you stepped into the restaurant, smoke from a satay seller will welcome you. And because you have smelled the smoke, don't miss to order their mutton sattay or Sate Kambing.

This is what I meant by smoke
This was so good!

To our surprise, Kiddos like Empal Gentong although it was the first time for them eating this kind of soup. They complained a bit about the restaurant, well maybe because they wanted to stay at Swiss-Belhotel but we dragged them to Empal Gentong H.Apud for dinner:p

The restaurant at night
Enjoying their Empal Gentong

Mr.Husband tried their Empal Asem, the different is on the soup whereas Empal Asem doesn't use coconut milk. It comes with beef and tomato, adding a fresh taste to the soup. So which is better? Hmm, I still prefer the Empal Gentong.

Empal Asem Daging Sapi

Log to Empal Gentong H.Apud website: to learn more about the place and the menu.

Cirebon is a city to enjoy food, really!

written on June 23, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. huhuhu.. makanan nya sangat menggugah selera banget.. jadi lapar liat nya .haha

    1. Hihihi..maapkan Mbak, aku pun posting-nya tersiksa nih:D Pengen ke Cireboooon:)

  2. aak, di cirebon banyak kuliner yang bisa dicobaiin! *jadwalin main kesana*

  3. The worst thing about nasi jamblang is that i can never eat only one portion especially with that delicious sambal n pepes telu asin (love that too)
    Next time when u go to cirebon try nasi jamblang at pelabuhan or mi koclok mbak

    1. Yes Mba Muna, Nasi Jamblang is very tempting:D
      Ok Mba I will try your advice next time :)

  4. Apa beda nasi jamblang mas dul dan ibu nur?

    1. Beda rasa aja Pak, menurut saya lebih enak Ibu Nur.

  5. From a local, I've heard that Pak SBY on his visit to Cirebon would always ask for Nasi Jamblang Pelabuhan... meanwhile I tried the famous Roti Ayam at Toko Ruby P&D, so mouthfilled minced chicken in a fluffy bread. And the Lapis Legit is also recommended.