Sydney Powerhouse Museum: Circus Factory and The Exhibitions

The second museum we visited during our Family Trip in Sydney was the Powerhouse Museum. We had seen the roof of the museum many times with "Powerhouse Museum" sign on it, but we had never passed the main gate of the museum.

We were confuse of getting to the museum after visiting Paddy's Market. We thought that the museum was connected with Darling Harbour. But a project called The Goods Line Project was on progress and because of this, the footbridge that connects Darling Harbour with the Powerhouse Museum was closed. Somehow we found our way passing Pier Street, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Center, and voila we finally arrived at the Powerhouse Museum. Yeay:)

Welcome to the Powerhouse Museum

I approached the ticket counter, while Rene was with our Kiddos, because they insisted to take picture with a steam locomotive which is located not far from the ticket counter. 

This Locomotive no.1 first operated in 1855
Our Kiddos with Locomotive no.1

There's always a new exhibition in Powerhouse Museum. When we visited the museum, we were so lucky that "Circus Factory" exhibition had just started, and will be held until 3 May 2015. And the good news was, kids ticket are free when you buy an adult ticket which cost AUD35. Exhibition tickets include same-day entry to Powerhouse Museum, transaction fees from $3,95 may apply.

I will share with you how we had our fun dayout visiting the Circus Factory and some of the permanent exhibitions at Powerhouse Museum Sydney.


We went to the entrance of Circus Factory, and the staff advised us to go directly to the show area.

"The Science of Circus Show had just started" the lady informed us

Of course we were curious of how this Science of Circus Show would be. So we ran to the show area. Kiddos choose to sit at the front row, while we seated at the back.

The "Circus Ring"

The show was about how the physics is used in the circus acts: from hula-hooping to tightrope walking. Before the show ended, the presenter told us to exercise what he had taught us, inside the Circus Factory.

Can you do the hola-hooping?
Balance is very important at this tightrope

The presenter was serious when he told the audience to practice. Visitors may find the circus equipments inside the Circus Factory (how cool is that!), and they could try anything they like. Kiddos tried to balance the stick and the plate, and they even got a private instructor:D

The hula-hoop
Our friendly personal instructor
Finally, he could do the magic:)

Another amazing thing you may find inside the Circus Factory is the fairground carousel that is 100 years old. Have you ever seen a carousel inside the museum??! This carousel is free, you may take as many rides as you wish.

Let's take a ride:)

On level 1, you could also find the balloons section where your kids can play with all those flying balloons.

Having super fun with the balloons

Dare to try the mirror maze? It is also located on level 1. With all these things to try, I felt that I was not in a museum but in a real circus!

What happened to my shirt?

Then we move to the second floor, and entered the "Dressed For The Ring". In this section we could find some of the clothes that had been used in the circus ring as well as the paintings.

There were also equipments that had been used in a circus show, even a seat and ticket arrangement. Imagine those stuffs are kept properly until now!

Kiddos' favorite section of Circus Factory was the Circus Arcadia, where they could try the circus games by inserting an AUD1 coin. The Circus Factory is very interesting and worth a visit. If you plan going to Sydney up to May 2015, a visit to Circus Factory shall be in your itinerary.


We moved to other exhibition which are the Transport and Space. We saw the planes hanging on the wall when we were at Circus Arcadia. So it was the first exhibition that Kiddos request to visit after Circus Factory.

We could see all forms of transportation from the past to present. From horse to a boat, from railway to an airplane.

Other exhibition that we visited was The Space, where we could got into a spaceship and wonder how they could live in the weightless environment of space?

Including replica of astronauts are available at The Space.


When it was time for lunch, we went to the playground located at Sydney Powerhouse Museum, bought two bottles of mineral water, and enjoyed the tuna pasta we had prepared from our apartment.

There were lots of tables and chairs available, an outdoor and indoor playground, and a cafe selling chicken and beef skewers. The food option is limited, better to take your own food if you don't like the skewers.

Our packed half day in Powerhouse Museum was incredible! A must visit place in Sydney, especially when you are taking your kids. We had a great time and we learned a lot from our first visit to Sydney Powerhouse Museum.

Thank you Sydney Powerhouse Museum for the complimentary tickets :)

Our family at the "Transport"

written on January 14, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. my kind of museum ;3
    bisa seharian deh aku di sini :)) :))

    ga mauu pulaaangg

    1. Pastinya Mei, you will love this museum!

  2. Duh teeh anak gue doyaan banget ama kereta gara gara nonton thomas, kayaknya cucok niih haha

    1. Nah, masukin ke itinerary ya. Ini salah satu museum terkeren yang aku pernah kunjungi Ogi :)