Central - Mid Levels Escalator Hong Kong

Mid Level Escalator Hong Kong was on my list on our first independent trip to Hong Kong, but it was raining every single day back then. We skipped the escalator, and visited 4 years afterwards. Time flies, really.

The Mid Levels Escalator at Central Hong Kong is claimed to be the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world. But it was not my reason to try the escalator, I was interested in the surrounding areas near the escalator. Let me take you to our journey exploring Central to Mid Levels using their famous escalator.

Local people are using the escalator which linked Queens Road (Central) with Conduit Road (Mid Levels)
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A Walking Tour in Central Hong Kong

As one of Asia's shopping paradise, Hong Kong has so many areas for shopping. Tsim Sha Tsui, Causewaybay and Central are the three major shopping complex, and probably my fave is Central. One of the reason is because there's a huge Marks and Spencer store located in Queen Street. Marks and Spencer's price in Hong Kong is way cheaper compared to their price in Indonesia.

To explore Central, Rene and me decided to explore the area by doing our own walking tour with GPS on our phone. We started our walking tour in Central by taking a tram from Western Market and alight at Pedder Street. The what so called "Ding-ding Tram" could only be found in Hong Kong island. You have to try this old tram to get "a real Hong Kong experience". Passangers get in from the rear door of the tram, and exit from the front door.

The colorful old tram in Central, Hong Kong
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West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade Hong Kong

One of the freespace area that you must visit in Hong Kong is the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, or also called the West Kowloon Cultural Park due to varieties of shows and festivals often held in this venue.

Located within 10 minutes from MTR Kowloon Station, the park offers picnic area with a million dollar view, cycling and jogging track, and of course some playgrounds. This place is perfect to spend your quality time with the whole family.

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Halal Food in Hong Kong : 27 Kebab House Turkish Restaurant

I finally made it to the famous SOHO area in Hong Kong! Yup, I have always wanted to visit SOHO, but there were always something that kept SOHO away from me. Somehow I made it on my 4th visit to Hong Kong:)

We walked from Queen Street and took the Mid Level Escalator. All of the sudden I wanted to exit the escalator. How lucky I was to find a halal certified Turkish restaurant between cafes and restaurant in SOHO. It is called the 27 Kebab House Turkish Restaurant.

Located among cafes and restaurant in SOHO area
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Review of Dusun Bambu Camping Ground

Have you ever imagined taking your family on a luxurious camping which has a bathroom in each tent with a hot shower? Indonesia has it! It is called Eagle Camp, a luxurious camping ground in Dusun Bambu, located in Lembang-Bandung.  

Having stayed in an executive camping ground near a beach in Tanjung Lesung, I'd like to take our kiddos to experience how it's like to camp in a cold area like Lembang. I brought jackets and long sleeve shirt for our kiddos, as I had no idea how cold Lembang would be these days.

I booked 5 tents directly to the phone number provided in Dusun Bambu's website, yup I succeeded make other 4 families to join our glamping (glamour camping) this time. But too bad my friend @diniros cancelled so we ended up booking two single tents (IDR 1,700,000 for 2 person) and one double tents (IDR 2,750,000 for 4 person).  

Our single tent with an Indonesian flag :)

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Book Review & Giveaway: Under The Southern Stars

Saya mengenal Anida (@nidnod) dari twitter-nya, ketika ia bercerita mengenai "career break". Istilah baru untuk saya saat itu, namun saya langsung menyukai konsepnya: break satu tahun dari kerja rutin dan mendapatkan working and holiday visa di Australia. 

Ketika kemudian saya melihat Anida tweet pic buku barunya Under The Southern Stars, waaaah... saya langsung ke Gramedia dan seneng banget menemukan buku Under The Southern Stars ini. Covernya sangat syahdu namun eye catching. Terlihat 4 pejalan berada di bawah bintang, duduk di atas mobil yang membawa mereka dari Perth menuju Melbourne.

Menjadi teman perjalanan saya ke Cirebon

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