Sandboarding with Port Stephens 4WD Tour

It was another dream coming true: trying the experience of sandboarding at Port Stephens, which is one hour away from our rented apartment in Jesmond, Newcastle.

In the email, Anna from Port Stephens 4WD, a tour which sponsored our family to do the sandboarding, advised us to do it in the morning. "It's going to be the busiest day of the year. We will be open at 9.30am, just look for the red bus", she replied our email. Yes, we planned to do the sandboarding on 31 December, of course it was a super peak period.

We arrived around 9am, headed to the lower parking place of Birubi beach. Just next to the parking place, there's a beautiful beach called Birubi. Of course Kiddos requested to swim at the beach after the sandboarding. There were many tours providers at the lower parking place. We went to the red bus, as suggested in the email from Port Stephens 4WD.

Kiddos couldn't wait for their turn to do the sandboarding

We registered ourselves, our name was on their number one list. There were only 6 of us, maybe it was because we were too early. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait for other group, the red bus was ready to take us to the dune. Each of us got one cold bottle of mineral water, great!

I had notice that every tour provider has different way to take the guest to the dune. I saw an open air safari truck or even camels! Thank God, Port Stephens 4WD tour provides a comfortable, air conditioned bus. "Has everyone fastened the seat belt?" asked the driver. After we answered YES, our journey begins. We passed the ups and down of the dune, and stopped in a reserved area for Port Stephens 4WD Tour.

I wonder how difficult it is to drive this red bus in the dune!
This was our air conditioned bus :)

When we arrived at the dune, one staff briefed us on how to do the sandboarding. There were some basic rules: we had to touch the sand with both of our hands, as it will be the brake of our sandboarding. "Your hand will keep you balance" the staff explained. He also suggest us not to take camera and phones while playing at the dune.

Listen carefully to the briefing

Now, everyone was ready! Each of us took a board and walk all the way to the top of the dune. 

Smaller board for kids were also available

We were only allowed to walk between the orange cones. It is to ensure that no one will be hit by the board, as it's prohibited to do the sandboarding within that area. Kiddos tried the "trial dune" which is aimed for the exercise, before trying the "real dune".

Going up to the hill
He couldn't speed going down the "trial dune "

The second round, our Kiddos tried the real dune. Wooosssh! Unlike the first trial on the dune which is located on the left side of the cone, of course this real dune was more challenging. Once Kiddos tried the real dune, they refused to go back to the "trial dune".

It was real fast to go down the "real dune" with the board
Yes we had a fabulous time at the dune!

And I didn't count how many times our Kiddos went up the hill and took the board going down the dune. I stopped on my 10th round, it was too hot:D These pictures will tell you how our family really enjoyed the sandboarding experience with Port Stephens 4WD Tour.

The boys (including Rene) went up to the hill
Wooow, he's having super fun!
It was a race between our Kiddos
The brotherhood at the dune:D

Port Stephens 4WD provide a tent where I could wait for the boys and avoid the heat, and also bottles of mineral water. There were 3 staffs standby at the dune to watch the guests and ensure the safety of the guests. This tour provider is really recommended.

Our basecamp at the dune

Thank you Port Stephens 4WD for the unforgettable experience for our family at the dune. Please keep up the good work :)

written on January 25, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. adventurous abis ihhh...btw keren2 abis fotonaaaa :)

    1. Thank you Kak Feb...seru banget loooh:)

  2. wooow...that looks like tons of fun indeed...We're about to try snowboarding this winter, my son Bo has been asking about it ..but I think it's too frightening for me :)

    1. It was at first very frightening, but once you sandboard, you will forget the fear:D
      Hope someday we could do the snowboard:)

  3. masih ada waktu nabung,ntar pas anak gue umur 5 taun kuduuuu kesini!

    doain ya teeeh hahaha

    1. Amiiin Ogi....ini kemarin yang mau kesini Bapaknya kok bukan anaknya hahaha... tapi pastinya Kiddos suka banget disini.