Halal Ramen in Kyoto: Gion Naritaya

Even in Indonesia, one of the biggest country with moslem population in the world, I rarely find halal ramen (I mean, the certified one). So before going to Kyoto, I tried my luck and type in google: "Halal Ramen in Kyoto". Google leads me to a place called Gion Naritaya.

I search how to get to Gion Naritaya from our hostel Centurion Cabin & Spa, as we planned to drop off our backpack at the hostel before exploring Kyoto. And it's a 20 minutes walking distance, so we put it as a late lunch plan, after snacking at the Nishiki Market.

In reality, we had to walk quiet far, but with a cold winter weather and the beautiful sight of Gion, I wouldn't mind at all. We stopped here and there and after a 30 minutes walking from Nishiki Market, we arrived at Gion Naritaya.

A small restaurant for Halal Ramen in Kyoto

The restaurant is really small, we could barely move. But it has a small prayer room, which is very useful for moslem travelers. We could do our Dzuhur and Azhar prayer after or before enjoying the halal ramen at Gion Naritaya, before continue to explore Kyoto.

I asked the waiters who come from Bandung, Indonesia (my hometown), who owns the restaurant. They said that the owner is a Japanese. Wow, he/she must be a very good entrepreneur, knowing the business opportunity to provide halal restaurant in Kyoto as more moslem travelers coming to town.

Prayer room is located just next to the tatami seating table

We ordered Shoyu Ramen for JPY750 and Spicy Miso Ramen which cost JPY1,000. Water were free, so we didn't order anything for our drink.

I like the ramen so much, especially the egg, it was so delish!

The portion is not that big, but it surely had warmed up our body & soul:)
My Shoyu Ramen
Mr.husband's Spicy Miso Ramen

Other than ramen, they also provide rice bowl, fried chicken, fried dumplings which cost around JPY300-JPY00.

The waiters also told us that the restaurant is always full during lunch and especially dinner time. We arrived around 3pm, and the restaurant was empty. Please be informed that Gion Naritaya opens from 11am to 11pm, so just manage your time to get to this restaurant off peak hour.

Getting There

We walked from Nishiski Market to Gion Naritaya with this map. 1) We just walked passing through the main road, 2) crossed the Kamogawa (river), 3) take picture at Cacao Market  4) walked to Shirakawa Minami Dori and taking pictures, finally 5) we arrived at Gion Naritaya.

Source: Google map

Because I believe pictures say better than words, I posted some picures to give you an idea how to go to Halal Ramen in Kyoto Gion Naritaya from Nishiki Market.

1. Walk Along The Busy Gion (From Nishiki Market)

The main road of Gion, yes you see it right there: The Disney Store:D

2. Cross The River (Kamogawa)

Kamogawa River

3. You Will Find A Cute Cacao Market

4. Walk to Shirakawa Minami Dori

5. You Will Be Arriving at Gion Naritaya

Enjoy your Halal Ramen in Kyoto! I hope you can get to the place easily by reading this post. Do not forget to tag me on Instagram, while you are eating this ramen! :)

written on February 7, 2017
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  1. Pengen banget nyobain ramen yang pedes kebanget-banget deh kalau lagi ngantuk gini. Haha curhat saya.

    1. Hahaha..jangan ngantuk Mba Lina:)
      Ayo makan bakso pedesss aja..

  2. Glek..langsung ngiler jadinya nih mba...

    1. Hehehe...telurnya yang sampe sekarang aku pengin lagiii:D

  3. Cita-cita yang belom kesampean nih..makan ramen halal di negeri asalnya..Lezat nampaknya ya mbak Tes, slrup

    1. Ayo Bubu balik lagi, kan belum ke Kyoto :)

  4. sudah masuk itinerari buat trip minggu ini, tapi yg di Tokyo. Semoga cocok rasanya :)

    1. Wah colek aku donk di IG @tesyasblog pas lagi makan disana, biar aku ngiler hehe.. Have fun in Japan:)

  5. Ternyata ada ramen halal ya.mie ramen nya asli bikin ngiler. Semoga bisalah ntah kapan waktu bisa makan ramen ini disana. Salam kenal

    1. Salam kenal Mba...aku pun kalau liat foto telurnya jadi ngiler lagi... hahaha..

  6. been there.and definitely will be back if i go to japan again. one of best halal ramen

    1. Iya, tapi skrg saya jadi pengin coba juga Ippin ramen di Asakusa Tokyo loh..

  7. wah kalo ke ippin di cek dulu sertifikat halalnya mba. pas saya kesana mei 2016 sertifikatnya udah abis masa berlakunya.dan baru ngeliat pas udah habis ramennya

    merurut saya lbh enak naritaya daripada ippin, menurut saya lho ya

  8. Hai mb..salam kenal..boleh minta itinerary selama di jepang kah?trus kira2 hostel di sana bisa terima bayi gk y?karena saya ada rencana pergi ber2 sama anak 2 thn n tanpa papay (gak pny cuti) sma kayak mb tesya yaa😀😁

    1. Silahkan Mba email ke aku ya.. tesyas.blog@gmail.com