Sapporo With Kids: A Visit To Nijo Fish Market

Fish market in Japan will always be in our itinerary. We had visited Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, and also Nishiki Market in Kyoto. As we knew that Sapporo has their Nijo Fish Market, we planned to visit it right after our trip to Furano and its surrounding.

It's not about checking the list of destinations on our bucketlist, but it is about getting the fresh seafood from the morning market, and also for the sake of the experience.

Yup, markets in Japan always amaze me with its cleanliness, fresh food, as well as the expensive price of the food. I mean like amazingly expensive! From our experience, setting a separate budget to visit fish market in Japan, and stick to splurge at the given amount, saves us from loosing our Japanese yen faster than we should:D  

Not as big as I thought, but wait until you see the giant crab:D

Meet The Hokkaido's Giant Crab

First thing first, let's start with "what you should eat" at Sapporo's Nijo Fish Market? Of course their famous giant crab. We only tried their legs though, and it was so sweet and taste real fresh.

It wasn't difficult to find the giant crab. Even the first thing we saw when we stepped into the market was the crab.

Wow look at how big they are!
You can choose based on your budget

How much is the price of this Hokkaido's crab? From hundred to thousand of yen. That is why we choose the leg part and not the whole the crab. Yes, because of the budget constraint (:

Look at the price
The small part of the crab
All the fishes :)

You Should Eat at The Market

Despite the price of the giant crab, you have to experience how to mingle with the crowd and eat at the market. We choose one of the most crowded stall that morning and sat outside one fish stall.

Other than crab, we also choose scallop (JPY450), the real fresh one. The chef had it grilled for us and it taste so good! Both of our Kiddos enjoyed the scallop too :)

The dining area was just outside the fish stall
It smell really good
He grilled it inside the stall
Look at what we got on the table!

What Are The Other Things You Could Find At Nijo Fish Market?

A lot of things! Mr.husband is looking for rice seasoning for his friends, and he found it also at the market. Snacks, fruits, or you name it is available at Nijo. Not as many variants as Nishiki market though, but still so much to see and buy. 

Here are some snaps you might find interesting.

The icon of Nijo Fish Market
Bigger restaurants are also available
The rice seasoning
The Japanese Melon

It Is a Must Visit & Easily Accessed

To end this post, I would like to emphasize that Nijo Fish Market is worth a visit. Do spare time in the morning to see how the market looks like. Even better, to have your seafood breakfast.

Beside that, the market is very easy to acces by using public transportation (subway). Just head to the Odori Station, and it is a 10 minutes stroll from the exit of Odori Station to Nijo Fish Market.

And remember, the giant crab is waiting for you :)

Me, our Kiddos and the chef who prepared our seafood

written on November 19, 2017
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