Rekomendasi Wisata Kuliner di Gunungkidul: Dari Bakmi Jawa Hingga Lobster Pak Sis

Gunungkidul bisa menjadi alternatif tempat tujuan wisata jika teman-teman sudah cukup sering mengunjungi Jogjakarta. Selain wisata Goa Pindul yang sudah cukup mainstream, area pantai saat ini menjadi primadona wisata di Gunungkidul.

Pada akhir pekan, saya menemui banyak sekali rombongan yang berangkat dari Jogjakarta pada pagi hari ke area Gunungkidul dengan menggunakan bus besar. Dan saat sore tiba, bus besar tersebut kembali memenuhi jalanan dengan rute Gunungkidul ke Jogjakarta.

Saya tidak akan membahas tempat wisata apa saja yang bisa dikunjungi di Gunungkidul. Saya ingin menulis mengenai wisata kuliner di Gunungkidul, atau tepatnya, tempat makan yang sudah kami kunjungi di Gunungkidul, dan rasanya menurut kami recommended.

Salah satu spot foto di Gunungkidul
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My First Visit To Derawan Island: Fell In Love With The Blue Sky and The Crystal Clear Water

Finally my bucket list of visiting Derawan Island is checked. Although not staying at Derawan Island (we choose to stay at Maratua Island instead), we visited Derawan Island as part of our island hopping activity.

From our resort in Maratua Island, we visited Sangalaki island to see the baby turtle, then we headed to Derawan Island. Our boat reached the jetty at Derawan Island around 11 am, it was a hot sunny day indeed. However the sun made all the pictures more beautiful. Including the picture with Derawan's iconic signage.

Hello from Derawan
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Trava House Jogjakarta: Great Hostel With Minimalist Design In The Heart Of The City

This was my first time staying at hostel in Jogjakarta. I usually go with my family or on a business trip to Jogja, so I never had the chance to stay in a hostel. 

Until we planned a mommies dayout trip to Jogjakarta, and I wanted to go after office hour on a Friday night. All other mommies wanted to go on Saturday morning, so I opted staying at Trava House Jogjakarta by my own.

Trava House is a small hostel, located in the heart of the city, and every corner of the house made me fell in love. 

The main entrance of Trava House
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Hero Coffee: A Coffeeshop To Visit at Semarang Old Town

It has been a while that I have not visited the area of Semarang's old town. The area has now been renovated and there's a unique coffeeshop called Hero Coffee (@herocoffeeindonesia).

"You should try their Wine Prau coffee, it taste so good like wine" my friend from Semarang office, Pak Toto, told me. So after office hour we went to Hero Coffee Semarang and I agreed with Pak toto that sunset is the best time to visit this coffeeshop.

Sunset in front of Hero Coffee

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Aloft Hotel Jakarta Review: A Great hotel For Family Weekend Staycation

We knew Aloft from our stay at Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur, and really wanted to check out their first hotel in Jakarta, which is located on Jalan Wahid Hasyim (near Thamrin street).

After a while, we had the chance to stay at Aloft Hotel Jakarta, and from the moment we stepped inside their lobby, we just loved it. We love the smell, spacious and their industrial design lobby.

Not to mention, because there are pool table and soccer table for our kiddos to play while waiting our room.

The lobby of Aloft Hotel Jakarta
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Icon Siam Bangkok: A Must Visit Mall in Bangkok

The last time I went to Bangkok with my friends, I rented a van from Mr.Tanoo. I don't remember how many times I've rented van from him, maybe it was the 7th times already. If you need a van hire, you can WhatsApp him: +66 819897634.

I asked Mr.Tanoo about the new mall in Bangkok to visit. Mr.Tanoo recommend one mall that I've never heard before: Icon Siam. I google about it and found an interesting place inside Icon Siam which is called Sook Siam. It is an indoor floating market: a perfect place to visit especially because Bangkok is getting really hot.

Welcome to Sook Siam
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Marwin Villa Hotel Bangkok Review: A Great Hotel To Stay at Pratunam

Where to stay in Pratunam Bangkok? I found a 3 star hotel located at Petchaburi Soi 15, called Marwin Villa Hotel Bangkok. Never heard about this hotel before, I saw it on booking dot com as one of the hotel with high score.

I love their industrial look, from the lobby to their room. The lobby is very spacious with comfortable sofa to sit while waiting for your friends. Not to mention that they even have an in house massage parlour just next to the lobby at an affordable price.

The lobby which is located on the 3rd floor
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Kollektiv Hotel Bandung Review: Feel How To Stay Inside Containers

Recently, I stayed at an industrial concept hotel located in the northern part of Bandung called Kollektiv Hotel. Their container room was not the only reason, but also their Hara restaurant, which guests can enjoy at breakfast time.

Kollektiv Hotel claimed themselves as the first container hotel in Bandung. Their building stands out among the other buildings on the same street. And yes because it is yellow too.

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Factory Outlet Near Tokyo: Visiting Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Factory outlet has never been on any of my Japan's itinerary, but this time was an exception. The snowpark we visited: Karuizawa Snowpark is located just next to a factory outlet called Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza.

As a person who love tree so much, I found this factory outlet very impressive. Many beautiful trees around, there's a lake in the middle, it was really a perfect place to get away from the busy city of Tokyo. Hence, it is only an hour away.

A Nike outlet at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
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A Daytrip From Tokyo To Karuizawa Snowpark, Nagano

I made a post about a ski resort called Joetsu Kokusai in Echigo Yuzawa back in 2015 (see the story here). The second snow resort I visited in Japan was the one in Nagano, called Prince Snow Resort.

