Komodo Trip With Kids: Snorkeling at Kelor Island

The thing we love the most from our live aboard (LOB) in Komodo Island was the ability to park our boat, and have a snorkeling session in the beautiful beaches. Our Kiddos love beaches and swimming so much, so whenever we started our journey with our boat, the first stop should be the beach!

Just like on the first day, we started our journey from Labuan Bajo around 12.30 pm. Our Kiddos knew that we were going to swim at Pulau Kelor (Kelor Island). After the first five minute of our sail, they started to ask, "Are we there yet?" So Kak Windy played cards with them, to make them busy and enjoyed the journey.

Playing UNO cards on the boat
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Komodo Trip With Kids: Visiting Rinca Island

Traveling to Komodo Island with our kids was one of our travel dream destination in 2015. Actually mr.husband had requested this Komodo live aboard (LOB) trip since 2 years ago. Finally I said yes after checking out that the boat which will be used by our group was actually very nice:D

We will post several stories about our Komodo trip with kids, but let me start with how we had visited Rinca Island, and saw Komodo in the real life for the first time! Many pictures will be uploaded in each of the Komodo Trip's stories, please be ready:)

The ranger and the female Komodo
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What to Do After Sunset at Perth Kings Park

I think anyone visiting Perth will include a visit to Kings Park in their itinerary. We put the plan to visit Kings Park on our first day, with a minimal research on how to go to the park:p

"We could take the Red CAT Bus to the park" mr husband explained while we were on the Blue CAT Bus leaving Perth Bell Tower. So I just followed him, as he was supposed to be the one who do the research for our anniversary trip.

We changed from Blue to Red line at Perth City and took the Red CAT Bus. We alight at stop 18: Outram Street, then walked to the entrance of Kings Park via Kings Park Road. Crossing the road was challenging as there were no crossing sign! By the way, it was around sunset time, and we wished to take a picture of the sunset inside the park as well.

Almost sunset at King Road

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Perth Bell Tower: Enjoying Aerial View of Perth

We always love to see a city view from the top, and that's why Perth Bell Tower was included in our itinerary. As we had only few days in Perth, we visited Perth Bell Tower upon arrival. Too bad we were too late for the Bell handling demonstration.

We walked from our hotel which is Royal Hotel, and arrived at The Bell Tower just 40 minutes before it was closed. Opening times vary seasonally, better to check their website before you visit Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower in the middle of Elizabeth Quay construction

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