Bakso Malang Putra Arema Bogor

Do you miss how the Bakso Bakar in Malang city taste? Just go to may find it! Located just a few minutes away from Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden), this Bakso Malang Putra Arema is on Jalan Suryakencana Bogor. To be precised, the little resto (warung) is located near BCA's ATM, on the left side of the road.

The special one is the grilled meatballs (bakso bakar) which cost IDR 10,000 for 12 meatballs. It is different than the one we had in Malang before, as it is served with a peanut sauce.

The bakso malang is real cheap, it cost only IDR 8,000 for one portion. Really good to have this during the rainy days in Bogor :)

Their other speciality is the bakso rudal which is actually a huge meatballs, for IDR 10,000. But I don't like it that much, I would prefer the grilled bakso.

Everytime visiting Bogor, this place will be our must visit place to buy some bakso bakar!

written on November 18, 2010
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Hema Dutch Resto

This is the second review on Hema, our fave dutch resto for its affordable price and also its look alike Dutch atmosphere. Hema is located in several locations in Jakarta: The TIS Square Tebet, Bekasi Square, Kemang Raya Bekasi, KH Ahmad Dahlan and heard that they have one in the Netherlands Embassy as well.

The decoration is trully dutch with its windmills, old houses of amsterdams, tulips, and also de klompen (the wooden shoes). All will remind me of my one year stay in Holland back in 1993. What a long time ago... Always a nice place to visit even only to eat their dutch potato!

We ordered their Huzaren Sla which cost around IDR 20,000. It contains fruits and vegetables, and topped by mayonaise sauce. It is so yummy.

And my fave is the fried potato, well the potato is only an original fried potato. But the sauce really reminds me of the sauce in Holland. It cost also around IDR 20,000.

And the last menu we ordered was their poffertjes which came with one scoop of ice cream. It was a perfect dish to end our date that day:p

written on November 15, 2010
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Jimbaran Seafood Jogjakarta

Yesss the name of the resto is Jimbaran, but this seafood resto located in Yogyakarta, to be precised at Sleman area, just 5 minutes walk from Rumah Palagan, the guest house we were staying.

We visited this place in April 2010, and we must say that the place and the food is a perfect combination! The place is dominated by bamboo, and at the backyard, we can find ricefield, which made this place really peacefull. We can also choose the fresh seafood by ourseleves, and that time we only ate crab and their grilled fish.

The crab is so fresh, and taste real good. It cost around IDR 80,000 for the portion we ordered.

While the fish, as I am a grilled fish lover, I must say it is very delicious..of course with the spicy sambal which comes with the fish. The fish cost around IDR 50,000.

At the time this review is being posted, Yogyakarta suffers from the Merapi volcano erruption. We all pray for our brothers and sisters there, and hope that Yogya, our beloved city beside Bandung, will be recovered soon. Aminnn.. Be strong Yogya, we love you!

written on Nov 9, 2010

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