A Daytrip From Tokyo To Karuizawa Snowpark, Nagano

I made a post about a ski resort called Joetsu Kokusai in Echigo Yuzawa back in 2015 (see the story here). The second snow resort I visited in Japan was the one in Nagano, called Prince Snow Resort.

This place is easily reached from Tokyo, so I will share it with you, in case you are looking for a snow resort that is close to Tokyo. But most of my review  will about its snow park, as we didn't go for skiing.

Visited this place with our group, and the trip was arranged by @tripirit
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Our group at Prince Snow resort

How To Go To Karuizawa From Tokyo Station

As we had the JR Tokyo Wide Pass, we opted going to JR Karuizawa Station from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen. We left our hostel Khaosan Ryogoku early in the morning, had my milk for breakfast and of course a group picture in front of the Shinkansen was a must.

We were so ready for the snow! This picture was taken in front of our hostel
I was not feeling really well that day, so this was my breakfast
For some of us, it was the first time taking the Shinkansen, so we were really excited!

In summary, this is what we did:
1. Took the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to JR Karuizawa Station (1 hour);
2. Took the free shuttle from parking place of the Factory Outlet to Karuizawa Snow Park.

Things You Should Know About Shinkansen

In case you haven't read my post, I've posted things you should know to take   Shinkansen in this post, but let me re-write some of the important things.

You may eat inside Shinkansen. One of our traveller was Little K, and she enjoyed her breakfast with mommy @gitatuit

Hi Little K, our great traveller!

You may store your luggage inside the Shinkansen. I often got question through DM on my instagram about this matter. Yes you may store your luggage inside Shinkansen. The one we used to go to Karuizawa Prince Resort had a luggage storage in each car.

You may book your seat on Shinkansen in advance. When you already have a JR Pass or a Tokyo Wide Pass, book your seat in advance. The booking process is free by the way, and you are advised to do it at least H-1.

That way, on the D day you can go directly to the platform and wait for your Shinkansen schedule.

@luciahariyani was waiting for our Shinkansen

You may go to the toilet, even you don't really have to. Hahaha! What I mean is, the toilet inside Shinkansen is very clean and convenient. And how I wish the trains in Indonesia will have this very clean and modern toilet one day.

Arriving at JR Karuizawa Station

We had a pleasant journey, it was only one hour from Tokyo Station to Karuizawa Station by Shinkansen. When we arrived at JR Karuizawa Station, I stamped my notebook from tenoon with a special stamp from JR Karuizawa Station.

And when we stepped outside, the view was amazing. All of the sudden I felt I was in Swiss! Hahaha in my dream:p

The stamp on my tenoon notebook
This was the view from JR Karuizawa Station

Things To Do at Karuizawa Snowpark

1. Take the Escalator To the Snowpark

Yeah this is one of the fun thing we could do at Karuizawa Snowpark. After paying the entrance fee to the snowpark for JPY500, grab a sled and go to the snowpark using the escalator.

The snowpark from afar
Bu @diniros was posing on the escalator:D
Look who's excited?:D

2. Go Down The Hill With Your Sled

For sure it was not only for the children, but adult were allowed to sled down the hill at Karuizawa snowpark as well :)

From the top of the hill
@bungah.y on her sled
@luciahariyani was so happy as we may seen:p

Please be advised that the sled are available at the entrance to the snowpark, the rental cost is JPY500.

The sleds, both for children and adult

3. Take Your Kids To The Snow Playground And The Ski Lesson

Although we didn't go with our children in this trip, but I took pictures of the snow playground. And I must say that if you have children, they will love it here.

Kids were happy playing on the snow playground
The playground at the entrance to the snowpark

Or if your kids are interested in playing ski, take them to the ski lesson. But make sure you get an English speaking trainer.

The ski lesson for kids

4. Take Pictures Of The Ski Resort

We only stayed at the snowpark, however as the ski resort is just next to the snowpark, we could also enjoy the scenery. It was so beautiful and serene.


I recommend this place if you are looking for a place to play snow with your children, that is close to Tokyo. This snowpark is also linked to the Karuizawa Factory Outlet, so it is a win win situation for the mommies and the children :)

I will write about the Factory Outlet on the next post, stay tune.

written on July 14, 2019
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