Factory Outlet Near Tokyo: Visiting Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Factory outlet has never been on any of my Japan's itinerary, but this time was an exception. The snowpark we visited: Karuizawa Snowpark is located just next to a factory outlet called Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza.

As a person who love tree so much, I found this factory outlet very impressive. Many beautiful trees around, there's a lake in the middle, it was really a perfect place to get away from the busy city of Tokyo. Hence, it is only an hour away.

A Nike outlet at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

We took the free shuttle from the snowpark, it was easy peasy. In a blink we arrived at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza. Bear in mind that the bus is small, so arrived early at the bus stop, prior to its departure schedule.

Look at the sign of the bus stop

First thing first, we visited the Lego store. Japan's factory outlet is famous for its cheap Lego, I didn't really compare the price, I just bought two boxes of Lego for our Kiddos.

The Lego shop at Karuizawa factory outlet

Then it was approaching lunch time, to avoid the crowd, we decided to have an early lunch. We stopped at to one restaurant which provides fried rice. Actually there's also a food court inside Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza. But we choose the restaurant near Starbucks, because it was closer to walk to.

The chicken fried rice
The view from the restaurant

For a refreshment that day, I went to Lindt's cafe and ordered a hot chocolate. It was still freezing outside, so having a cup of hot chocolate after lunch was what I needed the most.

The Lindt's cafe
My hot chocolate

It was time to continue the window shopping at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza after our lunch and the hot chocolate. I walked around the area and I couldn't help falling in love with it.

It was so serene and beautiful.

The lake in the middle of the Factory Outlet
Beautiful tree in the winter
The magical view of snowy mountain at the background
The shops

We headed back to Karuizawa JR Station on foot, only Bu @diniros who bought something from the Factory Outlet that day.

Still the rest of the group was happy to play at the snowpark, and I was happy to visit this beuatiful factory outlet.

Bu @diniros with her shopping bags
JR Karuizawa Station
View from JR Karuizawa Station to the factory outlet

Written on July 21, 2019
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