This place is easily reached from Tokyo, so I will share it with you, in case you are looking for a snow resort that is close to Tokyo. But most of my review  will about its snow park, as we didn't go for skiing.

Visited this place with our group, and the trip was arranged by @tripirit
Contact them to have your customized Korea and Japan trip.

Our group at Prince Snow resort
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One Day in Singapore: From Jewel to Floral Fantasy and Tulipmania Festival 2019 in Gardens By The Bay

The yearly Tulipmania Festival in Gardens By The Bay is always on my bucketlist. Visited it back in 2013 (see the post here) and also in 2017 (you may refer to this link) all by myself, this time I got two companies. Hence I haven't succeeded taking mr.husband to the Tulipmania Festival.

Ibu Diah and Janie are my colleagues, who agreed to do a one day trip to Singapore. Actually we had bought a Friday night ticket after office hour, but Air Asia cancelled the flight, and we were given a new schedule which is on Saturday's morning. Whilst our return ticket on Saturday at 10 pm remained unchanged.

The show must go on, and the bright side is: we are very sure now that Singapore is doable in one day. I am going to share with you on hourly basis how we managed our time effectively:p

A mini Dutch house welcome us at Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay

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Things You Should Know To Plan A Mommies Day Out Trip to Bangkok On Weekend

Bangkok is a heaven for mommies, and that's why it is my yearly program to visit Bangkok with mommies. Each year, it started with Air Asia big sale, then the news was spread up through whatsapp group, and all I knew there were 24 participants signed up. 

I only had weekend: departed Saturday morning and went back on Sunday evening. Why so short? Well, look at this way: there are 52 weeks in a year, and let's make each of them count. Agree, right?:D

Bangkok is easy to explore, and it is also cheap too. This post is made for you who wish to plan a weekend getaway with your mommies friends to Bangkok. I hope that after reading this post, you are ready to be a tour leader for your friend :)  

Our group at Don Mueang, waiting for the van we rented from Mr.Tanoo
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Weekend Getaway to Hong Kong: Where To Stay and What To Do In Hong Kong In Two Days

Hong Kong is one of my favorite destination for its vibrant life, halal dim sum and of course: no visa requirement. I visited Hong Kong with my family, double date with BuDin @diniros or only with Mr.husband. But this time was different, I went with my friends (mostly my office mates), a group of 9 people. 

I wasn't sure about taking a group and explore Hong Kong as a backpacker. But there always be the first time for everything, and that includes being a tour leader for my friends in Hong Kong and Macau.

Thanks to Air Asia promo ticket, we went after office on Friday night, transit in Kuala Lumpur, and arrived in Hong Kong the next morning. 

Arriving at Hong Kong International Airport

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Penang With Kids: Taking The Train To Penang Hill and Visit The Habitat

It is going to be another post about Penang after 7 years! Wow, it has been a long time since our last visit to Penang. We choose Penang as our first destination to go abroad with our kiddos, our youngest was only 2 years old back then. If you'd like to see other posts regarding Penang, please read in this link.

Mr.husband had this idea to go back to Penang for a culinary trip. So I put Penang on my 2019 bucketlist, and bought the ticket during Air Asia big sale. I was quiet amazed that we got a return ticket for IDR 3,400,000 for four person, on a long weekend.

We didn't make itinerary for this trip, all I wanted was to visit Penang Hill by taking the funicular train. I love seing the view from top of Penang.

Penang in the morning, as seen from Penang Hill
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Macau in One Night: Strolling Around Senado Square And Visit Macau Night Market

When you had travelled a lot with many groups, you will end up knowing people with different characters, culture and habit. This will lead you at the end to categorize people that you may called "best travel mates".

I started my story this way, because I would like to introduce you to one group which I like so much, never complaint, always eat, always happy, and allow me to do coffee shop hunting:D I travelled with this group to Bangkok before, and the second time was to Hong Kong and Macau.

If you happen to read this post guys, thank you for the time you spent with me over the weekend. And yes this story is written especially for you, and my blog readers who plan a getaway to Macau.

Thank you for our beautiful memories in Macau
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Last Day in Seoul: Area of Bukchon Hanok Village, Myeong Dong For The Second Round and Itaewon

This is going to be my last post about our Mommies Day Out Trip plus plus arranged by @tripirit. The last day was another packed day, our schedule was: Gyeongbokgung, area of Bukchon Hanok Village, and free time where we were dropped off at Myeong Dong. The post about Gyeongbokgung could be read here, and I just want to share what happened next after we took off our Hanbok. 

We took subway and went to the area near Bukchon Hanok Village. We didn't go to the Bukchon Hanok Village as it was closed. Still, the place is amazing with beautiful golden leaves trees.

From where we started, 
this area made me fall in love with its beauty

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Wear Hanbok And Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace

One thing you should do in Seoul especially if it's your first time visit, is to wear  Korean traditional clothing called "Hanbok". We did that on our last day in Seoul when we visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Can you imagine the whole group of 37 person wearing Hanbok? The experience is surely unforgettable.

The Hanbok is included in the land tour price from our trip organizer @tripirit At the Hanbok rental place, we could choose our own Hanbok, the simple one for two hours. The rental place is just around the corner of Gyeongbokgung Palace. After changing our clothes, we walked to the Palace. We were very colourful and eye catching at the same time :) 

Our group entering the Gyeongbokgung Palace
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