Our Amazing Day at Scenic World Blue Mountains

This is our second visit to Scenic World Blue Mountains, and this time we went with our Kiddos. On our first visit to Scenic World, we went with our friend and his family, and I really hope that I could take our Kiddos to Scenic World Blue Mountains. I made my dream come true in 2 years, Alhamdulillah.

As we visited Scenic World on a super peak period (to be precised on 2 Jan 2015), we tried to arrive as early as possible. We had to beat the crowd, and need to park our rented car at the free parking area provided by Scenic World. Another bonus for early riser during the summer school holiday is the discounted ticket price. A normal family pass is AUD88, but if you purchase the ticket before 10 am, it will be discounted to AUD77.

We managed to arrive at 9.30, we could park our car easily because there were still ample parking place available, and the queue to ticket counter was still very short.

The ticket counter at Scenic World

Our plan for that day is to take a return ride of the Scenic Skyway (the yellow sign), go to the forest with Scenic Railway (the red sign), enjoying the Scenic Walkway (green sign) and go back to the Scenic Blue Mountain's main building with the Scenic Cableway (the blue sign). 


We headed to the Scenic Skyway first, simply because we haven't tried the Skyway on our first visit. So we thought it should be our first priority. Thank God the queue was not long, we waited only for 10 minutes before taking our ride.

We had to scan our wristband before joining the queue
The queue to take the Scenic Skyway

Here comes the Scenic Skyway and we were EXCITED! Frankly speaking it was scary to see how this skyway float in the air, but this is an experience of a lifetime. I mean, how many times in your life you ride this kind of carriage?

Couldn't hardly wait to float in the air with the Scenic Skyway!

We choose to stand on the right side, so we could see the breathtaking view of the famous Three Sisters Rock and also the Jamison Valley. The ride was smooth and safe, we crossed the horizon of 720m with the Scenic Skyway. It was FANTASTIC!

Three Sisters Rocks (on the very left), and the mountains

All of the passengers had to disembark at the skyway's east station and join the queue again if we'd like to take the return ride to the Scenic Blue Mountain. Or we could also take a bush walk all the way to Echo Point.

We decided to directly join the queue, but we were too late! All the tour buses stopped at skyway's east station and made the queue suddenly became so long! We had to wait about 30 minutes before taking our return trip. So glad that our Kiddos behave well while waiting for our turn to take the Scenic Skyway.

The Skyway's east staion
Finally it was almost our turn to take the ride

On our way back to Scenic Blue Mountain, we stood on the right side and enjoyed the beauty of Katoomba falls. We choose to stand on the open air area section of the skyway, to be able to take selfie picture of our family:D

The Katoomba Falls
Inside the Scenic Skyway


Upon our arrival back to the Scenic Blue Mountain, we walked to the entrance of Scenic Railway. The queue for the three rides are different, so you have to follow the sign whether it's red, blue or yellow.

The Scenic Railway is in the red sign, the same color with the railway. We were amazed by the new look of Scenic Railway compared to the one we tried back in 2012. It's now covered by glass and way more modern compared to the previous one. By the way, do you know that it is claimed as the steepest incline railway in the world?

The new look of the Scenic Railway: it's a glass roof carriage

The schedule for the railway is every 10 minutes. So we didn't wait long for our turn. The unique thing was, we could enjoy our waiting time by giving commnet on the blackboard. They even provide chalks for the guests.

tesyasblog was on the board:p

Our turn came and we sat together in the second row. Kiddos were worry about the ride, but once they got in and tried the ride, they said it was AWESOME!

The Scenic Railway and the queue

The Railway experience descends 310 metres through a cliff-side tunnel. The seat is adjustable with "laid back (52 degree)" and "cliffhanger (62 degree)" option. It was scary indeed, even that we oly adjust our seat to "the laid back" option. But of course it was SUPER FUN. We screamed all the way to the bottom station!

This is how steep the ride was


When we reach the bottom station, we started our journey exploring a rainforest canopy or known as the Scenic Walkway.

Let's start our Scenic Walkaway

There are lots of things to see in the forest, from the replica of the old mining, the coal, and even to ride a horse statue:p

Katoomba Coal Mini, a replica of the mining
Playing with the replica of the coal
Not a real horse riding though:p

Other things that our Kiddos love from the Scenic Walkway was the information signs of the tree. They were really interesting that our Kiddos requested me to read all the signs, one by one:D

Do you see the "kissing tree" in this picture?
Kiddos enjoyed reading the attractive information signs

We walk further to the forest until we find the bottom station of Scenic Cableway. So sad to leave all the greeneries in this beautiful forest.

This is a must do at Scenic Blue Mountain: the Scenic Walkway


Our last ride of the day was the Scenic Cableway. We took the ride from the bottom station to the top of the escarpment. The 545 meters offers another breathtaking view of Thress Sisters (now with a closer look), Orphan Rock, Mt Sollitary and Katoomba Falls.

Riding the steepest and largest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere

"Please lift your hand to the air" said the staff of Scenic Blue Mountain as we were approaching the station. 

We were almost there!

We went back to the Scenic Blue Mountain's main building and saw how long the queue to take the ride was. We glad that we succeeded to beat the crowd by coming early in the morning. Even the queue to buy the tickets was so long, far away before the entrance to the bulding!

This is the queue just to buy the ticket around 12 pm

Definitely it's one of  the top attaction in Blue Mountains.  Almost every tour to Sydney include a daytrip to Scenic Blue Mountains. So plan in advance if you are planning to take your kids spending the summer holiday at Scenic Blue Mountain. 

Thank you Scenic Blue Mountains for the family pass, 
we had great time with all the rides and also the forest.

written on January 23, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. We always enjoy scenic view, mostly from the above :)..this reminding me of our scenic tour in Nendaz, Switzerland...it's cool to be up there :)

    1. What, Switzerland Indah? Hope we could be there too someday :)

  2. Wow menarik sekali ya, kira2 kalo pas bulan Agustus ksn ok nda ya view nya secara masih winter ya

    1. Oke Mba...bahkan di Blue Mountain suka ada snow.


  3. Thank you for your sharing :)