A Walking Tour in Central Hong Kong

As one of Asia's shopping paradise, Hong Kong has so many areas for shopping. Tsim Sha Tsui, Causewaybay and Central are the three major shopping complex, and probably my fave is Central. One of the reason is because there's a huge Marks and Spencer store located in Queen Street. Marks and Spencer's price in Hong Kong is way cheaper compared to their price in Indonesia.

To explore Central, Rene and me decided to explore the area by doing our own walking tour with GPS on our phone. We started our walking tour in Central by taking a tram from Western Market and alight at Pedder Street. The what so called "Ding-ding Tram" could only be found in Hong Kong island. You have to try this old tram to get "a real Hong Kong experience". Passangers get in from the rear door of the tram, and exit from the front door.

The colorful old tram in Central, Hong Kong

We walked and stopped for a while (oh well, for about an hour) at Marks and Spencer. And wow, there's a Coach store just few steps from Marks and Spencer.

Let's do some shopping here
Could you spot me in this picture?:p

The road was so busy with pedestrians and cars which stucked in a traffic jam. By exploring Central with a walking tour, not only you will free from traffic jam but also you will be surprised with many lanes among the city's skyscrappers.

One of Hong Kong's busiest area

All of the sudden, we found a stair, and decided to follow it. Actually we didn't know where the stair will lead us to. After a 5 minutes walking, we found an intersection with a colorful local market selling Chinese New Years decorations. The market we passed was so fotogenic.

Just visit any lanes you might find in Central

The local market in Central

In Central, you will find branded bags sold in a luxury mall and also the fake one in the Li Yueen Street Market. There's two parts of Li Yueen Street Market, the west and the east. Both are located in a lane between the buildings.

Souvenirs and fake bags shopping anyone?

Approaching lunch, we headed to Mid Level Escalator as we wanted to have lunch in SOHO area. It was for sure a memorable walking tour in Central, one thing you should not miss when visiting Hong Kong.

written on November 25, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. jalan2nya belum kelar2 kak? :))

    1. Hahahah Kak Feb, look who's talking :D

  2. aku di Hong Kong kemarin udah kayak org norak deh kak, heboh gitu ngeliat toko2 branded adanya di ruko pinggir jalan, secara di sini kan mana ada yess? ahhahahah

    1. Heheheh ... kalo disini wajib ditempat mewah yaaa :-(

    2. mending di HK kak, negaranya agak mewahan.. lha di Vietnam juga gitu.. kaget juga lihatnya waktu itu..hahaha

    3. Ohya..aku belum pernah euy ke Vietnam. Tapi pasti asyik juga walking tour di sana ya.