Shopping at AEON Tebrau or Jusco Tebrau Johor Bahru

After a window shopping session at Johor Premium Outlet we continued our shopping journey by taking a bus from JB Sentral to Jusco Tebrau. There are two Jucso Department Stores in Johor Bahru, but the recommended one based on the Female Daily Forum on Johor Bahru is the Tebrau branch. Actually the mall's name was Tebrau City Shopping Center. 

We took a bus heading to Jusco Tebrau, we knew it was the right bus as we saw the sign of "Jusco Tebrau" on the window of the bus. We asked a staff of JPO bus, and he showed us which bus to take at JB Sentral. After paying RM 10 for the four of us, we sat down inside the bus. We sat close to the driver because we had requested him to tell us where to stop, we had no idea at all.

We passed Saturday's traffic jam in Johor Bahru, and after 30 minutes the driver told us to alight, and we walked to Jusco. There was no sign of Jusco, instead the mall has a big AEON sign on it. And yes, we saw a Toys R Us sign at the mall. Yeay..

Jusco has been changed to AEON

AEON is a grocery store located on the ground floor with many chocolates to buy! So if you wish to pack some chocolates, you may opted to shop at Aeon. I was interested to see all the sushi which were sold in pieces. They were so tempting!

Sushi anyone?

We had our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market, I ordered my fave Fish and Chip:)

they should have added "Jakarta" on the list
small portion of Fish & Chip

After our lunch, we explored a little bit of AEON Tebrau City Shopping Center. It has more interesting shops compared to City Square Mall. Not only because of the Toys R Us, but also Vinnci and the Aeon. It has also more interesting restaurants compared to City Square Mall.

Stopping by at Toys R Us

After the shopping session, we walked through an overbridge to catch a bus going back to JB Sentral. We asked people which bus to take, and it seems almost everyone were heading to JB Sentral. We paid another RM 10 for the one way bus fare (4 person).

the bus stop at the opposite of the mall

The bus condition was really different than JPO Bus: it was an old bus with an old ticket machine. The journey back to JB Sentral was much faster. Within 15 minutes we arrived at JB Sentral

the old bus in Johor Bahru

If you wish to stay around this shopping mall, you may choose Hotel Tebrau City with a good review on tripadvisor.

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  1. Great article! This is the biggest mall in johor?

    Shem MD

    1. Hi Shem, just visited your great blog:) I have only been to three malls in JB, and from all the three malls, yes this was the biggest, but located not in the heart of JB.

    2. thanks Tesya :D hey, orang indonesia juga ya? haha saya pikir orang malaysia tadinya :D... ayuk guest post di blog saya :D

    3. Ayoo Shem, blog post ttg apa niih..hehe..

  2. Hi, that is a nice blog but I'm just wondering how did you get to the over bridge to the other side of the road to take a bus ride back to JB Sentral? I have gone to Aeon Tebrau before and every time we go back it will always by teksi from AEON Tebrau. The teksi at AEON Tebrau sometimes we have to wait very long so thought this time we travel by bus back instead.

    1. Hai..actually the driver of bus no.15 who took us from JB Sentral to Aeon Terbaru who showed us where we had to walk to cross the overbridge, and take the bus back to JB Sentral;
      1. From the mall we walked to the basement, and found the same way as we came to the mall (from where we alight from bus 15).
      2. We just follow the path and found a stair up to the bridge
      3. We kept on walking at the sidewalk to the other side of the road.
      4. Until we found another stair, and we walked down and found a bus stop, opposite of Aeon Tebrau.
      Hope it hepls..

    2. Kak tesya kalo ke aeon bus yg dari jb sentral cuman ada waktu weekend ma libur nasional doank ???

    3. Nama bus nya SL1 yaaa kak ??

    4. Enggak usah bus yang SL1, ada bus umum kok. Tapi mirip bus di Indonesia hehe. I would recommend taking the taxi, enggak mahal kok sekitar MYR 25. Lebih aman dan nyaman.

  3. is the sushi "halal"? im from johor :)

    1. Hi Hiragi, I didn't check whether it's halal or not. I didn't buy it and choose to eat at Manhattan Fish Market.

  4. Hai Tesya. Apakah ada bus yg langsung berhenti di aeon tebrau city atau di danga bay? Dan jalan kaki dari perhentian bus ke aeon. Danga bay jauh ga? Trims

    1. Hai Leny, waktu itu saya naik dari JB Sentral ke Aeon Tebrau dengan bus umum. Tapi lupa nama busnya, tanya aja di terminal bus JB Sentral.
      Danga Bay sekitar MYR20 naik taksi dari JB Sentral, enggak jauh sih 10-15 menit.

  5. Makanan di Manhattan FIsh Market itu mahal atau tidak??

    1. Harganya sama dengan di Jakarta, satu porsi sekitar Rp 100 ribu, tapi bisa untuk dua orang.