Two Hands Full Coffee, Bandung

If you succeed to reach Pasteur Bandung Toll Exit very early on a Saturday morning, then why not start your day with the most delicious coffee in Bandung?

I knew this cafe, Tho Hands Full Coffee from instagram, and from all those beautiful pictures of the cafe uploaded on instagram, I knew I had to visit Two Hands Full, Bandung.

Located on one of the most busiest road in Bandung (especially on weekends), Jalan Sukajadi. If you come from Pasteur, you will find Parijs Van Java Mall (PVJ) on your left, then just go straight. Two Hands Full Coffee will be on your right, with only a small sign. 

Once you stepped in, you will be amazed by how cool this place is.

Beautiful interior of Two Hands Full Coffee

We came around 8.30 am, and the cafe was still empty. Of course the drama when we do cafe hopping with our two kiddos is always there: deciding where to sit!

It ended up Kiddos#1 sat on the table with the MacBook, whilst Kiddos#2 choose to sit at the bar chair. 

Kiddos#1 was also enjoying his time at Two Hands Full
The view from my table with Kiddos#2

The bar is located in the middle of the cafe. It's the main attraction of Two Hands Full Bandung, actually. I really enjoyed looking how the baristas prepared the coffee. They worked wholeheartedly!

Look how passionate they are to prepare the coffee!
These baristas made me realize how important it is to work with your heart

And the drinks which had been prepared very seriously by the baristas, has made them the best coffee among other cafes in Bandung. I had the best Cappucino ever that morning, and so did mr.husband.

Our coffee

After a visit to Two Hands Full, I know this cafe is not only look good on Instagram, but also provide the best coffee in Bandung. It taste very special. You should go and have it a try.

A very recommended place to visit while you are in Bandung. Just be patient with how crowded the road heading to Two Hands Full on Saturday and Sunday. Coming early in the morning is always our choice to do a cafe hopping in Bandung. 

Notes: the pictures for this post were taken at their previous place on Jalan Sukajadi 206. Starting October 2015 they are moving to the new address:

Two Hands Full, Bandung
Jalan Sukajadi 198A
Phone: 022 - 203 1807
Opening hours: 07.00am-08.00pm
Instagram: @thfcoffee

written on November 6, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. di sana jual minuman yg bukan kopi mba? aku ga bisa lg minum kopi soalnya -__-.. makanya ga prnh lg ke cafe2 kopi kalo mereka ga menjual minuman non kopi ... maagku lgs kumat hebat tiap minum kopi soalnya...

    1. Ada Fan yang bukan kopi, macam teh dan juice gitu.
      Aduh, padahal kopinya enak banget Fan :)

  2. okeehh masuk dalam list besok kalo ke bandung hehe

    1. Sippp, jangan lupa catat alamat baru ya.

  3. Kl ak buka IG nya ada menu pork nya ya Teh, jd pengen cobain😋

    1. Iya sayang sekali, makanya aku nyoba kopinya aja.