Sapporo With Kids: Chairlift At Okurayama Ski Jump

Visiting Sapporo with your kids? This place will be a highlight of your visit to Sapporo, because I am sure your kids will love the ride of the chairlift at Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium.

The stadium was used for 1972's Winter Olympics, and also other worldwide ski jump events. If it is not used for the events, locals or tourists can go up to the observatory, to see the beautiful view of Sapporo, by using a chairlift.

The chairlift is much more higher than the one we took in Nakafurano. Haha, of course! But the ride was enjoyable and I loved the view of the greeneries up in the hill.

The right place to get away from the busy Sapporo

The Location Of Okurayama Ski Jump & How To Get There

If you are planning to visit Maruyama Zoo (the zoo in Sapporo), you can combine visiting the zoo and Okurayama Ski Jump in one day, because they are located in the same area. We didn't visit Maruyama Zoo though, because we had visited Asahiyama Zoo (in Asahikawa) on the previous day.

The location of Okurayama is easily reached, just take subway to Maruyama Koen Station, and proceed taking bus number 14, alight at Okurayama Kyogijo Iriguchi bus stop.

This was the first sight we saw from the bus stop.

Welcome to Okurayama :)

What A Beautiful Place 

We went to the middle of Okurayama to take picture. This area was so lovely with many flowers. I wished we had perfect weather that day instead of a gloomy day.

Beautiful flowers in the park

Let's Take The Chairlift Ride

We bought the ticket at the counter, it cost us JPY500 for an adult (I am sorry I forget how much I paid for our Kiddos). The chairlift ticket in my opinion is very cheap considering the height of the chairlift.

We started to walk to the direction of the chairlift. That afternoon, only few people going up to the observatory. We didn't have to wait in a long queue, after handed in our tickets, it was time to go up and away :)

So high!
My ride with Kiddos#2

What To Do At The Observatory of Okurayama?

Of course first thing that Kiddos#2 asked for was the ice cream, and not the view:p The melon ice cream cost JPY350 for one scoop. 

The ice cream
The counter where we got our melon ice cream

Other than ice cream, our Kiddos#1 asked to buy coins from the vending machine. He had been collecting coins, and he was so happy to find this kind of vending machine.

This is our Kiddos#1's favourite
Preparing the coins
So happy to get his new collection

After busy fulfilling our Kiddos' requests, finally we could stop for a while and enjoying the view.

Imagine to jump from this height!
Only few people we met at the observatory

The Ski Jump
The gloomy Sapporo
The greenery and the city

There's also an open space area on the top, and it was time for us to take the family picture :)

Helloo from Sapporo :)

Do Not Forget To Stop By At The Sapporo Olympic Museum

Before leaving Okurayama, we went to the Winter Olympic Museum, which is located not far from the bus stop. Beside enjoying the chairlift, we could also learn from the history of the Winter Olympics that once held in Okurayama.

We didn't have the chance to visit Mount Moiwa's Observatory in Sapporo at night, but seeing the city from the top of Okurayama Observatory was also very nice. Especially the chairlift ride was an amazing experience for us.

Go to this place the next time you visit Hokkaido, and you'll love it.

written on November 20, 2017
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