Jalan Hemat Hongkong Macau

Alhamdulillah we will have a vacation during the long weekend in mid of May 2010. Due to taking leave constraint, our trip will only be for 4 days but cover three countries: Hongkong, Macau and Singapore. W'e'll go with Dini and her Emas, this is going to be a first trip to Hongkong for Rene, Dini and Emas, and also a first trip for the four of us to Macau.

So in this blog we would love to share our notes on Jalan Hemat ke Hongkong-Macau-Singapore within 4 days.

Here is our itinerary:
DAY 1, 12 May 2010
21.40 - 00.25 Valuair Jakarta – Singapore
DAY 2, 13 May 2010
06.40 - 10.25 Valuair Singapore – Hongkong, going straightly to Hop Inn (our budget hotel)
13.00 - 15.00 Ariving at the hotel and have lunch around the hotel
15.00 - 18.00 Go to the Victoria Peak, Madame Tussaud
18.00 Off to Avenue of Stars and stay until Symphony of Light (start at 8 pm daily)
21.00 Temple Street Market
DAY 3, 14 MAY 2010
06.00 - 07.00 Breakfast around hotel
07.00 Go to the Ferry terminal (Off to Macau)
08.00 - 14.00 Stay at Macau
14.00 Go Back to Hongkong
17.00 Just shop around Tsim Sha Tsui - TST (Toys r us is a must!)
21.00 - 24.00 From TST, go to Ladies Market
DAY 4, 15 MAY 2010
07.00 - 08.00 Breakfast around hotel
08.30 - 14.00 Go to Giant Budha
14.00 Go back to TST (hotel)
16.00 Go to the airport
DAY 5, 16 MAY 2010
Arriving at Changi airport, go straightly to the hotel by taxi
07.00 - 08.00 Breakfast at the hotel
08.00 - 10.00 Go to Merlion Park
10.00 - 12.00 Shop and have lunch Suntec City
13.00 Go to Ikea
16.00 Go back to the airport

We are not going to take our son (so sorry boys..), that's why Disneyland is excluded, and we insist going to Macau, for a post-wedding photo session! hahaha.. Well, I thought that when we go to Hongkong someday with our children, of course we are not going to Macau, so this is the chance.

The Singapore part is a request from Dini which haven't been to Singapore for years. So a taking picture session in front of Merlion is a must. While for us, we would love to go to Ikea, to buy something unique but cheap for our new house.

The Airline Ticket
We bought our ticket in Feb 2010, after searching for some alternatives we decided to take Valuair Jkt-Spore-HK. Actually there are also another cheap airline like Air Asia or Tiger Airways. Firstly we would like to go by Air Asia, with the route Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur-Hongkong. The price is almost the same with Valuair. But we prefer stay in Changi then in Kuala Lumpur budget airport (the terminal for Air Asia). Another thing is, Valuair on time performance is 94% as stated in their web. Well, it maybe very subjective, but we hope it is really true. Our two ways tickets, two tickets with bagage for the ladies (yes, we need a bagage to put our shopping), and two tickets without bagage, is about IDR 3,360,000 per-person. Not very cheap as we didn't get any promo ticket, but the price still make sense.

Where We Are Going To Stay
After searching through Mr.Google, the most famous area for Hongkong budget hotel is chungking mansion. But many reviews say to avoid chungking. Finally we found one hotel called Hop Inn( http://hotel.zoapiere.com/), one hotel with perfect review from everyone. They only have 9 rooms, all with different decoration. The below picture is taken from their web (look how cool the shower is!):

The price is above average price of HK budget hotel, single room range from US 49-58, double room range from US 62-79 and Triple room from US 75-97. All reviews say how great the location of this budget hotel. Due to limited rooms, early reservation is recommended.

We almost have to stay at different hotel, as Dini made the reservation through http://www.hostels.com/ earliear than I did. When I tried to make a booking from hostels.com, the room is no longer available. So I tried to find their web, and email the owner directly. They response promptly saying there's still room available from me and rene. Alhamdulillah...

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  1. Nice writing, I am waiting for your Hong Kong & Macau articles ;)

  2. Hallo Mas, thanks for visiting my blog. The articles are coming..

  3. Hai mba Tesya, bisa minta email address-nya? :)
    email saya: bluesparkling@yahoo.com
    kepingin tanya" soal Hongkong niy, insyaallah ada kesempatan dlm waktu dekat ini. Btw, confirm ya kita tdk perlu visa utk visit hongkong?
    Terima kasih sblmnya, saya tunggu info dari mba.

  4. Hallo Ria, alamat emailku tesya.sm@gmail.com. Btw aku udah email, sudah terima kah? Iya confirm ke Hongkong Macau tidak perlu visa. Kalau ke Shenzen baru pake visa.

  5. It is very nice vacation. Hopefully you happy with your family. Hong Kong Park is also nice vacation destination, I think. You can going to the park. I waiting for your next sharing.

    1. Hi thanks for the input, hope we can get back to Hongkong soon :)