Central - Mid Levels Escalator Hong Kong

Mid Level Escalator Hong Kong was on my list on our first independent trip to Hong Kong, but it was raining every single day back then. We skipped the escalator, and visited 4 years afterwards. Time flies, really.

The Mid Levels Escalator at Central Hong Kong is claimed to be the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world. But it was not my reason to try the escalator, I was interested in the surrounding areas near the escalator. Let me take you to our journey exploring Central to Mid Levels using their famous escalator.

Local people are using the escalator which linked Queens Road (Central) with Conduit Road (Mid Levels)

There are many exit and entrance from and to the Mid Levels Escalator. You can exit whenever you see interesting things along the way.

Yup, I love SOHO

We stopped when we saw one guy with his cute dogs. Not only one, but eight of them! Everyone stopped for a while to enjoy this rare view.  He got everyone's attention:)

The dogs at SOHO

Too bad we were full after having our Kebab lunch at SOHO. We passed many restaurants which look yummy and inviting. None having halal certification though, so we were saved by the halal kebab we had earlier.

The fancy cars and restaurants
I really wanted to try Tacos here:p
One of the resto as seen from the escalator

Interesting things I saw from the escalator including a hawker center, a steep road, and an interior design shop showing their sofa at the balcony. Hmm I thought Baldwin Street at Dunedin was the steepest road in the world:D

Hong Kong's steepest street?
What an idea!

Mid Levels Escalator run downhill from 06.00 am to 10.00 am and uphill from 10.30 am to midnight. Please remember the timing to avoid taking the stairs all the way to the top.

Taking the stairs vs the escalator

written on November 29, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. aku suka banget sama suasanya Soho, soalnya banyak cafe dan toko seru gitu kakk
    hihih thank y ou yah infonya waktu itu, jadi bis amampir dehh ke sini ;3

    1. Iya Mei SOHO seru banget ya, aku baru kesana juga pas terakhir ke HK.

  2. Soho selalu menggoda, betah kalo duduk ganteng sambil minum trus liatin orang lalu lalang. Btw ternyata itu eskalator terpanjang yaaa, baru tau :-)

    1. Hahah iya, agak lebay mungkin. Tapi emang panjang sih:D

  3. Hwaa itu escalatornya sering buat tempat syuting, bener banget ya mba kl tempat ini harus masuk list itinerary pas di HK ^^

    1. Iya ini salah satu yang bisa dikategorikan sebagai The Real HK Experience. Eh, shooting apa? Aku ga tau hehe

    2. Kalau film ada Chuking Express, sama ada reality show korea mba Running Man ep.72 hehe

    3. Oh gitu ya, wah aku baru tau heheheh