Finding Halal Ramen in Sapporo: Ramen Horyu

One of our bucketlist in Sapporo is to try the famous Horyu Ramen, as it's one of the option to find halal food in Sapporo. Horyu (or sometimes written as "Houryu") was established in 1957, and categorized as a Muslim friendly restaurant. Meaning they separate the cooking/dining utensils for Muslim guests, and also they serve food with no pork or alcohol.

Sapporo is famous for its ramen, so a visit to Horyu Ramen was a must for us. We went there on our first night in Sapporo, it's located in a walking distance from our hostel in Susukino area: The Grids Hotel+Hostel.

Bear in mind that the place of Horyu Ramen is small and always crowded. We had to wait outside on a bench just in front of the shop until our turn has come.

Waiting in front of Horyu Ramen, Sapporo

What To Order at Horyu Ramen

The most famous ramen at Horyu was the Genghis Khan as seen on the menu below.

The Genghis Khan

Mr.husband ordered this ramen and he liked it so much. Well, his fave food is noodle so any kind of it, he will just love it.

The Genghis Khan ramen in the real world
Ramen with loads of beef on it (or was it lamb?)

My order was Miso Ramen, the standard one. It came with an egg with a stamp on it.

My miso ramen
Looks like Indomie noodle?:p

I must say that the soup of my ramen feels so different compared to other ramen I had tried in Japan. Did I like it? Not really, I prefer the Kyoto's Gion Naritaya Ramen. 

After finishing my egg, I gave the remaining ramen to mr.husband, and he liked it. Well, maybe you will like it too, so give it a try if you are coming to Sapporo.

Other than ramen, we also tried their Gyoza, which I like very much.

Not to be missed: the Gyoza

Watching The Making Of Our Ramen

We went to Horyu without our Kiddos as they choose to stay at The Grids Hotel+Hostel. So the two of us were allowed to sit on the bar area, just in front of the kitchen. 

It was really interesting to see how the ramen was being prepared in front of our seat:D Let me post some pictures from the kitchen of Ramen Horyu.

By the way I asked to the young chef whether they are father and son, and the answer was no. Apparently they just work together.

There were only two person at the kitchen
The old man is the master chef
Genghis Khan ramen on the making
The "raw material" of ramen

Here comes my ramen and also mr.husband's ramen.

Our bowls of ramen

The Green Logo For Muslim Guests at Horyu Ramen

As I had mentioned in the beginning of this post, Horyu Ramen separate the cooking/dining utensils. For Muslim guests, they have the green logo like the one I saw on the chopstick.

These chopstick are for Muslim guests

Is Horyu Ramen Worth A Try?

Horyu is a 5 min walking from Susukino Station, and open up until 2 am in the midnight. Although not my favorite ramen, I still recommend you to try it. And Horyu will always be on our list on our next visit to Sapporo.

Frankly speaking, we enjoyed watching how these two gentlemen worked in their kitchen very efficiently. Make sure you get the bar seats like we had.

written on September 24, 2017
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  1. Waaaa, lucu banget telurnya di cap!

    1. Hahaha iya Amel, kreatif banget ya :)

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    1. Tapi ternyata rasanya agak aneh Mba Fitri:D

  3. Hmmmm... Pas k jepang kmrn, aku ga makan ramen samasekali. Cm soba.. Ntr next k jepang, haruslah cobain ramen :D. Penasaran ama yg kamu bilang enak itu mba

    1. Aku malahan enggak suka soba Fan, cobain deh Fan yang kuah bebek ini hehee..

  4. Ini ramen enak bgt. Waktu di tempat antrian nya lumayan. Bapak nya itu yang buat sama anak nya kayanya family run resto. ^_^ ada di VLOG aku. Kalau mau info lebih and liat kaya apa drop by into my channel ya. Channel nya @arickysruoso di youtube.