Club Med Bali Review - The All Inclusive Resort

This was our first Club Med experience. Club Med has more than 80 resorts in the world, and 2 of them are located in Indonesia: Club Med Bali and Club Med Bintan

If you are not familiar with Club Med, it is an all inclusive resort. The price you pay include all the activities, food, drinks, and of course the kids club for the children. I always thought that staying at Club Med is only for the members. But I was wrong, you don't have to be a member to stay at Club Med in Indonesia. 

We stayed for 3D2N, it was an amazing experience for our family. Read our Club Med Bali Review, we would like to share how this resort had given our family a memorable experience.

Couldn't wait to arrive at Club Med Bali

The Location

It was only a short drive from Bali International Airport to Club Med Bali (about 20 minutes). You will be passing the new toll road in Bali, which is build over the sea.

Club Med Bali is located at Nusa Dua, where all exclusive hotels and resorts are located. Yes it is a beachfront resort, so you don't have to go anywhere once you arrive at Club Med.

The beautiful beach of Club Med Bali awaits you

The Lobby

You will feel a holiday atmosphere once you arrive at the lobby. Dominated by wood, the lobby gives you the feel that "you are home". 

Welcome to Club Med Bali :)
The lobby of Club Med Bali

There are some corners at the lobby where we could sit and relax, waiting for our room to be ready. We sat here for a while because our Kiddos request  to directly go to the main pool.

Frankly speaking, I wanted to sleep at this corner:p

When the night comes, the lobby looks more beautiful with all the lights.

The Rooms

The resort has a strong Balinese touch with more than 300 rooms. They are set in a lush garden, giving it a very peaceful atmosphere. 

The beautiful pond and garden around the rooms

Some of the rooms are already renovated, if you'd like to stay at the new rooms, choose their deluxe rooms. Club Med Bali is on progress to renovate all the rooms. When we were there some part were being constructed. 

The renovated rooms at Club Med Bali

We got two rooms on the top floor, located next to each other. The room is spacious, the aircon is very cold, and we didn't hear anything from the outside. I guess it's why we enjoy 2 nights deep sleep at Club Med Bali.

Our lovely room
The room for our Kiddos
The bathroom

The Main Pool

I know this is one of the most important thing to consider when you choose a resort in Bali: the pool. Club Med Bali has a main pool for the whole family and one pool dedicated for adults called the Zen Pool.

The Main Pool is located at the center of Club Med Bali, just few meters away from the lobby. 

Our Kiddos' fave spot at Club Med Bali, they swim 3 times a day

We spent most of our time around the pool area. Our Kiddos only stop when the days end, and we had to change clothes for our dinner.

It was time to get off from the pool, although it opens until 9 pm
The pool is empty during dinner time

The Main Bar

The main pool is also located very close to the main bar, where you could order the drink anytime you like until 12 am for free:) Remember, it's an all inclusive resort!

The Main Bar see from the pool
You can order your drink for free at the Main Bar
The eye catching look of the bar, love it!

The Zen Pool

On the second day, when our Kiddos were busy with the Kids Club activities, I and mr.husband went to the Zen Pool.

The Zen Pool, stress fee tranquility of Club Med Bali

We saw lots of GM (Gentil Membre, this is how guests of Club Med are called) enjoying the zen pool by reading books and taking a nap around the pool. While we choose to chill out at the pool an drink a glass of cold orange juice which we ordered from a mini bar at the Zen Pool, of course for free.

Enjoying the pool overlooking the sea, with this cold orange juice
Serene relaxation
It was a truly zen experience :)

The Food

Staying at Club Med Bali, meaning you can have six meals in day, I repeat SIX times! There's breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, late lunch, dinner and late dinner. All those late meals are provided at the Deck restaurant, whilst the 3 times a day meal is served at the main restaurant.

The main restaurant consist of three section: the outside, the main restaurant and the umbrella section. This is how we called it because there's lots of Balinese umbrella inside the restaurant.

"The umbrella" section
The main restaurant with a more luxury touch

You can have everything at the restaurant from Italian food, Indonesian food, Japanese food, Korean food, oooh you name it! You will never get bored with the choice of food at Club Med Bali. One more thing, they prepare the food in a fine dining style, not just an ordinary buffet style. We love our dining time at Club Med Bali!

The appetizer
Variety of food we tried at the main restaurant

The Deck

It's a new gourmet lounge overlooking the beautiful sea at the back of Club Med Bali, serving late breakfast, late lunch and also the late dinner. Don't worry if you wish to sleep longer at Club Med Bali, you can have your late breakfast at The Deck.

GM are having their late breakfast at The Deck

Too bad we didn't have the chance to dine here, we were supposed to try it on our last day, but at the end we choose snorkeling rather than having a late breakfast. 

The relaxed atmosphere at The Deck

Just next to the Deck restaurant, there's the Deck Bar where you could hang out and enjoy the astonishing view to the see. You don't have to go anywhere, Club Med Bali has it all.

The  view from The Deck Bar

The Activities at Club Med Bali

I will write a full review of what we had done in Club Med Bali in the next post. But as a teaser, let me share some of the facilities you can enjoy at Club Med.

