A Great Day Out at Australian Reptile Park

When I found out that we will be passing Australian Reptile Park on our roadtrip from Sydney to Newcastle, I put it directly on our Sydney Family Trip itinerary. From its website, I saw how children could be so close with all the fluffy animals and also the reptile.

We arrived at Australian Reptile Park in the morning around 9.30 am. We saw some big vans and buses were already parked in the parking place. It was great to arrive early in the morning, we headed to the ticket counter after passing this giant reptile.

Finally we are at Australian Reptile Park
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The Magnificent Jenolan Caves

We always wanted to visit The Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, as it claimed as "the most spectacular and most famous cave in Australia". Having seen its website, I agree that the caves at Jenolan are so beautiful!!

But it is 175 km away from Sydney, we will have to spare two days in Blue Mountains to visit Scenic World and The Jenolan Caves. Or, if we wanted to have a day trip to both of the places, then we should hire a car. That's why we postponed visiting The Jenolan Caves until our third holiday in Sydney. We had plenty of time, and we rented a Hyundai from Apex. Perfect! A visit to Jenolan Caves was finally in our itinerary :)

Grand Arch, the entrance to Jenolan Caves complex

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