Kelebek Cave Hotel Review: The Best Hotel in Cappadocia

Most of the time I am the one who choose our hotel/ hostel/ apartment for our family holiday. But there are times when mr.husband told me to see one hotel and his choice all this time always very special.

Just like when we were doing our research to find accommodation in Cappadocia, mr.husband told me to see Kelebek Cave Hotel. And it was love at the first sight! I didn't see any other hotel, I sent email to the reservation  right away.

Located above the village of Goreme, Kelebek Cave Hotel offers incredible view to the village, valleys, mountains and of course the balloons (in the morning). They have cave or cave stone rooms, even they also have the fairy chimneys rooms. And of course we book one of their fairy chimney room.

One of the fairy chimney room at Kelebek Cave Hotel
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Kurasu Singapore: Speciality Coffee from Kyoto Is Now Getting Closer

I remember it was in January 2017, when we flew to Osaka and took JR Haruka from Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station. The first thing we did in Kyoto was to visit Kurasu Kyoto. We fell in love with Kurasu, bought some of their coffee equipments online, and having them delivered it all the way from Kyoto to Indonesia.

We were so thrilled when we read from their instagram feed that they opened their first branch in Singapore! All of the sudden we put Kurasu Singapore on our Singapore's weekened getaway itinerary.

Kurasu Singapore is located at Odean Towers, not far from Bugis area, but anyway we took bus to get here from where we stayed in Bugis (Village Hotel). Unfortunately I missed the bus stop closest to Odeon Towers, so we had to make a detour to Odeon, from City Hall MRT. 

And when we arrived at Kurasu Singapore, I felt like "we were home at last!"

Ordering our drink to the barista

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Bird of Paradise Gelato Boutique: A Reason To Visit East Coast Road Singapore

Yes I love gelato, like SO MUCH! I could go everyday to Tempo Gelato when I am in Jogjakarta. And I was so happy to find a what so called "gelato boutique" in Singapore when we were strolling around Holiday Inn Express Katong.

The "boutique" was simple yet inviting because it was so crowded on Saturday morning. And once we stepped in, we found pastel colors of gelato, consist of botanical flavors like basil, pandan, mint cacao, white chrysanthemum, mandarin sorbet and lots more. 

Welcome to Bird of Paradise Gelato :)

Soft colors of the gelato
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Holiday Inn Express Katong Review: Hotel In The Middle of Singapore's Heritage Area

For our new years weekend getaway in Singapore, we wanted to stay close to the airport on our first night, as our flight was at 9 pm from Jakarta. Our search via booking[dot]com led us to Holiday Inn Express Katong. We have stayed at Holiday Inn Express JI Expo Kemayoran before, now it is our turn to try their branch in Singapore.

We arrived at 2 am, because our flight was delayed for two hours. Airplane traffic is also very bad at Jakarta's airport on Friday night. The check in was fast and we were welcomed by Christmas decoration at the lobby of Holiday Inn Express Katong.

The lobby at 2 am

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