A golf course inside Club Med Bali
The tennis court, next to the golf course 
Futsal field and the archery 
The flying trapeze
Water sport activities (windsurfing, snorkeling and kayaking) are free at Club Med Bali 
Would you like to try the windsurfing?

And if you're taking your children on a holiday like us, Club Med Bali is heaven for the kids. It has a children club ranging from Baby Club Med with an extra cost, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med and  the Kids Club.

Beautiful Balinese touch at the Petit Club
There's always something happening at the children club
Look how happy they are at the Splash Park
The Mini Club was busy doing the gardening

The Lush Garden

Club Med Bali has a huge and a very beautiful garden which give relaxing feel to all the GM. Everywhere you go around Club Med Bali you will see all the greeneries, and this huge garden is very well maintained.

Look at those beautiful coconut tree 
Just sit here and relax

A Stress Free Stay at Club Med

Staying at Club Med Bali, everything is taken care for you by the GO (French word, Gentil Organisateur). We were welcomed by Julia, a GO from Korea at the lobby of Club Med, where she explained us about Club Med.

Julia and our welcome drink

And on the last day, another GO named Jerry was responsible to make sure we got our van on time, to take us to the airport.

Jerry even provides cold drink for us!

Our Connection With the GO

All the GO are friendly, and they mingle with the GM at the dining room, so that we could know how exciting it is to be a GO of Club Med.

Selvia with our family 
Our Kiddos fave GO: Om Tonky with his magic show after our dinner

All the GO we met was very happy and proud working at Club Med. They told us that they have the opportunity to work in the Club Med all over the world. Wow! No wonder their service to the GM are top notch, as they are happy to work for Club Med. 

Even until now, our Kiddos still talk about Om Tongky (the magic done by him was personal and very interesting), also Kak Rendi and Tante Fitri from Kids Club. Well, I know that Club Med Bali had won our Kiddos' heart.

Why Staying at Club Med Bali?

You won't need to rent a car, dealing with traffic jam in Bali (especially at those touristy attarctions, famous restaurants and the souvenir shop), you don't need to make an itinerary, and spending money for your attraction tickets and meals. Club Med Bali offers you the all inclusive resort. 

One of the reason going to Bali is to enjoy the beach. You can enjoy beautiful beach just meters away from your room, a private beach with of course less people. What else do you need? 

Let's go to the private beach :)

Do you have any questions regarding Club Med Bali? Please contact its hotline. And I would love to see you and your family at Club Med Bali.


Toll Free Line : 0 800 1 258 2633


written on October 25, 2015 by @tesyasblog

Disclaimer: We were guests of Club Med Bali, however all the opinions written here are truly ours, based on our experience staying at Club Med Bali.

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  1. beneerrrr, aku pernah baca di mana yaah pepatah yang bilang kalo perusahaan itu harus menyenangkan karyawannya dulu, So they will take care the customers well.

    ini setiap hari diikutin GO yah kak? per family gitu itungannya atau per room?

    *aku masih bengong abis baca six times meal a day* ahhahahahahah

    1. Iya bener Mei....enggak diikutin GO Mei, tapi mereka kan ada dimana-mana, di reception, di souvenir shop, di bar, di Kids Club..gitu..
      Iya 6 meals a day Mei!!

  2. Ternyata yaaaah, all inlusive ini. Pantesan di IG kok liat foto2nya ada kids activities gitu, apa dari sekolahan jangan2. Eh dirimu bilang bukan. Kalo gitu, aku yakin deh ini next travelling ke Bali aja. Tadinya sempet nggak mau karena kupikir mau ngapain di Bali, cuma pantai2 doang, anak2 gimana? Eh lhaaa kok dirimu nge-review Club Med Bali ini. Okelah kalo begitu, ganti destinasi dan itinerary ini mah. Hahahaha.

    Anyway, thank's, Mbak. :)))

    1. Aku juga baru kenalan dengan konsep all inclusive ini Mbak. Asik banget di Bali enggak usah kemana-mana, leyeh-leyeh aja di Zen Pool :)

      Ditunggu cerita liburannya di Club Med Bali yaa...

  3. Replies
    1. Dicobain nginep sini Mba, asyik banget :)

  4. sebenernya aku ga suka Bali, karena panas ;p.. Tapi baca ini, aku jd pgn dtg...toh kita ga perlu keluar kemana2, cukup menjelajah hotel...itu yg aku paling suka ;) Paling ga kuat baca makanannya bs 6x per day hahahahaha :D... aku bakal betah bgt ini mba ^o^

    1. Hahahaha Kak Fanny banget nih enggak doyan panas:p
      Ayo Kak ke sini, dijamin betah banget, apalagi bisa makan sepuasnya, seharian!

  5. Kayaknya malah bisa lupa keliling Bali-nya. Mana makannya 6 kali. Surga banget. :D

    1. Hahaha iya, enak leha-leha di hotel aja nih jadinya:D

  6. Baca postingan ini makin yakin deh mau ke Bali tahun 2016 ^_^

  7. Kerren banget perjalanannya mb tesya!!
    Mba..mau dong d bocorin price nya..hehe..buat ancer ancer 😅.
    Thank you mba..🙏

    1. Hai Mbak, kalau dulu harganya sekitar Rp 4 juta untuk dewasa, 3 hari 2 malam. Tapi sering ada promo kok, coba deh masuk ke website Club Med ya.