Perth Bell Tower: Enjoying Aerial View of Perth

We always love to see a city view from the top, and that's why Perth Bell Tower was included in our itinerary. As we had only few days in Perth, we visited Perth Bell Tower upon arrival. Too bad we were too late for the Bell handling demonstration.

We walked from our hotel which is Royal Hotel, and arrived at The Bell Tower just 40 minutes before it was closed. Opening times vary seasonally, better to check their website before you visit Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower in the middle of Elizabeth Quay construction

At the time we visited Perth Bell Tower, the surrounding area was under construction. So we walked to a small path leading to the entrance.

The entrance at the back

The first floor of the tower was entertaining with a souvenir shops, where you can take your pre-ordered the love locks. A lovely staff greeted us warmly and she suggested us to go directly to the 6th level to enjoy the observation deck. 

The love locks cost AUD30
The first floor of the tower

At the 6th floor, we could enjoy the beautiful aerial view of Perth city. A telescope with a view to Swan River was also available.

The tower as seen from the observation deck
A view to Swan River

There's also small bells which will be ringing if you insert AUD2 coin into a machine with National Anthem, and some classic well known songs. It's hilarious to listen to the music from these small bells. Oh well, not really that small.

Then we walked to the back area of the observation deck where the view to the city was stunning! Time to take a selfie :)

A view to the city and the river

The construction of Elizabeth Quay could also be seen from the tower. How's the area look like in the future were also shown at the observation deck. It's going to be a very beautiful place to visit when it's ready.

The construction of Elizabeth Quay
Elizabeth Quay in the future

Before we went down to the 5th level, I met Miriam, a lovely and beautiful staff from Perth Bell Tower. I told her that my last name is similar to her name:D She explained that the handling bell demonstration took place every Friday at midday, if only we visited Perth Bell Tower earlier.

With Miriam and the bells

Then we walked down to other levels which were kind like museum of the bells.

Perth Bell Tower is called "the house of Swan Bells". There's a special room for the bells called the Bell Chamber. The bells ringing time is on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 pm to 13.00 pm. If you'd like to know what the bell sound like, you could download the audio on this link.

The Swan Bells

It was a lovely afternoon at the Perth Bell tower, and yes we enjoyed the breathtaking view to Perth City so much from the observation deck. I hope to visit again this place after the Elizabeth Quay's construction is completed.

Disclaimer: the two adult tickets were complimentary from The Bell Tower, however the opinion is ours.

Things to note:
Ticket price: AUD14 adult, AUD9 children, AUD30 family.
Getting there: Catch the Blue Cat Bus and alight at Barrack Street Jetty

written on July 5, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Oh My God, bagusnya Bell tower ini, some day I willgo there :)

    1. Ikut doain Salman semoga segera sampe di Bell Tower. Amiiiin :)

  2. Keren banget mbak viewnya dari atas..jadi nyesel kemaren ga sempet naik kesana..hiks

    1. Iya viewnya cakep :) Sayang bukanya enggak sampe malam.
      Gpp Bubu nanti balik lagi ke Perth kalo udah ber-empat ya hehe..amin..

  3. ya ampuuun, ga ada atraksi bungy jumpingkah dr atasnya :D... seru pasti ber-bungy ria sambil ngeliat pemandangan ckep gitu...

    1. Hahahaha....susah kalau yang komen adrenalin junky nih...

  4. Mudah2an bisa sampai kesana #Ngarep

  5. WAaaaaks :D gilaks mbak, keeeeeeeren banget itu towernya -_- suweeer :D mau kesanaaa :3 semoga kesampaian. Aamiin :3